It’s not like you would actually need more reasons to be looking forward to spring 2016, but leave it to the fashion industry to add fuel to your already growing enthusiasm anyway. Enter the one major trend that we can’t seem to get enough off and with good reason. We are of course talking about the bohemian sentiment, reimagined yet again for spring and summer, this time divided into a series of distinct moods, one more tantalizing than the other.

Everything in between the deliciously light colours, the folk motifs, the vivid prints, and the fluid, maxi silhouettes, speak of pared back luxury, of timeless romance and effortlessness. So do expect an avalanche of airy, breezy, ultra-feminine silhouettes to gift your wardrobe with a sense of ease, while blending history into contemporary style.

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Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
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Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
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Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16
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Free spirited: SS16
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Free spirited: SS16
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Free spirited: SS16
Free spirited: SS16

The bohemian sentiment for spring 2016.

The bohemian sentiment may have entered the fashion scene as the modern interpretation of the 1970-inspired hippie silhouettes but in just a few short seasons of unbroken reign it managed to grow and transform into an aesthetic worthy of its own show.

For spring 2016, the boho look appears to want to celebrate all of the themes and motifs that helped shape its current form, and the moods, although distinct, pay tribute to the same ultra-feminine, ethereal muse.

The ultra-romantic bohemian.

The romantic bohemian was born on the spring 2015 runways, her wardrobe made of featherweight, floor-sweeping silhouettes, rich prints and sweet pastel hues. This season, the romance prevails, gaining even more of a whimsical feel, a compliment paid to the modern-day goddess who’s eager to put her femininity on display. Below, a closer look at the key elements:

Ethereal lace.

Feminine, delicate and always playing it on the chic side of things, spring lace may feel like a perennial affair but the moods it conveys sure pay testimony to its versatility. If you’re ready to use the ethereal fabric to help veil your looks into an ultra-romantic, bohemian aura, make sure:

  • it comes in super-light, super-soft tones, think white, nudes and dreamy pastels;
  • it features a subtle play on transparency, going as sheer as you feel comfortable wearing but balancing the see-through elements with super-long, super-light silhouettes;
  • it looks extremely delicate but in a luxurious way.

bohemian fashion trend for spring 2016
Ultra-romantic boho at Alberta Ferretti & Etro, S/S ’16

Ruffles & florals deluge.

This is the season in which ruffles and florals rule supreme, each of the key elements an embodiment of spring fashion in its own right, but it’s when they come clashing together that the purest form of romance is born. Add a selection of dreamy fabrics and floor-sweeping silhouettes to that and what you get is a clear picture of the new bohemian.

Keep things looking effortless instead of busy and old by toning down the richness of the florals and ruffles combined with weightless fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and details such as high slits or plunging necklines.

bohemian fashion trend for spring 2016
Ultra-romantic boho at Gucci & Philosophy, S/S ’16

Candy-like colours on airy fabrics.

If the airy fabrics are somewhat of a given whenever you’re trying to convey the romantic boho mood, the sugary, candy-like colours floating on the spring 2016 runways were the ones to add a new layer of sweetness to the prevailing aesthetic. Wear them:

  • on sheer fabrics, to spice up the sweet with a serious dose of sexy;
  • in various combinations, mixing and matching sugary tones and juxtaposing them to light prints, dainty appliques or playful tassels.
  • on long, breezy silhouettes to reinforce the feel of laid-back romance.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Ultra-romantic boho at Blumarine & Chloe, S/S ’16

The lively bohemian.

The lively bohemian is the one infatuated with colour, the one rocking the psychedelic prints, the fearless one in love with all things vibrant and happy-looking. You know this is your theme if you also adore sporting:

Bold, bright colours.

From bold orange to bright yellow and green, there isn’t a citrus tone out there the lively bohemian doesn’t like mixing with her favourite super-flowy, maxi-silhouettes. To keep such effervescent outfits looking polished do:

  • complement the avalanche of vivid fabrics with equally free-spirited, statement accessories;
  • break the monotony of the full-on, colourful silhouettes with either an intricate bodice, or a sheer basis.

bohemian fashion trend for spring 2016
Lively bohemian at Alberta Ferretti & Giambatistta Valli, S/S ’16

Vivid prints.

