Fall 2012 colour trends

Colour can’t be touched, but it can touch us. It can’t be felt, but it can change the way we feel. Try describing a colour and you can only really describe the things that we associate with it. But despite not being a tangible, physical thing, like our clothes or our shoes are, colour is key to the world of fashion. It’s one of the visual clues that helps define a season.

Fall 2012 is no exception to the rule. And while the temperature is one of the things regularly driving the moods we portray through colour, the colour trends for fall 2012 aren’t all cloudy greys or cheerless blues. If the colour trend predictions are anything to go by, our wardrobes will be filled with traditional fall tones punctuated by optimistic pops of bright colour.

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fall colors 2012

Pantone color trends for fall 2012

Above you can see the fall colour forecast by Pantone. From left to right:

French Roast (Pantone 19-1012), Honey Gold (Pantone 15-1142), Pink Flambe (Pantone 18-2133), Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463)
Ultramarine Green (Pantone 18-5338), Bright Chartreuse (Pantone 14-0445), Olympian Blue (Pantone 19-4056), Titanium (Pantone 17-4014)
Rhapsody (Pantone 16-3817), Rose Smoke (Pantone 14-1506)

Predicting the color trends for autumn / winter 2012, forecasting agency Pantone puts forward a selection of colours inspired by fantasy and illusion, with an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals.

Fall 2012 colors for women

“As the season transitions from the heat of summer, Bright Chartreuse, a vital yellow-green, pays homage to a typical spring shade and creates a bridge into the cooling days of fall. Reminiscent of bright green foliage, it provides a perfect accent to every color in the palette.

Like the name implies, Pink Flambé is a delicious, vibrant pink with a bit of heat to it. Pair it with vivacious and enticing Tangerine Tango for an ongoing retro feeling. Or, to bring a calming element to the mix, combine these vibrant warm tones with Ultramarine Green, a deep, cooling blue-green. Ethereal Rhapsody is a grayed-down purple that also encourages comfort and serenity with its quiet, muted tone.

Honey Gold, a mellow, burnished yellow, suggests the soft-muted tones of sunlight to brighten a fall day. Pair it with sensible and strong Olympian Blue, a patriotic blue that will surely make its way into fall and winter athletic apparel.

Rich and robust, French Roast is a tasty, sophisticated hue that is a great alternative to the black and charcoal basics typically worn in the fall. Other staple neutrals include elegant and versatile Titanium, the quintessential cool gray, and Rose Smoke, a veiled rose tone that pairs well with Rhapsody and Titanium.”

Fall 2012 colors for men

“Similar to this season’s palette for women, there is something for everyone in the top color selections for men. Rhubarb, a deep, pungent hue, brings intensity to the palette, and is best paired with Tangerine Tango and Honey Gold for a typical collegiate look. To hit the ski slopes in style, combine Ultramarine Green with Bright Chartreuse and Olympian Blue for the ultimate in winter athletic apparel.

Moving from the vibrant tones of fall to more neutral basics, Whitecap Gray is a classic off-white, reminiscent of an overturning wave under a winter sky. Sea Fog, a gray with a muted purple cast, exudes just the right amount of confidence and masculinity. Pair these two neutrals with the strength of Titanium for a subtle and sophisticated direction. Combine all three neutrals in a dress shirt or tie with basic, versatile French Roast for a classic fall look.”

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TFL color trends for fall 2012

TFL have released their predictions, dividing their fall 2012 colours into “wearing” and “living” – the former category relating to garments, footwear and accessories (with particular emphasis on leather), and the latter to interior design.

fall 2012 colour trends

The above palette is for “wearing”.

For billions of years mother nature has been working 24 hours a day. So why not adapting this approach to companies? To create, for example, fashion collections that recreate their own colors, iridescence and texture and are at the same time able to work in different situations – without any problems.

Attention should be drawn to leather that embraces us like a soft blanket of fur, where nubuck calf coats with natural micro designs sink into our hands.

Left to right:
Sphinx (PANTONE 16-1703 TPX), Persian Red (PANTONE 19-1860 TPX), Imperial Purple (PANTONE 19-3528 TPX), Windsor Wine (PANTONE 19-1528 TPX)
Chili Pepper (PANTONE 19-1557 TPX), Tortoise Shell (PANTONE 19-1241 TPX), Peppercorn (PANTONE 18-1409 TPX), Chocolate Brown (PANTONE 19-0912 TPX)
Lead (PANTONE 17-4408 TPX), Rabbit (PANTONE 19-3905 TPX), Atlantic Deep (PANTONE 19-4726 TPX), Black Iris (PANTONE 19-3921 TPX)

Red Clay (PANTONE 18-1454 TPX), Burnt Henna (PANTONE 19-1540 TPX), Greener Pastures (PANTONE 19-6311 TPX), Black Ink (PANTONE 19-0506 TPX)


fall 2012 color trends

A geometric pop art motif and countless variations of textile designs including stripes and cashmere, as well as large and small squares move trough next winter’s living collection. The whole interpretation of this style lies in the elaboration of sartorial flair.

The loyality towards a sartorial artist is somehow complex; it occurs in different situations where someone invades our privacy, touching, judging. After having overcome the power of perplexity, it becomes a perfect silhouette.

Left to right:
Old Gold (PANTONE 15-0955 TPX), Cafe au Lait (PANTONE 17-1227 TPX), Meadow Mauve (PANTONE 18-3230 TPX), Dark Cheddar (PANTONE 15-1150 TPX)
Apricot cream (PANTONE 13-1027 TPX), Sunflower (PANTONE 16-1054 TPX), Golden Brown (PANTONE 18-0940 TPX), Pompeian Red (PANTONE 18-1658 TPX)
Creme Brûlée (PANTONE 13-1006 TPX), Super Lemon (PANTONE 14-0754 TPX), Taos Taupe (PANTONE 15-1119 TPX), Puritan Gray (PANTONE 15-4702 TPX)

Other autumn / fall 2012 color trends

fall 2012 mens color

Men’s F/W ’12 colors

Look to men’s fashion in fall / winter 2012 and you’re likely to be looking at four distinct themes that take you from the polished to the relaxed. You can find out more by reading this guide to men’s colors in autumn / fall 2012.

fall 2012 womens color

Women’s F/W ’12 colors

Like they did for men’s fall 2012 fashion, Design Options have put together a forecast of women’s colors in autumn / fall 2012 all with a Californian edge. Follow the link to read it.

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