The Gothic beauty trend that emerged on the fall 2014 runways feels like an open invitation to take on what is a beautiful fantasy and make it work within the realms of reality. Dark and dramatic, seductive and mysterious, sexy and unconventional, the sweetly feminine beauty look hiding an eerie edge can be made to complement countless characters with something as a simple as a change of lipstick.

After the break we’re talking the new Gothic beauty, how to make the most of the fall 2014 trend and how to avoid looking too much a like a corpse bride.

gothic makeup beauty trend

The look: Gothic beauty revived

To branch off into darkness doesn’t by all means imply letting go of all signs of sophistication and all parts defining what’s beautiful about you, quite the contrary as the new take on Gothic beauty is adamant on showing off your best features. The look isn’t about smudged eyeliner, black lipstick and false eyelashes, but more about flawless porcelain skin and gorgeous deep red lips.

Seeing how the dark lips are a mainstay for fall 2014, what the Gothic beauty trend does best is marrying their limitless versatility with a minimal play on makeup.

From deep cherry to aubergine, from bright plum to deep berry, and from vampy red to true burgundy, there’s no shortage of shades available for the season, but do make sure to water down their intensity by playing with the texture during office hours. There is such a thing as a time and a place for the bold wine lips and it often doesn’t coincide with the work hours.

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Porcelain skin & deep red lips at Max Mara, F/W ’14

Gothic beauty for fall 2014

In order to pull off the Gothic look for fall 2014 remember to always start with fresh, healthy skin that is to be contrasted well with a slick of dark lipstick. Go for a flawless, glowing complexion, making sure to conceal any signs of blotchiness or redness. The rest of the look is to be shaped up by your imagination:

Bare eyes, dark lips.

To play up the lips and keep the rest of the makeup a whisper is perhaps the easiest way to sport the Gothic look this fall. Do a subtle eye by lightly dusting the lids with matte or ivory shades, groom the eyebrows and apply a single coat of mascara (or none at all) to leave the emphasis on the lips.

Make your pout truly pop by starting to apply the lipstick at the middle of your lips, and slowly working your way outward. You can always blot with tissue and go for the more subdued effect, or repeat the applying process one more time for added impact.

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Trussardi and Rebecca Minkoff, F/W ’14

If you aim for more of a dramatic result that’s still on the effortless side, you can always keep the makeup to a minimal but choose to pair your deep red lips with some strong, dark eyebrows instead, for a look that hides a modern, contemporary flair.

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Anteprima, F/W ’14

Metallic eyes, dark lips.

Pumping up the volume on the eyes just slightly, you can opt to team your flawless complexion and dark lips with subtle metallic eyes.

If Gothic elegance is the route you want to take than you should balance the deep red lip with a gilded eye, defined brows and full lashes, keeping the hair sleek and the skin luminous.

For something edgier and decidedly more graphic, choose a silver metallic eyeshadow to pair with the deep plum lips, applying touches of silver shadow at the center of the top and bottom lash lines with inspiration coming from Antonio Marras.

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Naeem Khan and Antonio Marras, F/W ’14

If the metallic eyeshadow is not your thing but you do aim for the high shine, you can choose to update the Gothic look by the way of some glossy lids.

To replicate the gorgeous makeup seen at Parkchoonmoo, use a soft, matte foundation to achieve an even complexion and enhance the eyes with a glossy texture added to an otherwise bare lid.  To add depth and dimension to the deep plum lip, keep the top lip matte, while adding a gloss to the bottom lip. While Gothic at the core, this makeup couldn’t translate to a more modern and refined look.

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at PARKCHOONMOO, F/W ’14

Hair & hairstyles

While the Gothic look is decidedly about the flawless complexion and the many gorgeous iterations on the deep, dark lips, choosing the right hair and hairstyles is also of significance. Once you master your favorite take on Gothic beauty, try pairing it with:

  • wet-hair looks that are equal parts sculptural and slick, for added edge;
  • blowouts that feature volume at the crown and a slight curl at the bottom, for more of an aristocratic look;
  • smooth chignons, and understated ponytails that are polished and undone at the same time;
  • subtle waves that you can effortlessly tuck in for more of a strikingly beautiful juxtaposition.

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Zimmermann and Ruffian, F/W ’14

How to make it work

In between the pale complexion and the super-bold lips, there are plenty of things that could easily go wrong when trying to recreate the Gothic look this autumn. To avoid looking too much like a corpse bride try:

  • building a porcelain complexion without going for an exaggeratedly pale look; fair skin can be tricky so opt for a foundation that is perhaps one shade lighter than your natural skin tone;
  • avoiding bleached eyebrows unless you’re going for a jarring, harsh look, but do keep in mind they appear unflattering and aging in most cases;
  • giving up on the idea of adding some dark, smoky eyes and false eyelashes to your new Gothic look;
  • refraining from over doing the contouring of the face, opting instead to subtly define those cheekbones you’ve already been gifted with.

Gotich beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Alexander McQueen, F/W ’14

Complementary trends

With the Gothic makeup and the complementary hairstyles in clear, here’s how to further enhance and modernize the Gothic look by way of clothing. Taking cues from the runway, we’ve seen the look being paired to:

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Nanette Lepore and PARKCHOONMOO, F/W ’14

  • oversized outerwear in dark, daunting colors, and sleek topcoats in more delicate dusted shades;

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Zimmermann and Rebecca Minkoff, F/W ’14

  • shimmy fringes, sheer and sparkle in vampish black, for after dark;
  • dark florals adorning austere silhouettes (think jumpsuits, floor-length dresses, evening gowns).

Gothic beauty trend fall 2014
Gothic beauty at Naeem Khan, F/W ’14

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