The year draws to a close and 2013’s fashion trends start to take hold. But like everything else to do with fashion, 2013’s trends will be influenced by the past. The distant past. The immediate past. And that immediate past means but seasons: autumn (fall) / winter 2012.

After the break will take you through all the fashion trends, from the clothes to the accessories to the hairstyles, for the last seasons of 2012. As always, this fashion trend guide is organic and we’ll continue to update it throughout the season. If you’d like to receive all the updates, from guides to new trends to styling advice, be sure to subscribe to’s newsletter or like us on Facebook.

Fall 2012 fashion trends for women

baroque clothing

Baroque / ornate

In the face of minimalism and restraint, a contingent of designers went the opposite path for fall 2012. Drawing on the complexity we commonly associate with the Baroque movement, they showered the runways with lavish detail, heavy ornamentation and impressively wrought detail. Whether it’s embroidery, tapestry or gold leaf, this trend takes its cues from all things ornate.

school girl chic

School girl fashion

Going beyond the cliches and channeling a number of different eras, the concept of school girl chic gets reinvented for fall 2012. There’s innocence, there’s tough rebelliousness, and there’s the all-important truth that the two are compatible. Follow the link for more ideas of how to rock a schoolyard inspired look come fall.

gothic fashion

Gothic fashion revival

Dark fairytales and noir fiction inspire new romance with all things Gothic for fall / winter 2012, heralding in ways to revive all-black outfits. Who said black had to be boring? Follow the link for more about the neo-Gothic fashion trend and how to wear in this year.

capes and cloaks

Capes and cloaks

Wasn’t it only recently that capes had a huge revival? Well it was; and now it’s time to wrap ourselves up in their warmth once again, as the trend has evolved. Tied with the darker side of fall’s trends, capes and cloaks give life to outerwear’s shadowy fantasies. Follow the link for the full report.

oriental clothing

Oriental fashion

Fashion looks East, drawing inspiration from the Orient and weaving it in with Western fashion in new and unique ways. Texture and print are the keys to oriental-inspired clothing in fall / winter 2012, with oriental motifs and rich brocades taking their places alongside kimono cuts and mandarin colours. Read more about oriental inspirations for fall 2012.

white for winter

Winter whites

White may be a huge part of the agenda for summer, but don’t feel you need to neglect it when the leaves start to fall from the trees. White this winter can be all about crisp tailoring or fairytale snow queens; play with texture and fabric for a white winter look. Read more about how to wear white in winter.

flapper fashion

1920s / flapper fashion

Revivals of the roaring ’20s are often viewed as if for a costume party. But not so in fall 2012. Put aside the full flapper outfit of fringing and feather and instead carefully select inspirations from the era with a fresh edge. Read more about 1920s fashion in 2012 at that link.

leather skirts

Leather skirts

Daring splits. Tunic-style wraps. Flirty and flouncy, pleated and a-line, pencil straight and figure hugging. What do all these skirt styles have in common? They’re all available in leather for fall 2012. Leather skirts expand their aesthetic offering into new directions.

red color clothing

Shades of red

Red may always represent passion and heat, but it’s not always right for the runway. Fall 2012 found the time right to indulge in everything from the brightest of corals to the deepest of ruby reds, mixing fiery hues with the season’s strongest textures. Read more about red clothing in fall 2012.

varsity jacket

The varsity jacket

The trend stars aligned in 2012 creating the perfect time for the varsity jacket to find high fashion status. Love of sportswear, effortlessness, school girl chic all came together to allow this garment to be prized more than ever. Read more about varsity jackets as a fall 2012 trend.

animal motifs

Animal motifs

Woodland creatures take on high fashion status for the season as folkish owls and foxes emblazon t-shirts, knits, and accessories. For something more fierce, there’s always the alternative jungle beasts. Read on for details of which animal motifs are in for fall 2012.

tartan clothing

Tartan / plaid

It’s always with us, but there are those seasons when tartan / plaid is more popular than usual – autumn / fall 2012 is amongst them. A subtle variation on the norm, the tartan / plaid emerges into fall with androgynous and school girl variations. Follow the link for the full guide on what to look for in your tartan this winter.