The bohemian look celebrates the use of prints, the more vivid and psychedelic the patterns, the louder the message it conveys. For spring 2016, the lively bohemian loves to:

  • mix, match and clash feminine prints with other textures and finishes, think patchworked patterns juxtaposed to crochet, lace, velvet, all in loud colours;
  • top cloud-like fabrics with a rainbow of colours, keeping everything else simple, sleek and natural.

bohemian fashion trend for spring 2016
Lively bohemian at Tommy Hilfiger & Chloe, S/S ’16

The sexy bohemian.

Just because she prefers her dresses long and with a relaxed-fit, doesn’t mean the bohemian chick can’t do sexy. Quite the opposite. If you’re like her and want both the romance and the sex-appeal, choose:

Breezy transparencies.

Nothing like a serious dose of transparency to add even more lightness to an already breezy silhouette, particularly when the sheerness also works in enhancing the sultriness of a chic dress. Evoke the sexy bohemian attitude with either blocks of sheer, or head-to-toe transparency, polishing off the looks with bold jewel-tones, dainty embroideries and goddess-like accessories.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Sexy bohemian at Alberta Ferretti & Blumarine, S/S ’16

Short hems, plunging necklines, high slits.

The same way, you can always choose to infuse a free-spirited, boho look with a dash of sex-appeal by:

  • ditching the maxi lengths for shorter, sexier hems;
  • balancing out the floor-sweeping silhouettes with deep, plunging necklines, or thigh-high slits;
  • nonchalantly exposing your shoulders;
  • accessorizing with high heels instead of casual flats.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Sexy bohemian at Blugirl & Dennis Basso, S/S ’16

The laid-back bohemian.

The laid back bohemian favours casual, relaxed silhouettes, uncomplicated cuts and comfort above anything else, yet she still manages to look every little bit the on-trend muse by making use of:

Luxe sports & relaxed silhouettes.

The spring of 2016 saw the unlikely association between boho chic and sports luxe morph into one ultra-cool look on the runways. To translate the laid-back attitude into real life:

  • team an off-shoulder, flowy top with a pair of luxe track pants, or a breezy, maxi skirt with a sweatshirt or tank top;
  • bet on uncomplicated silhouettes that give off the bohemian vibes either through a super-loose fit, a bright print, or a feather-weight fabric.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Laid-back boho at Chloe & Juliana Jabour, S/S ’16

Effortless layers.

Blooming plenty on the spring 2016 runways, the effortless layers clashing various aesthetics together made for another smart way of bringing the boho look up-to-date. Borrow inspiration from the catwalk and:

  • accent the free-spirited aesthetic by layering sheer, lacy boho dresses on top of equally dainty peasant blouses, styling with leather sandals and cool backpacks;
  • contradict the prominent sense of femininity by layering a boho maxi dress over a 1990s-inspired tie-dye printed top, accessorizing with on-trend flatforms and bucket hats.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Laid-back boho at Alberta Ferretti & BCBG Max Azria, S/S ’16

Easy separates.

Still laid-back but pulled-together and sophisticated looking, a range of easy separates of bohemian inspiration allow you to dip your toes in the trend without having to take the full plunge. For this:

  • style a simple, folksy, ’70s-inspired peasant blouse with a pair of denim or tailored shorts, and ankle boots;
  • pair the daintiness of an embroidered top with the delicacy of a white, sheer skirt, accessorizing with matching lace-up gladiators.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Laid-back boho at Andrew Gn & Temperley London, S/S ’16

The earthy bohemian.

The earthy bohemian is all about rich, neutral tones, about natural fabrics and folksy prints, about easygoing silhouettes that can be both sexy and airy at the same time.

She accessorizes with tribal-inspired jewellery, and she favours the ethnic touch in all of the elements building her look: hair to glorious patterns to statement bags and shoes.

bohemian fashion trend spring 2016
Earthy bohemian at Valentino & Alberta Ferretti, S/S ’16

1970s bohemian for fall 2015.

