Headbands used to be worn around the head going under the hair, but somewhere in the not-so-distant past all that changed. All of a sudden stars have been seen with them over the top of their hair. Is Miuccia to blame for this trend?

One might be drawn to conclude that it all started with the Prada turban – as seen above. We never really expected the turban to make it to the everyday fashionista’s wardrobe, but the headband version of the turban was indeed picked up by the likes of Ashley Olsen. Since then, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth have also been out-and-about in headbands worn in a similar fashion to the Prada turban-headband, only minus the exotic details.

I personally find this difficult – mostly because if the headband slips upwards you end up with a big ugly bubble of hair puffing over the top of it. Can you make this work? What do you think of the trend?

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