Which colours will help to define the fashion trends for fall / winter 2014? Will they be optimistic or bleak, romantic or powerful, earthy or industrial? Never to be underestimated as a key to shaping the fashion trends we see on and off the runway, the colours of our garments always play a big role.

After the break, some predictions of the colour trends set to take over in fall 2014.

Fall / winter 2014 colour trends from Lenzing


“Colors are distorted and mediated by cutting, breaking and interfering with the surface of the textiles, creating grids, panels and other geometrical shapes. 3D, air-stuffed and mesh techniques are put into play to emulate architectural structures. Excessively even and smooth surfaces mask the tactility of the textile.The fabrics are generally light-weight, crisp and cool to the hand, and high-performance materials are imperative.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends


“The frosty and crystal-bright winter light is translated into shimmering metallic- or leather-coatings in surprising combinations.The overall palette is warm with an intriguing depth. Fur is a new obvious component in the design of the textiles. Lightweight fabrics are essential to the look, as is subdued decoration, mostly obtained by special weaves and yarns with unique properties. Bonded fabrics add extra volume and density, shaping new, bold silhouettes.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends


“Fabric surfaces are re-worked to obtain a textured and detailed look. Prints, mainly stripes, are interpreted in new ways, while intricate techniques are used to add dimension, and emphasize the tactile qualities of woven fabrics, knits and jersey. Colors rise from the surface of fur and other soft and tangible materials as lines of bright needle punching. Crisp, fresh fabrics are used against super-heavy materials in order to create a sensation of heavenly luxury.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends

Mind’s Eye.

“Hairy surfaces and rough textures meet sleek and smooth fabrics, and similar to the colors some are warm and heavy, while others graceful and airy.The seductive play with multiple layers gives a sense of double vision blurring the lines between beginning and ending.’High-tech craft’ creates a sophisticated uniqueness for the consumer which combines the best of intelligent fabrics and high-end technology, with design and craft manufacturing.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends

Shadow and light.

“The colors are brought to life in materials which instantly capture light and reflection. Different varieties of coating alter the look and properties of the fabrics, adding depth, nuance and substance to pure white, pure black and the dynamic play of shadows in the space between the two. Folding fabrics create a sensation of protection and care, and plain woven fabrics represent the honest simplicity of the palette. Embossed jacquard patterns and bonding fabrics, different in weight, expression and handle, allow us to further play with contrast, shadow and light.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends

Floral fever.

“Fluid fabrics embrace the body, clinging to every curve, while solid fabrics conceal and shelter the silhouette.Traditional high-quality materials with an honest and authentic air, such as basic gabardine, poplin and plain weaves, are contrasting more effortless and playful materials. Sheer fabrics are adorned with subtle prints; a touch of vanishing motif. Jersey garments are embellished with intricate eyelet all-over patterns. Coarse and fine knitwear in plain and purl knit are essential to the look.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends

Fall / winter 2014 colour trends from Interfiliere

Forecasting agency Interfilière predicts that colour trends for lingerie and intimates will be dominated by the following four moods:


“The brown, copper and rust family develops strongly in combination with amazing surface & yarn treatments. It is part of the ongoing fascination of artisanal and crafted elements and a counterbalance of the technical invasion in our lifestyles. This section is not without difficulty because it calls for reflection and forward thinking on how to use and merchandise these colours. The danger of ‘heaviness’ needs to be avoided even when an element of roughness is introduced. Combinations with metallic or shiny accents and tonal multi-colour add movement and delicacy. This is also a major direction for novelty animal designs.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends


“The spirit of mixology, the art and science of mixing drinks and cocktails. A big trend at the moment is to invent new tastes that coincide with the growing longing for discoveries and experiences. The mix is a bit of classic plus something from other eras or cultures. In this theme we mix different worlds of taste and in the growing presence of colour we see the importance of other continents and especially Brazil. Another element of discovery is New Vintage which already makes furore on the menswear catwalks where a touch of dandyism is mixed with casualness and lots of unusual colours. A chance for lingerie to treat Playful ideas with a big dose of super chic.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends


“An extraordinary meeting of elements which injects the newness in the revival of pastel shades. The general feeling of seductive beauty without ostentation is expressed in a fairy tale mood taking forward the highlights of last season’s celestial themes. Nature’s perpetual movements are captured in ephemeral still lifes. Everything is light and airy and in total contrast with the Urban themes which dominate outerwear trends. This is lingerie at its most intimate. The apotheosis of technical wizardry.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends


“Like Giorgio Armani we also believe that casual glamour is what mature women like best. Garments that are easy to wear but decorated with amazing, refined ornaments. Our inspiration moves from vintage to historical richness. Our starting point is Venice with its melting pot of Gothic, Renaissance and oriental elements. In this most exotic part of the colour card, we imagine ourselves in a palazzo at the Grand Canal, surrounded by the leftovers of decadence: velvet, brocades, mosaics. Imagine… a night sky without light pollution, voluptuous, dark, mysterious.”

fall winter 2014 colour trends

Fall / winter 2014 colour trends from SpinExpo

SpinExpo’s forecast for the fall / winter 2014 colour trends goes under the broader theme of Interactions: the desire for people to communicate and connect to become part of the whole. The break down colours and yarns into eight distinct themes: Humanity, Spirituality, Survival, Beauty, Rituals, Emotions, Origins and Dreams.


