Whether we choose to consciously compute the fact or not, how we look does impact the way we feel. It may be that we dress to a theme that evokes a mood, that we choose to pull on something that incites a certain confidence within us, or that we – for no definable reason at all – simply fall in love with a particular piece of clothing or accessory. Either way, the reality is that a large part of how our style evolves each year has to do with the clothing, hair, beauty and accessory trends sweeping fashion, sweeping the runways or the magazine pages or the streets. Not because we have to follow them, but because they inspire us. Each year we analyse what’s happening in the fashion world as a way to understand where the trends are coming from, where they’re going, and – should you so choose – how you can adapt them to your own personal style, in a way that suits you.

So for 2013 what to expect? Read on after the break to discover the latest on the year’s fashions.

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2013 fashion trends by season

2013 fashionable

Spring / summer 2013 fashion

The winter that we’ll live through in January and February are of a fashion season that actually belong to 2012, which means that spring 2013 fashions are the first truly new ones of the year. Follow the link to find out which trends will do the most to influence 2013’s fashion.

2013 clothing

Fall / winter 2013 fashion

When we welcome in 2014, what fashion trends will have defined 2013? What will be wearing, and what will we take with us into the new year? Read Fashionising.com’s guide to fall 2013 fashion trends for a full look at what clothes and accessories are fashionable and which are out.

Seasons influencing 2013 fashion trends

2013 fashion

Autumn / fall 2012 fashion

Just because it’s new year doesn’t mean that all of 2013 fashion‘s is completely new. While there’ll be plenty of new fashion trends, a lot of them will evolve out of the past year’s trends particularly from the year’s last fashion season: autumn / fall 2012. Follow the link to find out which fashionable elements are a part of the end of 2012 and will have an impact upon 2013’s fashion trends.

2013 hair and beauty trends

2013 hairstyles

2013 hair trends

Season-specific hairstyles aside, if you want to know exactly which broader trends are shaping the whole of 2013, then you need to get up to speed with our 2013 hairstyles / 2013 hair trends guide. Find out the hair trends of the year including which cuts, colours and styles to get.

spring 2013 hairstyles

Spring 2013 hairstyles

Want to know specifically which hairstyles are shaping spring 2013? Visit our spring / summer 2013 hairstyles guide: in it you’ll find plenty of hair tutorials, how-to guides and trend reports specific to the warmer months, though many are styles that can work all year round.

2013 beauty

Spring 2013 makeup trends

Which colours to dust your eyes with? Bold lips or nude? A new season brings with it new ideas and inspiration on creating bold and beautiful makeup looks for day and night. Find out the makeup and beauty trends of the year, including how-to guides on creating them, by visiting our spring 2013 makeup guide.

2013 colour trends

ss13 colour trends

Spring 2013 colours

The hues of our clothing and accessories are instrumental in shaping the mood of the season. From earthy and natural to vibrant primaries, spring will leave you optimistic. Here are the spring 2013 colours to look out for.

fw13 colour trends

Fall 2013 colours

Autumnal hues don’t have to be dull, or even dark. 2013’s fall colours brings brights into the mix with the wintry palette we’re used to, taking inspiration from nature and man-made fibres alike. Here are the fall / winter 2013 colours to keep an eye on.

2013 fashion manifesto

2012 wardrobe

The curated wardrobe

This isn’t an actual 2013 clothing trend in so much as it is one that has an impact on the fashion we’ll choose in 2013. The curated wardrobe are our thoughts on the new luxury: the luxury of indulging in 2013’s fashion (and beyond) always with an eye on quality instead of quantity. Read the manifesto to find out more about the old luxury of fast fashion versus the new luxury of selected fashion, and why having a curated wardrobe is the sign of being stylish.

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