Androgynous fashion

We consider this a niche autumn / fall / winter fashion trend. Not because we don’t see it as a bit part of the season’s fashions – we suspect you’re going to see a lot of it. But, rather, we see it as a niche trend because most women’t aren’t going to immediately want to wear it. There’s going to be a lot of resistance to a fashion trend inspired by menswear, but it’s been done before and it’ll be done again – it’s just that this season you have’s guid to how to wear it best.

gorilla arms

Textured sleeves

Remember that strange trend dubbed by some as ‘gorilla arms’? Well you haven’t seen the last of it. But for fall 2012, indulging in textured sleeves doesn’t have to lead you to being mistaken for a more hairy member of the primate family. Instead it’s about sleeves with texture, from soft fur to delicate feathers, that contrast but don’t add too much volume. Read more about the textured sleeves trend.

peplum skirt


Given it’s a season that is determined to experiment with the silhouettes of women’s fashion, it should come as no surprise to see peplums amongst fall / winter 2012’s fashions. Also in fashion for the previous summer, our guide to peplums takes you through how to wear them for autumn / winter as well as the style differences between the trend in summer and winter.

Fall 2012 denim

denim trends

Key denim trends

It can be casual, it can be smart; you can spot it being worn day or night: in one way or another, denim is never far away from the majority of wardrobes. And like everything in fashion, denim has its own set of trends that move and evolve with time. Read more of our round-up of the season’s key denim trends, from jeans to jackets.

ripped denim

Ripped denim

Shrugging off its grungy associations (in part, anyway), ripped denim re-ignites on the street in a number of new ways. Expect sophisticated takes that go beyond jeans. Follow the link for more on how it’s being worn for fall 2012.

colored denim

Coloured jeans

A sub-story of the season’s denim trends, jeans get a makeover from the usual blue. Just as pastel and neon colours took spring by storm, coloured jeans make their mark on fall, too. But this time the colour palette sweeps from bright to earthy and autumnal.

Fall 2012 accessory trends

knee high boots

Knee high boots

With ankle boots and thigh highs each having such a massive revival in recent years, the humble knee-high boot got lost at the back of the cupboard. But for the autumn / winter 2012 season this cold weather staple gets a new lease on life. From knee-brushing cavalry styles to equestrian classics, wear them bare-legged if the weather allows. Read the full report on knee high boots in fall 2012.

pointed pumps

Pointed pumps

Platforms may not have gone away, but they have made a bit of room for the classic pump to make a strong return. And it’s all about the pointed pump, preferably with an interesting twist. Pair with cigarette pants and skirts alike: however you choose to wear them, pointed pumps are a classic staple revived.

headscarf trend


Fashion is drawing upon numerous decades and eras, icons and cultures. So it’s no surprise that the headscarf has found its way into the list of must-have accessories. From 1950s housewife to ethnic head tie, read more about the headscarf for fall / winter 2012.

womens hats

Women’s hats

We’re always looking for ways to really make an outfit shine, and when it comes to that, accessories are a girl’s best friend. Being perfect for both their practicality (winter is cold, after all) and ability to transform an outfit, hats are one of the key accessories for the chilly season. From fur to fedoras, read the full report on which hat styles are on-trend in fall 2012.

hardcase bag

Hardcase handbags

With the nostalgia for all things vintage comes a revival of vintage-style accessories. Structured bags and cases appeared on the radar for fall 2012 with their association to all things romantic and travel-related. Whether new season Louis Vuitton or decades old, a hard case as handbag is one way to inject a vintage mood into your outfit. Read more about luggage inspired handbags to carry with you this autumn / winter season.

womens brogues

Women’s brogues

Women’s flats are a necessity, but it’s finding stylish ones that marks the challenge. That’s where indulging in an androgynous look of lace-up flats or brogues is the winning option. And fall 2012 offers up plenty of cool versions that put a feminine spin on a masculine style. Read more about brogues for women.

round sunglasses

Round sunglasses

Just because the sun is in hiding, doesn’t mean you don’t need to shade your eyes from the glare – or keep your outfit from looking under-accessorised. As far as sunglasses go, round shapes are one key option to try, from slightly cat-eyed to those with bold printed frames. Read more about round sunglasses to take into fall.

