After an optimistic spring / summer season of everything from bold primary colours to vibrant neons to delectable pastels, where will our gaze turn to on the colour wheel once the sun has disappeared behind the clouds? Forming the base for fall 2013’s fashion trends, the palette of on-trend colours will, as always, be instrumental in determining the mood of the season.

Read on for a full report of color trends in fall / winter 2013 for both men and women.

Fall 2013 colors for women

The top 10 colour trends according to Pantone

Ahead of the fall 2013 fashion weeks, Pantone released their predictions of the season’s top colour trends. Greens feature heavily, from the number one colour – deep lichen green, a mossy, nature-inspired hue – to the more yellow-based Linden green. Not to mention Pantone’s proclaimed ‘colour of the year': Emerald Green.

Away from the greens, Pantone predicts Acai purple, Mykonos blue (“Who wouldn’t like to get to a wonderful Greek island and breathe in the beautiful sea air?” notes Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director), Samba red and Vivacious pink.

pantone colour trends fall 2013
Pantone 17-5641 Emerald; Pantone 18-4434 Mykonos Blue; Pantone 15-0533 Linden Green; Pantone 19-3628 Acai; Pantone19-1662 Samba; Pantone 17-1452 Koi; Pantone 18-0312 Deep Lichen Green; Pantone 19-2045 Vivacious; Pantone 19-4215 Turbulence; Pantone 19-1116 Carafe

Color trends by Design Options

Los Angeles based trend and color forecasting company Design Options breaks down the mood of the season into 6 distinct palettes:

Strike a pose

Crimson shades of affectation uncover a landscape of undeniable pretense. Slate and silver grey tones join in perfect unison with khaki to display unprecedented certainty. Ivory hues of puffing on airs give added lustre to ultra-feminine silhouettes. Delicate and subtle pink concepts reveal hidden ingenuity. A lasting and desirable impression.

Strik a pose womens colors fall 2013

Light touch

Sea green and light sky blue shades of contingence and slight embrace inspired tantalising expressions within elements of subtle yarn. Golden yellow tones of strike a chord distinguish the balance between delicacy and suppleness. Mohair textures evoke a deep notion of unconstrained delight.

Light touch womens colors fall 2013

Sole statement

Steel blue shades unify with elements of striking light purple to create a sensation of vivacity and vitality. Muted grey tones of essential nature add a touch of class on a canvas of impassioned artistry. Eloquent, curved lines cohesively combine cornflower blue and beaded elements to suggest an air of fervent cleverness.

Sole statement womens colors fall 2013

Fur real

Vivid yellow shades of bona fide radiate with refinement on an ingenious palette of untainted invention. Fuchsia tones of genuine existence coalesce with flawlessness on a canvas of furry innovation. Lime green tones of intrinsic origination inspire realistic visions of unique ingenuity. Flecks of teal illuminate black fabrications. Substantive and sincere.

fur real womens colors fall 2013

Balancing act

Dark brown and coral shades of compensate and counterbalance precisely embellish the surroundings with daring enthusiasm. Pink and orange tones of integrate and accommodate expose a canvas of poplin and broadcloth fabrications. Shimmering gold accents add unadulterated gusto while epitomising obscurity. An act of grandiose proportions.

balancing act womens colors fall 2013

Luxe so good

Ostentatious shades of deep burgundy exude unflinching opulence on a backdrop of elaborate diversity. Olive hues of hedonistic majesty draw attention to fur trim. Intense purple tones of lavish luxury complete the package and provide a luxurious finish to delicate and subtle wisps of velvet. Sumptuous and self-indulgent.

luxes so good womens colors fall 2013

Lingerie color trends for fall 2013

For the fall / winter 2013 season, forecasting agency Interfilière predicts that the landscape of economic crisis will continue to impact colour trends. It’s about a balance that shuns the boring or too-safe classics yet is ultimately tested for timelessness.

fall 2013 color trends

Above, left to right: Antique Copper, Matt Bronze, Violet de Mars, Black Forest, Burnt Earth, Wax, Brushed Vermeil, Whitened Lead, Ink, Storm, Coal, Pink Terracotta, Hydrangea, Cranberry, Pistachio, Lost Time, Heather, Silk, Angel Feather, Rice Powder, Strawberry Sherbet, PSCHITT!, SPLASH!, FLOC!, OUPS!, WIZZ!

According to Interfilière the fall / winter 2013 season will be all about colours that evoke emotion, always retaining a sense of the classic and timeless without crossing over into being dull:

‘Beauty is in everything and knows no boundaries, geographic or historical’… Liberated from commercial constraints, the stylists expressed a strong love for colours that talk about emotion and, together with the fabrics, express the times we live in. Nature, art and above all skill and artisanal interpretations are the underlying influences. Throughout this book, colours express our desire to participate in something worthwhile.

Fall 2013 colors for men

Forecasting agency Design Options brings a separate break down of colours for menswear. In six parts, they predict:

Out of the woods

Mustard yellow and dark olive tones of timberland and wilderness accentuate understated and delicate shapes. Alabaster and cool grey shades provide texture and fluidity upon a canvas of countryside solitude. Mauve hues infused with refined silver tints provide a picture-perfect fusion of earthy elements.

out of the woods mens colors fall 2013

Art Nouveau

Aquamarine and chartreuse shades of stylistic form and natural motif amplify subtle shapes upon a backdrop of brilliant monochrome. Dark goldenrod and bluish grey hues exude ultra-fashionable flair while accentuating sharp and linear silhouettes. Soft tones of grey add an element of genuine flair. Authentic and imaginative.

Art Nouveau mens colors fall 2013

Knit picks

Midnight blue and crimson tones fuse with methodical interpretation on a backdrop of woven innovation. Yellow gold flecks flawlessly accentuate bold shades of chocolate brown and add texture to subtle notions. Burnt sienna hues of impeccable preference draw attention to intertwined woollen fabrications.

knits mens colors fall 2013

True Brit

Dark violet shades of individualist interfuse with gold on a canvas of twill weave. Sharp and elongated edges indicate an attitude of proud intelligence. Brown undertones of nonconformist give added depth to cashmere textures. Silver green hues of unconventional create an unbounded expression of vivacity. Superb and impeccable genius.

true brit mens colors fall 2013

In the shadows

Navy blue and dark teal shades of obscurity and twilight create an unconventional magnetism while adding depth to simple finishes. Slate grey and grass green tones of nightfall and eventide display seamlessly proportioned contours and faultless construction. Nocturnal and instinctual illuminations.

in the shadows mens colors fall 2013

Perfectly suited

Light slate grey and midnight blue tones of costumier and architectural alignment exude artistic accents on a backdrop of herringbone. Forrest green and yellow gold hues of flawlessly fitted and made to order illuminate complex fabrications… Sophistication unleashed.

suits mens colors fall 2013

Stock photo make-up daubs from Shutterstock.

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