Fashion trends 2011

Though 2011 will see us move still further from the economic woes of recent history, don’t expect a massive change in the tangent of fashion: the major excesses of the last decade are gone, and 2011 will see us, rightfully, continue on with a drive of subtle consumption mixed with obvious quality. 2011 fashion trends will accomodate the fact that we’ll be buying less but spending more. That means less bland, and more quality. Fewer indulgences, but better statement pieces.

And what will those statements pieces and trends for 2011 be? Read on to find out.

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fashion trends 2011

2011 clothing trends for men and women

men's fashion 2011

Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010 fashion trends

Though taking its lead from the previous year, the first cold season for 2011 will set the mood and go a long way to defining the vibe for fashion trends in 2011.

For details on all the men’s and women’s fashion trends for the first months of 2011 read our Fall / Winter 2010 fashion trends guide.

women's fashion 2011

Spring / Summer 2011 fashion trends

As Winter gives way to the warmer months of 2011 we’ll farewell the heavier, darker looks and welcome light fabrics and sexier looks.

For a sneak peak of all the men’s and women’s fashion trends for 2011’s warmer months read our Spring 2011 fashion trends guide.

2011 clothing

Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2011 fashion trends

What will the first cold season of the new year that is 2011 and the new decade that it heralds in hold for men and women’s clothing? It may be a long way off, but already we’re getting a sneak peak at the colours, the layering, the street wear and the luxurious elements that will be the fashion trends for fall / winter 2011.

2011 trends

Hair trends 2011

The beginning of 2011 doesn’t just mean new clothes for your wardrobe, it means updating your style, it means evolving it. And of equal importance to having the right clothes and accessories for 2011 is keeping your hairstyle up to date.

To keep up to date with the latest 2011 hair trends, follow the link.

2011 color

Color trends 2011

Wondering which palettes and individual colours are influencing of 2011’s fashion trends?

Read out colour trends to find out more, with details included on all four of 2011’s seasons.

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