You can describe them as spectacular, bold, unconventional, luxurious or utterly feminine, but whatever the choice of words one thing is clearer than ever: the eye-catching embellishments aren’t going anywhere any time soon so you might as well learn how to best experience all that breathtaking beauty. Last season put the spotlight on bejeweled dresses, 3D lace, floral appliques, pearls and beaded fringe, but as the trend progressed we are facing a spring divided between subtle statements and extreme detailing.

The couture-worthy embellishments that took over the runways quickly morphed into one of the most remarkable spring 2013 fashion trends and despite it representing the very fine line between sophisticated and tacky it’s still worth at least a chance. The key to flawlessly sporting this trend is finding the perfect balance, so whether you choose moderation or going all out be sure to carry your look with confidence.

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Embellishments for spring: the new look

This season, the embellishment trend experienced a full bloom. From being used as a finer detail, to being carefully spread all-over garments, from embracing a brighter colour palette to looking soft and extremely feminine, the trend became even more elegant as built upon many and very different techniques.

Embellishments on the runway at Antonio Berardi S/S ’13

Bright coloured embellishments

The use of bright colours in defining this season’s embellishments didn’t come as a total surprise. Chosen as to fit right into the vibrant, fun and exciting spring of 2013, the vivid colour palette worked hand in hand with the loud embellishments in redefining the silhouettes and complementing the exquisite fabrics.

Embellishments on the runway at Giles S/S ’13 and Maurizio Pecoraro S/S ’13

Soft tinted embellishments

For a finer, more restrained take on the trend, the soft tinted embellishments offer the perfect alternative for a feminine and classy look, enriched with the right amount of sparkle. From pastel colors to delicate whites, the quiet shades are both subtle and exquisite, looking sharp and rather timeless.

Embellishments on the runway at Antonio Berardi S/S ’13 and Christopher Kane S/S ’13

Types of embellishments

In terms of variety, you won’t have any difficulties in finding the right type of embellishments for you. This season is generous enough in offering you the choice on the matter. Here are the most noticeable types of embellishments, perfect for a detail oriented spring and summer:

  • Loose pearls and sparkling crystals

Embellishments on the runway at Chanel S/S ’13 and Christian Dior S/S ’13

  • Large holographic paillettes and delicate beads

Embellishments on the runway at Derek Lam S/S ’13 and Oscar de la Renta S/S ’13

Embellishments on the runway at Francesco Scognamiglio S/S ’13 and Gucci S/S ’13

  • 3D sequined roses and heavy metallic appliques

Embellishments on the runway at Holly Fulton S/S ’13 and Lanvin S/S ’13

How to wear embellishments this spring

Built-in jewelry

Elegant, yet somewhat bold, serving as both an embellishment and a statement accessory, the built-in jewelry pieces are best complemented by clean silhouettes, covered in solid colors. Think of your outfit as more of a perfect surface envisioned so that the main attention would fall easily on the embellishment. You can pick something delicate or complex, colorful or dipped in neutral hues.

Built-in embellishments on the runway at Gucci S/S ’13

Highlights and accents

Ideally used in accenting your best features, your silhouette or an intricate cut, the embellishments that come as highlights are another way of sporting the trend with ease. They can be subtle, or intricate, colorful or soft, as long as they complement your figure and your outfit choice alike, they will feel effortless.

Embellishments on the runway at Antonio Berardi S/S ’13, Vera Wang S/S ’13 and Ermanno Scervino S/S ’13

All-over embellished garments

The easiest way to make a statement while using embellishments during spring and summer is by going all in. As spread all over garments, the embellishments become infinitely more luxurious and bold, thus they are better left for equally glamorous nights, as accompanied by a clean make-up with a bold lip color, a sleek hair-style and minimum accessories. It requires a bold attitude and lots of confidence.

Embellishments on the runway at No.21 S/S ’13, Maurizio Pecoraro S/S ’13 and Fendi S/S ’13

Embellishments on accessories

Using embellishments on accessories is another smart way to sport the trend without fearing it turn into a fashion disaster. It’s a nice way to introduce the trend to your closet, become acquainted to it, while adding a little extra something to your outfits this spring. Think in terms of shoes, bags and jewelry.

Embellished accessories on the runway at Holly Fulton S/S ’13 and Fendi S/S ’13

For more inspiration on how to style embellishments direct from the spring 2013 runways, head to the gallery above and click on the thumbnails.

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