Once fall settles in, the beauty department tends to cave in to the dramatic, as the colours grow darker, the textures become richer and everything in between is made to look moody and lavish. One of the most remarkable make-up trends for autumn 2014 sees that a balance is being set amid the spectacular influence reaching out from the runway, and the way that same influence translates to our everyday take on beauty.

We’re talking about the copper eyeshadow, the perfect compromise between simple and luxurious, the make-up accent that works just as amazingly for the day, as it does for the night.

Read on after the break to discover all the gorgeous ways you can wear the coppery eyes this fall. If you’d like to keep up with the latest trends you can also subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.

copper eye makeup beauty trend

Copper eyeshadow for fall 2014.

If you aim to add a hint of warmth and brightness to your makeup looks this fall, the copper eyeshadow represents the gorgeous way to do to that. If you aim to turn on the volume and try something a little on the daring side instead, the copper eyeshadow still makes for the most relevant option. And it’s for that same versatility that the coppery shadows should be allowed to live on your lids come autumn, as there’s nothing more beautiful than a radiant glow to brush off the dimness of the brisk months.

How to wear copper eyeshadow.

If you’re yet to be convinced about the treasure the copper eyeshadow can come to be once included in your makeup repertoire, allow the following examples to totally win you over. Here are the best ways of wearing the coppery eyes this season:

Subtle accents.

We’ve witnessed the most subtle and dreamy approach to copper eyeshadow at Issey Miyake, where the eyes were free of hard lines, bearing just a hint of strong copper. This makes for a perfect makeup look to try out on a cold day, but its softness can also be turned into a statement come night.

To achieve the same flawless result opt for bare skin, a splash of cold blush mirroring the freshness of the cheeks during a chilly morning, keeping the lips conditioned and glossy, and adding a delicate copper line (almost like a stain) along the bottom lid.

For added effect, pair the subtle makeup to an androgynous ‘do that’s organic, graphic and minimal. Think in terms of super slick ponytails, or super smooth chignons.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014
Copper eyeshadow at Issey Miyake, F/W ’14

Smudged shadows.

At Tory Burch, the influence of the fall season was gathered in a beauty look made of luminous skin and sultry, coppery eyes. Slight tomboyish and clearly nodding to the ’90s, the look still managed to hold onto a natural feel.

To replicated the smudged eyeshadow look, make sure to use a coppery shimmery grease paint to apply across the lid, blending up into the brow and underneath the eye as well, for a soft, smoky effect.

Curl your lashes and go mascara free during the day, tucking all of your hair in and over one side of the ear for a completely effortless look.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014
Copper eyeshadow at Tory Burch, F/W ’14

Graphic lines.

As you may have already grasped, there’s no better foundation for a set of coppery eyes than a clean, healthy-looking skin. At Holly Fulton, the copper eyeshadow turned graphic, looking divine when teamed with a pink-nude lipstick.

Make this look your own by brushing your eyebrows and adding a slight highlight on the cheeks, following with one shiny and precise copper stroke along the socket line, and another one along the lash line.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014
Copper eyeshadow at Holly Fulton, F/W ’14

Make sure both bands are visible with eyes wide open and don’t draw any flick if you aim for the same graphic accuracy seen on the runway.

Keep the rest of your look minimal and polished, allowing the stripes hovering over the eyes to make for the only exclamation mark blazing your otherwise flawless face.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014
Copper eyeshadow at Holly Fulton, F/W ’14

Set against an ethereally matte face, the same coppery graphic lines were intensified at Marc Jacobs, where a sheer, shimmery white shadow served as foundation. Achieve the look at home by adding a red-brown shadow in a thin arc right above the crease and underneath the eye by following its shape, and finishing off with a soft flick.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014

Vampish eyes.

We bet there will be plenty of nights during fall and winter when you will long for something else, perhaps something along the lines of a dark and vampish beauty look. Setting focus on both the eyes and the lips, the makeup at Philosophy was luxurious, deep and utterly romantic.

For this, try mixing together two beautiful coppery eyeshadows and blend them across the upper lid, making your way into the brow bone and repeating the process underneath the eyes. Complete the portrait of beauty with a dark lipstick, be it burgundy, ruby red or plum, and set it in balance by brushing back your hair and opting for a wet finish.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014
Copper eyeshadow at Philosophy, F/W ’14

Dramatically smoked out.

Sometimes the copper eyeshadow epitomizes the best kind of drama, particularly when it comes accompanied by glittery lips in a look that is intended to be ephemeral and nostalgic, just as it was at Rodarte’s fall 2014 presentation.

Commit and go full-strength with the reddish-brown across the eyelid, and up to and in the eyebrows, if you want the same unusual smoked out effect seen on the runway. Use the copper underneath the eye too, aiming for a full-circle eye with its edges made soft. Ease the brown with a pop of lavender colour applied on the inner corner of the eye.

Finish off the look with glimmering wine lips and natural waves.

Copper eyeshadow fall 2014
Copper eyeshadow at Rodarte, F/W ’14

Top crushed eyeshadow image via Shutterstock.

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