Persisting in seeking out what is the inarguable elegance and timeless essence of neutral shades such as black and white, the men’s fall / winter 2013 fashion trends weren’t all about keeping the cuts safe, and the hues conservative though. Bold pops of colour were also seen taken on the runways, breaking through unexpectedly, stealing the eyes and painting the cold season in bright and daring shades.

The biggest surprise wasn’t so much about the burst of colour finally surfacing, as it was about the garments that were envisioned to fully channel colour for winter. We’re talking trousers, perfectly fit or featuring a rather relaxed sense of tailoring, exploding in a myriad of shades that covered everything in between vivid yellows, striking reds and perky blues.

To find out how to wear the men’s coloured pants during the upcoming months, continue reading after the break.

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coloured pants for men

Colour choices for winter 2013

In order to add a new dimension to this winter’s wardrobe, any pop of bold colour would do. But judging exclusively by what was trending on this season’s runways, the following six shades were the ones that managed to effortlessly stand out, while turning the coloured pants into highly coveted pieces.


Perhaps blue isn’t the most unpredictable colour to build a contemporary men’s wardrobe, but it’s electrifying shades of cobalt, steel and cerulean seen covering perfectly tailored pants, assured enough of the desired element of novelty. Perceived as a cool alternative to the good-old pair of blue jeans, the blue trousers are the easiest to mix and match in a successful manner.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Blue coloured trousers at Moschino, Costume National and Iceberg, F/W ’13


Yellow is bold, powerful and quite uncharacteristic when it comes to a traditional winter wardrobe. But there is exactly where its enduring charm lies. Juxtaposed to classic shades of black or tan, the yellow pants gain a timeless elegance, looking both fashionable and edgy, young and cool.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Yellow coloured pants at Hermes, Wooyoungmi and Dirk Bikkembergs, F/W ’13


From burgundy, crimson and vermilion, to maroon and venetian red, any shade of red you can think of was probably gracing the fall / winter 2013 runways, helping define the new take on men’s trousers. Perhaps the most popular appearance, the red pants call for a fearless approach and a high level of confidence.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Red coloured pants at Michael Bastian, Canali and Prada, F/W ’13


The green trousers represent another great alternative to the classic hues of black and gray, allowing you to indulge in some colour, without having to go over the top. Masculine but bold nonetheless, the green pants were envisioned in gorgeous shades of asparagus, dark olive, Dartmouth and shamrock.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Green coloured trousers at Gucci, Paul Smith and Wooyoungmi, F/W ’13


If you think the red trousers are too much for you, but you aim for a style that’s equally relevant and just as adventurous, orange may just be the answer. Transitioning perfectly from fall to winter, the orange pants can look extremely appealing. Seek them in rust, mahogany, flame and even brown.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Orange coloured trousers at Michael Bastian, Melinda Gloss and Hermes, F/W ’13


Purple may not be the most common of colours to belong in a men’s wardrobe, but in witnessing how amazing it can look when styled the right way, perhaps it should, at least on a cool pair of pants. Complemented with black or burgundy, the shades of eggplant, wine or electric purple look quite flawless.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Purple coloured pants at Dirk Bikkembergs, Paul Smith and Etro, F/W ’13

How to wear coloured pants this winter

  • Going tonal is perhaps one of the most stylish ways of indulging in the coloured trousers’ trend this winter. For this, all you have to do is pick a bold colour base for your pants, and build the rest of the outfit using garments in varying shades of the selected base colour.
  • Going monochrome is another solid alternative, giving you are ready to luxuriate in a double dose of colour, sporting the hue of your choice both on the pants, and on the upper body.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Coloured pants at Canali and Emporio Armani, F/W ’13

  • Of course, nothing comes quite as easy as blocking the bold coloured trousers with a good selection of solid, neutral hued garments, probably already shaping your existing wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with gray or black, sported either on cozy knits, or chic hooded coats.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Coloured trousers at Hermes and Jil Sander, F/W ’13

  • For a louder and bolder take on the trend, you can emphasize the coloured pants with an equally colorful blazer/sweater, preferably one in a contrasting tone. Make sure the garments collide beautifully though, as not all shades are meant to work together.
  • In the same way, a great pair of coloured trousers can also be enhanced with a considered take on print. Think in terms of classic checks and simple accessories, for a sharp and sophisticated winter look.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Coloured pants at Prada and Paul Smith, F/W ’13

Cut & Fit

When it comes to the coloured trousers’ both cut and fit for this winter, any approach is just as good. From slim-fit silhouettes to full pleated pants, and from cropped ankles, to the more traditional hem lengths, your only concern should be tended on picking a relevant colour, and a comfortable and fine fabric.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Coloured pants at DSquared2, Etro and Raf Simons, F/W ’13

Key products

If you’re mind is made up on the perfect colour, and your budget is already established, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect fit when it comes to coloured pants this winter. The options lie plenty and the combinations appear countless. Below you’ll find just a glimpse of this season’s colorful palette of key products.

Mens coloured trousers trend fall 2013
Shop the trend: ETRO corduroy trousers at Farfetch; Paul Smith Slim-Fit Cropped Wool and Cashmere-Blend Trousers at Mr Porter; Incotex Slim corduroy trousers at Matches Fashion; Slowear Incotex Slim-Fit Brushed Cotton-Blend Trousers at Mr Porter.

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