“Our basic, almost primal, culture, gender, race and bloodline that we start with determines who we are. Our relationships and
interactions with others allow us to build on this and create a better humanity, where our connections allow for harmony, empowered strength through determination and commitment.

A native spirit of oranges and wild reds ow through earth-toned rusts, coppers and browns. Hairy surfaces, textures, irregular effects, marls and mélanges, thick with thin and matt contrasting with shine create the basis for the yarns.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“One happy social exchange can lift the human spirit. Spiritual development enhances our basic humanity by owing through social channels and human connections. As we continue to engage socially, both physically and virtually, we learn from each other how to develop a stronger sense of our own spirit and enlightenment that continues this cycle and flow. Highlighting yellows hint at greens and softer hues, moving towards uplifting tones of warm winter sun. Fabrics glow and hold a subtle sheen; opaque translucency and solid metallised surfaces are reective and glossy, fuid and drapey.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“From surviving in the wild, rural outdoors to urban survival in a post-industrial world, we have long embraced how to adapt ourselves to survive in a constantly changing environment. In today’s world the challenges are different and often virtual instead of physical, but our need and ability to adapt to changes remains our key strength and basic instinct.

Colours range from warm, earthy browns, with tones inspired by fur, camel and bronze through to powerful industrial and stormy greys. Yarns reveal furry looks and extreme surface hair, bronzed, matt metallics and bonded surfaces. brushing, felting, luxuriously dense and intensely compact aspects are key.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“Pure survival is never enough to satisfy our needs. We need romance and beauty to enhance our lives, bringing us a better quality beyond simply existing. From the pure natural beauty of our skin and hair, to the way we adorn ourselves, and our surroundings, we hold a developed aesthetic as our constant goal. Warm, yellowed neutrals are tinted with browns, pinks and a hint of purple that all reflect on a purity of winter white. Fabrics reflect a sense of skin and translucency, peached nishes, subtly brushed or fine surfaces, delicate and refined allowing for drape and fluid flow.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“As our time honored stories, myths, beliefs and rituals are seen by the next generation they are mixed up and combined in a modern melting pot of old and new, East meets West, blurring all boundaries, creating new traditions of rituals for life today in a multicultural world. Intense colours flow from saturated sacred hues of burgundy and berries to opulent purples and new violet hues. Velvety, dense pile yarns that have a silky sheen are contrasted by smooth, superfine luxury. Brushed softness hints at feathery and furry surfaces and fabrics with ultimate depth.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“How we feel and react to our experiences past and present are what creates our personal growth. Today it is essential to connect with our emotions in order to express ourselves as individuals in a world where we are organized so much as a collective. Translucent skin tones and veiled pinks are contrasted by a fiery vibrancy of almost red, all tones subtly tinted by yellow. Yarns have a round look, warm handles and frothy surfaces. Colour effects such as printing and dip dyeing continue but more subtly and surfaces take on a silky sheen.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“Our roots are deeply intertwined with nature and its natural life cycle. We have always been grounded and humbled by our eco system, but now we are also governed by its power. As it influences and affects changes in the world, our lives must adapt irrevocably to environmental and climate forces. deep forest greens and bio matter tones are contrasted by fresh vibrant hues reflecting new growth from more consistently fertile origins. Rich mélanges and multi-ended marls, tweeds and colour flecks are among the yarns. Fabrics are luxuriously soft, along with highly brushed surfaces and interest in varying surface textures.”

fall 2014 colour trends


“Though we are rooted in and understand our origins, our dreams allow us to go further without boundaries, generating an optimism of blue sky thinking, reaching to the stars and beyond. Our dreams create a new life, even a new world, where we can be liberated from the mundane and enjoy more fantasy.
Tranquil light blues reflect against more intensely saturated oceanic tones that are rich and opulent like midnight skies and dark inky hues. The opulence continues with fabrics contrasting luxuriously sheer knits with dense and velvety textures. Fabrics take on a glossy sheen and silky drape that emanate excellence and extravagance.”

fall 2014 colour trends

Stock photo make-up daubs from Shutterstock.

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