Fall 2013 fashion trends

Once summer fades and the chill sets in, there’s little left to do but find ways to get excited about the impending cold. If you look on the bright side, you’ll find that the new season gives you more chances to stay in drinking cups of cinnamon chai spiced latte while looking for nothing to watch on Netflix than summer would ever allow. Also, you can layer lots and wear amazing coats.

Fashion in 2013 is no different in that regard to any other year, but of course the fall / winter 2013 fashion trends bring brave new twists, new must-have pieces, and new thematic indulgences. Find out what they are – for men, women, clothes, accessories, hair and beauty – after the break.

winter 2013 fashion trends

Women’s fashion trends for fall 2013

tartan & plaid: the cool new ways to wear it

Tartan & plaid: the cool new ways to wear it

Fashion's obsession with tartan has lasted many a season, transcending both warm and cold weather: but the key thing is that it's always evolving. So how to wear plaids in fall 2013? Follow the link to find out.

winter sex appeal: the fashionable way

Winter sex appeal: the fashionable way

Winter dressing can often result in a downhill spiral towards tracksuit pants and an endless number of layers. Combatting that is one thing, but then there are the days you want to look like a complete sex bomb - despite the cold. Here's how to dress sexy in winter for 2013.

crosses & crucifixes: a jewellery motif for fall

Crosses & crucifixes: a jewellery motif for fall

Spawned by the marriage of baroque ornateness and gothic romance, the cross motif returns to fashion in 2013. Elaborate jewel pieces make for one look while a grungier take goes minimal. Read more about crucifix jewellery at that link.

winter garden: 4 beautiful ways to wear florals in fall 2013

Winter garden: 4 beautiful ways to wear florals in fall 2013

Florals are the prize of spring, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in them during the colder seasons. From dark gardens to floral tapestries, here are some beautiful ways to wear floral prints in winter.

regal, regal, medieval: royal dressing for fall 2013

Regal, regal, Medieval: royal dressing for fall 2013

History offers regal dressing on a silver platter, to be plucked for inspiration come fall 2013. From luscious velvet gowns and embroidery to crown headpieces and jewels, regal styling couldn't be more ripe for indulging in. Read more about regal styling for fall at that link.

peek-a-boo tunics: slit-slashed skirts for fall

Peek-a-boo tunics: slit-slashed skirts for fall

Another item of clothing to consider if you want to indulge in some sensual dressing even in the fall / winter season: gladiator-style skirts with open slashes that bare the legs with every step. Sometimes paired with sheer layers, they're the skirt's way of keeping it interesting for fall. Read about the multi-slit skirt at that link.

ripped denim: how to wear it now

Ripped denim: how to wear it now

In fall 2013 the ripped denim trend continues, from hacked-up, knee-baring jeans to shredded overalls. Go subtle or go all out, the choice is yours. Here's how to turn ripped denim into a sophisticated statement for fall.

pyjama dressing

Sleepwear as daywear.

Making the unexpected evolution from the masculine-inspired to the mysteriously femme fatale, sleepwear continues as a trend for fall / winter 2013. Donning pyjamas as daywear never quite looked so enigmatic or dramatic. Read more about how to do pyjama dressing without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Outerwear with folds

Minimal with folds: outerwear trend.

Classic outerwear – like a beautiful wool coat – will never be far from anyone’s minds in winter. So the question is how to keep it balanced between timeless and on-trend: and the answer, according to the runways, is to add some folds and sculptural details. Oversized bows, origami-like shapes and heavy angular folds help turn your classic coat into a seasonal statement. Read more about outerwear with sculptural folds at that link.

punk fashion

Punk fashion.

It’s not exactly punk as the movement was known in its early days. This is punk as high fashion: glamorous yet tough, studded and spiked but able to be mixed easily with other contrasting trends. For more about punk fashion as a trend, follow that link.

Women’s fall 2013 shoe trends.

shoes: the must-have styles for fall 2013

Shoes: the must-have styles for fall 2013

Heels. Flats. Boots. Shoes. An outfit is only so much without the right pair. If you can only fit a few key pairs into your winter wardrobe, these are the fall 2013 shoe styles to go for.

thigh high boots: how to wear them this fall

Thigh high boots: how to wear them this fall

They've lingered in fashion for several years now, but thigh high boots keep finding new ways to reignite our passion for them. In fall 2013, they shine again - blurring lines with cutaway shoes and offering alternatives to leather pants. Read about how to wear thigh high boots this fall.

Women’s fall 2013 accessory trends.

choker necklace

Choker necklaces.

The choker necklace gets a reworking for fall, from heavy chains to punk spikes and more in between. The key here is to make it a statement, letting your jewellery do all the talking. Read more about how to wear the choker necklace this fall.