Effortless but luxurious, easy but spirited, modern but with a definite retro twist, the bohemian aesthetic goes back to its roots for fall 2015, drawing from the 1970s woman and building around the modern traveler theme. Preserving some of spring’s impossible romance, fall’s boho chic is all about luxe silhouettes and rich fabrics, about all-over prints and lavish layers, about earthy shades and charming folk motifs.

Key elements.

Rich, earthy tones.

From spring’s ethereal pastels to autumn’s rich, earthy tones, the bohemian aesthetic’s transition into fall territory feels natural. When building your hippie-chic wardrobe for the season, make sure it includes at least some shades of:

  • orange, burnt orange, burgundy;
  • camel, brown, gold;
  • dark blue, olive green, plum.

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Burberry Prorsum and Alberta Ferretti, F/W ’15

Luxe, maxi silhouettes.

The one element shaping up the bohemian trend that isn’t going anywhere for fall 2015, (quite the opposite as it sticks around to be made bigger and better), the floor-sweeping, maxi silhouette looks denser and thicker now, but oozing of the same amount of effortlessness. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for fall, look for:

  • long-sleeved, maxi silhouettes;
  • austere designs playing upon sheer, or lavish retro prints;
  • dark, rich tones, for both the day and the night.

1970s bihemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Chloe and Laura Biagiotti, F/W ’15

Flowy, mini silhouettes.

In terms of novelty, what this season brings along is a switch in length, with no shortage of flowy, mini or ankle-length, chiffon silhouettes on the runway. If this is more of your style, do invest in one of these flirty numbers and wear them:

  • layered underneath thick jackets and coats;
  • with thick tights and wool hats;
  • with matching scarves and statement necklaces.

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Paul & Joe and Zimmermann, F/W ’15

Lush embellishments and embroideries.

While the bohemian silhouettes may have been made a tad thicker with sturdier fabrics, long sleeves and high necks, their free-spirited essence is by no means confided for the season. This fall, seek your favorite boho numbers adorned with:

  • abounding embellishments, all lavish, whimsical, luxurious;
  • exquisite embroideries and needlework, layered on sheer and easy chiffons;
  • lace inserts and detailing, be it at the neck, sleeves, waist or hem.

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Burberry Prorsum and Alberta Ferretti, F/W ’15

Patchwork, tapestry, folk motifs.

Seeing how it looks back at the 1970s and how it helps reimagine the old, it’s no wonder the new boho is infused with such tremendous wanderlust. If you want to make the most of the trend while staying true to its essence, make sure at least some of these elements will be livening up your fall wardrobe:

  • patchwork: rendered luxurious with intense hues, rich shimmers and subtle prints;
  • tapestry: beautiful, unique, psychedelic mixed in with modern silhouettes;
  • folk motifs: traditional detailing, embroideries, prints.

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Etro and Tory Burch, F/W’ 15

Boho-chic layers.

While there might still be a hint of transparency left here and there to allude to spring’s romance, fall is all about cold weather and cozy layers. And when it comes to your hippie silhouettes, layered luxe is the answer that best celebrates the spirit of the season. So do:

  • layer your thick sweater-dresses underneath boho-chic cardigans and coats, rounding off the looks with over-the-knee boots and knitted scarves;
  • slip your flowy maxi numbers underneath cozy coats and fur jackets, keeping warm with thighs and boots;
  • pair your floor-sweeping maxi skirts with snug knits and fur-lined, cropped jackets.

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at BCBG Max Azria, F/W ’15

The accessories.

Of course, no boho mood would be enhanced, nor complete, without a proper selection of accessories. If your wardrobe already bears the bohemian basics for the season, all you might need now is a couple of power-accessories to bring everything to up-to-date. Invest in:

  • wide-brimmed, wool hats in tones of black and brown to easily mix and match;
  • a pair of over-the-knee boots, whether in suede or leather, to sport with mini, boho-dresses;

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Zimmermann and Isabel Marant, F/W ’15

  • a faux-fur or shearling vest, to layer on top of your breezy hippie silhouettes on warmer days, and layer underneath another coat once the temperatures drop;
  • a suede, velvet, or wool cape, fringed, embroidered, or embellished, to throw over your shoulders for the easy kind of laid-back sophistication;

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Anna Sui and Burberry Prorsum, F/W ’15

If you love the whole bohemian attitude but want to keep things rather stylish and subtle, do:

  • invest in elegant black (white and brown might also work) numbers (dresses, blouses, skirts) featuring just a line of embroidery hinting to the bohemian aesthetic;
  • seek out basic, unadorned silhouettes that bear just that easy flow describing the bohemian sentiment;
  • mix and match your favorite hippie-chic numbers, or accessories, with the more modern silhouettes building your wardrobe.

