The future of Scandinavian design

scandinavian design

Anyone who has ever nestled into the curve of a Jacobsen Egg chair or felt the steely clean lines of a Bang & Olufsen phone has experienced the phenomena of Scandinavian design.

Most will be familiar with the underlying principle of this minimalist aesthetic: less is most definitely more. But to say it were that simple would be a misnomer. There’s far more to be understood, and to take away from, the notion of Scandinavian design.

Which actually begs the question: what is Scandinavian design? While it’s not difficult to find out the origins of the movement historically, the bigger question is what about now? We wanted to find out how current brand leaders in the field perceive Scandinavian design in the present day; how they approach it; how they balance market needs and trends with ingrained, decades-old principles; and where, in turn, Scandinavian design is headed. What does the future hold?

To answer all these questions headed to a key place on the Scandinavian design map: Denmark.

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