With the Spring 2010 fashion weeks only hours away a lot of attention is naturally turning to 2010 fashion trends. Pantone believe they have the season’s color trends covered for women. Naturally as a Spring colour palette, Pantone are tipped bright colours. Bright they might be, brash they are no; let us not forget that Spring 2010’s fashion collections will largely pave the way for the fashion industry to pull itself out of the current down turn.

2010 color trends

In their top 10 order Pantone have nominated the following colors for Spring 2010:

  1. Violet
  2. Aurora
  3. Turquoise
  4. Fusion Coral
  5. Tomato Puree
  6. Tuscany
  7. Amparo Blue
  8. Pink Champagne
  9. Dried Herb
  10. Eucalyptus

With names such as “Dried Herb” (a questionable name at best) you may be wondering how Pantone comes to peg these colors as trends for 2010. Pantone simply interview New York fashion designers and collate the data.

Like ourselves, they understand the importance of Spring 2010 collections and colors in determining the future of many a fashion label. As such, “the vibrancy of the top five colors, versus the neutrals we see toward the bottom of the ranking, show that designers are choosing optimism for the season,” explained Leatrice Eiseman, a director at Pantone. And equally they note that, without any brash colors in the mix, the Spring 2010 color trends are optimistic yet cautious.

If you’re interested in researching women’s color trends for the season further, be sure to read over Interfilere’s Spring/Summer 2010 color trends. Most interesting is how close their colours run in comparison to Pantone’s; in particular note the use of turquoise in both trend reports, and the similarities between the likes of grenadine and tomato puree.

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