1970s bohemian fashion fall 2015
1970s bohemian fashion at Tory Burch and BCBG Max Azria, F/W ’15

Romantic bohemian for spring 2015.

Key elements.

Soft, powdery colours.

It’s the first thing to hit you upon getting fully immersed in the sea of bohemian silhouettes that took over the spring runways: a palette of soft, powdery colours spanning in between minty greens, rosy pinks, delicate lilac and peachy shades. Subtle and graceful, they make for a beautiful change in direction, reinforcing the romantic feel for spring and maintaining the pastel trend equally compelling for 2015.

Sport the soft shades on weightless maxi dresses, either by mixing and matching a few of the colours together, or by complementing them with subtle appliques in contrasting tones.

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Alberta Ferretti and Valentino, S/S ’15

Flowy, maxi silhouettes.

There’s nothing subtle in the way the bohemian silhouettes of now are reworking the past inspiration through their maxi proportions rendered anew. Every little bit beautiful, the floor-sweeping dresses cut in a myriad of colours, fabrics and prints make for the chicest boho staple to invest in come spring. Keep an eye out for:

  • great silhouettes that play on volume, and that look practical rather than excessive;
  • a mix of lace inserts, folkloric textiles and psychedelic prints;
  • do complement them with a styling that’s clean, chic, and effortless.

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Chloe and Emilio Pucci, S/S ’15

Delicate floral appliques.

Breathing romance through every single one of their exquisite details, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the hippie-chic silhouettes imagined to rule the spring and summer of 2015 came adorned with the most delicate of floral appliques. Seek them:

  • on maxi dresses, where they are expected to add substance to the soft, subdued colour palettes, and balance out the use of transparency;
  • on asymmetrical skirts cut in sheer fabrics, to be styled with crisp, minimalist blouses and shirts, and flat sandals.

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Alberta Ferretti and Blumarine, S/S ’15

Mismatched & tie dye prints.

The reimagining of the ‘60s and ‘70s wouldn’t have been possible without it bringing the mismatched and tie dye prints up-to-date and back under the spotlight. The same elongated silhouettes, with ruffles or halter necks, rendered romantic or super-sexy, serve as perfect canvases for the vivid clashing of patterns and hues.

Cut back on the styling and complement the busy hippie silhouettes with gorgeous boho waves and flat, gladiator sandals.

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Valentino and Emilio Pucci, S/S ’15

Kaleidoscopic prints & patterns.

From ethnic to kaleidoscopic, there’s no shortage of prints you can use to fully uplift your wardrobe come spring. If you feel particularly adventurous, do match the bohemian spirit to:

  • upbeat, rich and precious patterns, juxtaposed to layers and layers of beads and fringes;
  • exotic shades and vivid prints sliced and pleated together in effortless silhouettes screaming of tribal inspiration;

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Etro and Roberto Cavalli, S/S ’15

Alluring transparency.

Apparently, there’s no way of reaching the very core of the bohemian trend without first crossing way with the alluring transparency imagined to render the boho silhouettes all the more irresistible for spring.

For everyday wear, keep the sheer in check with heavy embroideries, layers and layers of diaphanous chiffon, pretty bras and underpants, matching slip dresses or minimal bralettes.

At night is when you can leave a little bit more skin on display; just make sure your idea of revealing matches both the place and the occasion.

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Tommy Hilfiger and Marchesa, S/S ’15

White embroideries.