Yes, they’ve been a fall / winter staple for a while now, having made the transition from item of pure warmth and practicality to urban style accessory. So how has the trend evolved for 2013? Read more about the beanie as an accessory trend this year.

mid finger rings

Mid finger rings.

No longer confined to the usual place, rings have made the transition to mid-digits. Having fingers dripping with rings was never more the truth as knuckles and mid-fingers get stacked with jewels. Read more about mid finger rings and where to get them.

Women’s hair & makeup trends for fall 2013

hair trends fall 2013

Fall 2013 hair trends.

Never underestimate the power of a hairstyle. With the ability to influence your mood and change the look of your outfit, the styles and cuts to indulge in for fall 2013 are worth knowing about. Check out the full and evolving fall 2013 hairstyles guide at that link.

all the makeup trends & tutorials for fall 2013

All the makeup trends & tutorials for fall 2013

Accompanying the biggest fashion themes for fall / winter 2013 are the makeup and beauty looks to wear them with. From the eyeshadow and lipstick colours to the overall thematic choices to make, find out the tips, tricks, and tutorials around fall 2013 makeup.

Men’s fashion trends for fall 2013

mens fall trends

5 key men’s trends.

Looking ahead to the colder months, it’s never too early to start planning and investing. And to make the most of those investments, it’s worth knowing what’s in now that can transition across to fall. Here are 5 key men’s looks that you are in for spring that you can carry across to fall.

mens fall trends

Men’s fall shoe guide.

Loafers or double monks? Boots or sneakers? In truth, it’s no so much about one or the other as to the particular styles to pick up, and how to wear them. Ensuring you’re on track for the key men’s shoe styles for fall is as simple as checking out this fall shoe guide for men.

a man's guide to autumn knits: choosing the best colours, patterns & fits

A man's guide to autumn knits: choosing the best colours, patterns & fits

Knits are an indispensable part of the men's wardrobe for autumn / winter but to make the most of this practical staple, it's worth knowing which colours, patterns and fabrics to invest in - as well as how to care for them. Read our fall knitwear guide for men to find out.

a man's wardrobe essential - what it is and how to wear it.

A man's wardrobe essential - what it is and how to wear it.

Don't think of the waistcoat as something for old men and three piece suits. From contrasts to cocktails, from summer to sex appeal, here's why every man should add add a few waistcoats to their wardrobe along with just how they should wear them.

top 10 men's hooded coats
 for autumn 2013

Top 10 men's hooded coats
 for autumn 2013

Stylish, warm, and likely to be your saviour when the rain unexpectedly starts to fall, the men's hooded coat has become something of a trend. Here are the styles to look out for.

style guide: men's americana for fall

Style Guide: Men's Americana for fall

Steeped in a rugged sense of nostalgia, the theme of Americana has captured the imagination of so many men of late. And you don't have to be driving down open highways or chopping wood in some remote forest to get a sense of it: you just need to pick up the right Americana inspired pieces.

Other trends for fall 2013

fw13 colour trends

Fall 2013 colours

Dark hues are almost invariably the domain of the colder months. And while fall 2013 will be no exception, it’s all about finding seasonally appropriate hues that don’t border on boring. Here are the fall / winter 2013 colours to keep an eye on.

Other fall / winter 2013 themes.

Global trend forecasting agency MPDClick see adventure, creativity and nostalgia forming a basis of three key themes in fall / winter 2013. They’ve titled them Wanderlust, Reflective, and Expression.


Wilderness travel inspires a high-winter trend that combines the keen sense of adventure of iconic explorers with a renewed fascination for the great outdoors. This lifestyle trend combines modern functionality with traditional fashion styles.

Colours: grounded slate grey, tawny brown and midnight blue, “enlivened with fennel green, warm rustic red, and clear crystal blue”.
Elements: modernised Fair Isle knits, florals in earthy colours, graphic prints that take their cues from mountain landscapes and alpine animals.

wanderlust fall 2013 trend


Modern generations mix nostalgia for their Soviet heritage with their contemporary futures, resulting in a blend of quirky folk, Soviet style packaging and a fascination with branded sportswear.

Colours: bright accents against muted tones. Bright gold and intense turquoise.
Elements: bright, folk-inspired florals with a tough edge.

reflective fall 2013 fashion


Creativity is reinterpreted using expressive freedom within the urban environment: a rise in art-squats ensures a considered approach to artistic ventures, commenting on social change with a refective and humorous slant.

Colours: unusual combinations of artistic expression, including “pop colours of vivid violet-blue and fluoro yellow.”
Elements: vivid pastel and fluoro pops of colour. Painterly prints and patterns, haphazard brushstrokes and luminous tones.

art expression fall 2013 fashion

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