Fall 2012 fashion trends for men

menswear prints

Prints for men

From paisleys to florals to geometric repeating patterns, prints show no sign of slowing down. For menswear that means plenty of options, and the good news is that men’s prints this fall can make a subtle statement or a bold one. Read more about prints for men at that link.

mens bomber jacket

Men’s leather bomber jacket

A wardrobe classic, the men’s leather bomber has a history that’s both practical and sartorial, and very much victorious. Revived with new colours and trims, it’s once again a must-have for any man’s outerwear collection come fall. Read more about the revival of men’s bomber jackets at that link.

mens dark blue

Dark blue for men

It may not be many shades away from the classic black, but come autumn / winter men get to mix up their outerwear by way of rich blue tones. And whoever said navy and black didn’t go together was clearly wrong: they do this season. Read more and you’ll find yourself agreeing that midnight blue is the new black.

mens turtleneck

The turtleneck

Forget any negative associations you have with turtlenecks. Sure, they’re not always flattering, but as far as fall 2012 goes you might be pleasantly surprised. This season the roll-neck sweater provides new options for layering and keeping your look both interesting and warm. Read more about the turtleneck for men and how to wear it this fall.

army fashion men

Men’s army clothing

Gone is the embellished, flourish-filled military trend from seasons yore. Menswear in fall 2012 more closely channels the modern military than the decorative. A key element this time around? Army greens. Inject some into your winter wardrobe for an effortlessly utilitarian twist. Read more about army clothing for men.

shearling for men

Shearling for men

It’s the kind of classic staple that never moves far off the trend charts, but it’s also one that’s easily reinvented. Shearling – particularly when it comes to trim on jackets and coats – is both warm and stylish as a menswear feature. Read more about fall’s new takes on shearling for men.

mens boots

Men’s boots

Wear them over or under, in or out, with suit pants or with jeans… boots for men can be the perfect cornerstone for creating a winter outfit. This year it’s all about leather and suede in the right colours and shapes. Read more about boots for men to take you into the autumn / winter season.

Fall / winter 2012 hairstyles trends

autumn 2012 hair

Fall 2012 hairstyles

The new season provides two uniques opportunities for your hairstyle: the excuse of getting a new hairstyle simply because it’s a new season, and the need to get a new hairstyle because the weather has gotten cold. Whether you want or need something new, our guide to autumn / fall 2012 hairstyles will bring you up to speed on all the styles that are in fashion.

Autumn / fall 2012 color trends

Long before models hit the catwalk and clothing reaches your local stores, the world’s leading color pickers predict what will be happening in society, and what colors will compliment it all. That’s a short, uncomplicated version of how color trends come about – for more detail, click below to read our full guides to autumn / fall 2012’s color trends.

fall 2012 colours

Fall 2012 color trends

Long before fall 2012’s clothes hit the catwalks and the racks at your local stores, fashion designers and their researches descend upon fabric trade shows. It’s at these that the fall 2012 color trends are picked. Follow the link to for a full guide to this season’s colors courtesy of the experts at the likes of Pantone and TFL.

fall 2012 mens color

Men’s F/W ’12 colors

Look to men’s fashion in fall / winter 2012 and you’re likely to be looking at four distinct themes that take you from the polished to the relaxed. You can find out more by reading this guide to men’s colors in autumn / fall 2012.

fall 2012 womens color

Women’s F/W ’12 colors

Like they did for men’s fall 2012 fashion, Design Options have put together a forecast of women’s colors in autumn / fall 2012 all with a Californian edge. Follow the link to read it.

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