The white embroideries and the white lace numbers alike make for more perfect excuses for you to be indulging in the bohemian movement during the warmer months of spring and summer. Style the maxi silhouettes with:

  • suede vests complete with fringes, and comfy moccasins;
  • washed out, distressed denim; think basic shirts, vests, jackets, to be worn with flowy skirts and chunky platforms;

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli, S/S ’15

Seeing how going all soft, romantic and ethereal for spring isn’t everyone’s game, keep in mind that you can still indulge in the bohemian trend by simply breaking some of the rules:

  • opt for mini silhouettes if you’re not so fond of the maxi dresses, or if they don’t represent a good fit for you; preserve the bohemian feel with easy, dense fabrics, playing with volume and transparency;
  • choose bolder colours if you’re more into making a quick and easy statement out of your bohemian silhouettes, but keep everything looking as clean, chic and polished as possible to capture the true bohemian sentiments intended for spring;

Boehmian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Chloe and BCBG Max Azria, S/S ’15

  • go with comfy, laid-back separates to replace the super-long, super-flowy dresses; think lightweight knits, billowing skirts, textural vests and ponchos, to be worn with feather necklaces and beads, fringed bags and ankle strap heels;
  • embrace the raffia fringing, the jeans rendered in white eyelet and the cap sleeve knit dresses for the kind of unretstrained boho chic.

Bohemian fashion spring 2015
Romantic bohemian silhouettes at Etro and Isabel Marant, S/S ’15

The trend in the past.

A complete array of gorgeous wide-brimmed hats, worn exclusively over free and easy locks, styled Saint Laurent’s spring 2013 collection referencing the 70s rock ‘n’ roll era. Moody, almost witchy in attitude, the line-up felt like a light interpretation of the bohemian trend, reveled especially in the big, floppy hats, suede outfits and sophisticated maxi dresses accessorized to perfection.

boho hippie clothing
Modern boho fashion on the runway at Saint Laurent S/S ’13

The light, ethereal side of the bohemian aesthetic was beautifully represented in the Blugirl spring 2013 collection. Laid-back silhouettes featuring romantic touches, like flower patterns and delicate lace, styled with utterly feminine floral crowns echoed with nostalgia while reaching for the present’s modern lines.

boho hippie clothing
Hippie chic on the runway at Blugirl S/S ’13

Over at Blumarine, the hippie spirit was distinguishable particularly in the flowy silhouettes, accented by a series of ethnic influences and delicate lace inserts. Worn with minimal accessories, the boat-neck, maxi garments felt like a breath of fresh air, oddly familiar, but not resembling of the past.

boho hippie clothing
Modern bohemian on the runway at Blumarine S/S ’13

Impossibly chic without even trying to hard, Rachel Zoe’s retro renderings appeared as beautifully stylized expressions of her signature California bohemian. Off-shoulder floor-sweeping maxi dresses, topped by fairly minimal but striking accessories like floppy hats, fanny packs and oversized bags, felt like the perfect summer uniforms envisioned for the hot days to come.

boho hippie clothing
Bohemian fashion on the runway at Rachel Zoe S/S ’13

The easiest way of sporting the trend without loosing sight of the present time remains investing in a flattering, effortless looking, flowy dress or jumpsuit. Light fabrics, lace detailing and paisley prints evoke the hippie spirit without totally stepping back in time. Vanessa Bruno’s gorgeous collection reflects that perfectly soft interpretation of beachside bohemia.

boho hippie clothing
Boho chic on the runway at Vanessa Bruno S/S ’13

Long and loose hair, organic tie dye silks, flared sleeves and carefree silhouettes made the Versace spring 2013 collection utterly irresistible within its alluring bohemian undertone. Styled with low belts and heeled gladiator sandals the garments came across as the ideal festival gear, comfortable yet statement making.

boho hippie clothing
Bohemian luxe on the runway at Versace S/S ’13

Peter Som’s cool-minimalist direction, focused on precise tailoring and perfectly fitted silhouettes was slightly touched by the hippie fever for spring. The slouchy attitude of his collection was complemented by the flounced floral smock dresses worn with minimal accessories and a good dose of punchy make-up. Barely there but remarkable in essence, the hippie flow shined through all of the disciplined coolness.

boho hippie clothing
Modern bohemian on the runway at Peter Som S/S ’13

More picture inspiration

For more ideas of how to style spring’s new take on boho clothing, click on the thumbnails above and peruse the gallery.


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