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So many textile elements come together each year to put together a season’s fashion trends; there are the cuts, the individual details, the fabrics, and, the oft forgotten color trends.

If you’re looking to keep up with current fashion trends, or are simply after a fashion-forwards wardrobe refresh, then the current colour trends can’t be overlooked. Read on for more on current and future colour trends, and don’t forget to subscribe to our fashion newsletter or our RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.

color trends

Fashion color trends for 2014

spring 2014 colour trends

Spring 2014 colour trends

Colour transforms. It defines. Each season, the colours that are on-trend help to shape the fashion, and vice-versa. For spring / summer 2014, here's what colours and hues are making their mark.

Fashion color trends 2012

spring 2012 colors

Spring 2012 color trends

Read our spring 2012 colors guide to find out which colors are dominating the minds of designers when they set about creating the year’s fashions and thus becoming the year’s color trends.

fall 2012 mens color

Men’s F/W ’12 colors

Look to men’s fashion in fall / winter 2012 and you’re likely to be looking at four distinct themes that take you from the polished to the relaxed. You can find out more by reading this guide to men’s colors in autumn / fall 2012.

fall 2012 womens color

Women’s F/W ’12 colors

Like they did for men’s fall 2012 fashion, Design Options have put together a forecast of women’s colors in autumn / fall 2012 all with a Californian edge. Follow the link to read it.

Fashion color trends 2011

spring 2011 color

Spring 2011 colour trends

Want to know the color trends of the first full season of 2011? Then read our Spring 2011 colours guide for a low down on the season’s fabric, lingerie and leather color trends.

color 2011

Fall 2011 colour trends

Just because it’ll be cold and dark outside doesn’t mean that the season’s colour trends have to follow suit. Quite the opposite in fact. Visit our autumn (fall) / winter 2011 colours guide to find out more about the shades and palettes that will be on trend.

Fashion color trends 2010

Spring Summer 2010 color

Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 color trends

Colour firm Pantone sat down with New York’s leading fashion designers to find out which colours they’d be using for the Spring/Summer 2010 collections. The result? A top 10 glance at women’s Spring 2010 colour trends that encompasses everything from demure brights to the suspicious sounding ‘dried herb’.

Spring Summer 2010 color

Spring/Summer 2010 color trends

With the continuation of the global financial crisis one can expect subdued colour trends from Spring/Summer 2010. Interfiliere have released their interpretation of the season’s palette which we’re pleased to say at least provides a vast array of colours, all with different, if somewhat earthy, tones. For the most part we’re impressed; read up on Spring/Summer 2010 colour trends.

color trends 2010

Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2010 color trends

When it comes to colours, Winter 2010 has practicality at its core – but with a sense of travel and adventure never far below the surface. Nature-inspired and earthy tones are complimented by more exotic shades. Keep it interesting for the colder seasons by reading up on the color trends for Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010.

Fashion colour trends 2009

color trends 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Color Trends for Leather

TFL have cited several leather colour trends for the Spring/Summer 2009 season and grouped them into three distinct categories; Chic, Classic, and Casual. While most of us will stick to shades of black and tan for our leather-wear, when it comes to shoes and accessories these are the Spring/Summer 2009 colors you should consider.

color trends 2010

Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2009/2010 color trends

In some parts of the world (read: Melbourne) blacks and greys are the only acceptable colours for the Autumn/Fall and Winter seasons. Pantone disagrees. Admittedly it’s in their best interest to do so, but it’s also in your interest. Avoid looking dull in the colder months by perusing the color trends for Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2009/2010.

Fashion colour trends 2007

color trends 2007

2007 color trends

Professionals in the field of colour, Pantone like to extend their opinions of colours that work into the fashion industry. For the Spring/Summer and Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2007 that included a plethora of colours all with some-what fancy names along the lines of stargazer and chili pepper.

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