Clogs: women’s shoe trend

I’ve always felt that their name carried an unfair weighting against them. Clogs. Say it; it sounds clunky, awkward, uncomfortable. And I have to confess, as a chap, it appears that as footwear goes, clogs must be just as uncomfortable to wear as their name makes them sound; wooden soles? Make mine leather, thanks. But awkard names and the potential for awkward walking hasn’t stopped the rerise in the popularity of clogs; a populaity that you can expect to only increase. And a popularity that will see the trend carry over from Summer into Autumn / Fall 2010, and then again as one of 2011’s fashion trends.


Clogs, but not as you imagine

Imagine clogs and, if you’re anything like me, the accompanying mental image contains not just clogs but the odd windmill. Rest assured though, if traditional Dutch footwear isn’t your thing it’s also not the style of clogs that are on trend. Instead we need to look to other parts of Europe to draw inspiration.

Swedish clogs, with their wooden sole and leather upper, have had the largest style impact on the trend. And it’s such a combination of materials that you want to be wearing should you invest in a pair of clogs. Of course, the upper doesn’t have to be leather; the pair of Chanel clogs featured above combine a wooden heel and sole with a studded, linen upper.

Clog styles to wear

Clogs are unlikely to be in short supply, but along with the good there’ll be plenty of bad. Some advice, if I may:

Clogs with heels only. And not just any heel, but one of good proportion.

Simple really. But let me illustrate.

Here’s another pair of Chanel clogs, this time with a calfskin and wooden heel combination. Visually appealing.

chanel clogs
Chanel clogs with dark wood and black leather.

Now here’s an alternative from Louis Vuitton. This pair features short heel, akin to a clog interpretation of a kitten heel. In comparison to Chanel’s pair it’s visually unappealing.

louis vuitton clogs
Louis Vuitton clogs.

And if you’re still not convinced of the superiority of a high-heeled clog, let me illustrate with the original picture again.

cream blogs
Chanel clogs.

Finally, avoid flat clogs; they’re known as Crocs.

Clog variations

If a more traditional, fully covered clog doesn’t quite do it for you, do look at other variations. For example, high-heeled sandals but with clog-style studs. The overall shape can be less clog-like – but the hint of the clog trend is still there, making them a great alternative.

Recent style inspiration

What do you think of clogs?

Are clogs a hit or a miss for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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