Skinny pant cuts may have dominated the landscape for several years now… but there have always been other styles coming and going around the nebulous edges of the fashion world. For spring 2011 the slim-cut, though not necessarily skin tight, cropped pant gets a look in as one of those alternatives, with the option to create a number of different looks out of the style. Read on to find out more.

capri pants
Organic by John Patrick, SS11

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Capri pants in 2011

So we’re all somewhat accustomed to our skinny jeans and cigarette-leg pants, but as far as fashion trends in 2011 go there are some new alternatives. The revival of 70s fashion sees sophisticated takes on bell bottoms and flares high on the list of pant styles to invest in, yet it goes without saying that a wide leg isn’t for everyone. So if you’re an alternative to both the skinny pant and the wide legged interpretation, particularly one that works better with flat shoes as flares often don’t, then here’s one for you: 2011’s take on the capri pant.

capri pants
Collette Dinnigan, SS11

Capri pant styles in 2011

There are several different cuts to the capri pant in 2011:

  • Pants that are cropped only ever so slightly, to sit just above the ankle.
  • More traditional capri pants cut three-quarter, though in 2011 we’re seeing more cut just below the calf than ones that are mid-calf.
  • Slim-cut pants that are rolled up to sit above the ankle (a great alternative if you want to give a fresh take to some of your skinnies rather than invest in specifically cropped pairs).

capri pants
A modern take at Nicholas K, SS11

How to wear cropped pants

So those are the most popular and on-trend cuts for 2011; now how to style them?

The ladylike 50s/60s fashion trend is largely at the core of the capri pant revival. Think capris with ballet shoes or kitten heels, and a tie-front shirt and you’re on your way to a weekend Betty Draper look. Another vintage take is to pair some nautical stripes and espadrilles, pin-up style. But cropped pants don’t have to be pigeonholed to vintage looks.

Look to Balmain (pictured below) and Balenciaga for inspiration on giving cropped pants a punk or biker overtone. Pairing cropped pants with boots can also be a grungy, modern take that’s imbued with a careless attitude (see Nicholas K, above).

capri pants
Leather capris at Balmain, SS11

You can also go super-modern and minimalist with a crisp white pair of cropped or rolled up pants or some sharply tailored capris.

capri pants
Frank Tell, SS11

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