Twice a year, as the new fashion seasons begin, each of us has the perfect excuse to freshen our personal sense of style. But while we all tend to focus on discovering, considering and sampling the latest clothes and accessories, it’s our hair that will be making a statement each and every day.

For men and for women, from colours to cuts, after the break we’ll take you through the key 2013 hairstyles and trends that compliment spring 2013’s fashion trends.

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Women’s spring 2013 hair trends.

low ponytail

Low ponytails

At the nape of the neck or even below, the low ponytail has arisen as a simple yet striking statement for spring. And this year the low ponytail comes in many variations, from ultra-low and messy to slick and neat. The common theme is to keep it low. Follow the link for the types of low ponytail that are popular amongst 2013’s hairstyles.

messy up dos

Messy up-do hairstyles

Everyone loves an effortless hairstyle that also hints at glamour. And an easy up-do that doesn’t feel too ‘done’ is exactly the way to go to create it. Follow the link for a closer look at the messy updos inspiring the spring 2013 season.

1960s hairstyles

1960s hairstyles

Don’t put away your hairspray just yet: spring 2013 isn’t just about the easy and effortless looking styles. Backcombed and bouffant, big and bold, retro hairstyles provide a chic and on-trend alternative that can be worn with both vintage-inspired and modern looks. Read about the trend towards 1960s hair at that link.

tomboy hair trend

Hair trend: tomboy hair

If you’re a fan of androgyny in fashion, where masculine and feminine styles collide, then these tomboyish hairstyles will capture your fancy. Blurring the gender boundaries, these styles borrow from the boys. For a round-up of tomboy hairstyles that are suitable for spring 2013, follow that link.

tucked summer 2013 hair style

Half tuck hairstyle

The centre-part is in, provided you make a statement of it. And the half-tucked hairstyle lets you do just that. Readily styled for day or for night, from casual to formal, follow the link for a look at all the styling inspiration you’ll need, along with a few incidental accessory suggestions along the way.

white blond hair color summer 2013

Platinum blond hair

It’s the hardest hair colour to maintain, but it’s also amongst the best hair statements to make. And ever since Ruby Jean Wilson went blonde and the fashion industry collectively fell in love with the colour all over again, platinum blonde hair has sat amongst spring / summer 2013’s hair colour trends. We’ll provide you more examples of how to style the hair colour as the season nears.

side part hair cut

Side part hairstyles

Not looking to make a colour statement of your hair? Then look no further than the side part, a styling element carrying over from fall’s hair trends into spring / summer 2013.

bangs summer 2013

Fringe / bangs

They never quite go out of style, but there are those times when a fringe / bangs are certainly the haircut to have. Returning for spring / summer 2013, we’re currently working on a guide to take you through how to cut and wear a fringe / bangs for the season.

Men’s spring 2013 hairstyles.

summer 2013 men's hair

2013 men’s hair trends

Men’s hair trends evolve far slower than their female counterparts, but that hasn’t stopped us creating and evolving a guide to men’s hairstyles for 2013. Expect more from it in the near future.

Women’s spring 2013 hairstyles.

sleek side part hairstyle

Sleek side part

There are plenty of ways to wear the side-part in summer 2013, though DKNY inspired a version of the hairstyle that gives an elegant, youthful interpretation that leaves room for volume and texture. Best suited to long hair, follow the link for our full how-to guide to the sleek side part.

textured side part

Textured side part

While the sleek side part has the option of textured tips, the textured side part (obviously) depends upon it. Offering texture from the roots, read up on the textured side part for a guide that’ll help you make it work for long hair and adapt it to shorter haircuts.

twisted headband hair

Twisted headband hair

A modern take on a 60s hairstyle, this look is the kind that works for any occasion – day or night. Using a headband to create a feminine twist, it’s easy to create. Follow the how-to guide for the twisted headband hairstyle at that link.

half up hairstyle

Ethereal half-up hairstyle

It’s not just the half tuck hairstyle that is leaving spring 2013’s hair trends with plenty of ethereal options. Balenciaga followed suit, replacing the half-tuck with a half-up style all crowned with a regal gold headpieces. The headpiece is naturally optional but, whether styled casually or formally, there are plenty of ways to interpret this half-up hairstyle as your own.

wispy chignon

Wispy chignon

When you’re not going for a ponytail or leaving your hair out, and yet you want something quick, easy, and chic, a chignon is the go-to style. This wispy chignon is deliberately messy and soft to compliment any number of outfits. Follow the link for a how-to guide.

side twisted hair

Twisted side ponytail

Low ponytails have been dominating for 2013, and this one has a literal twist that makes it stand out a mile away. Beautiful and feminine, it’s involved without being complicated and dressy without being too much. Experiment with this twisted side ponytail to make it your own.

side part bed hair

Side bed hair

Who doesn’t love the idea of a bed-hair hairstyle? It’s effortlessly sexy, quick, and easy to do – if you know how. Of course, you don’t want to cross the line into having unruly hair, so follow our guide for side part bed hair for a look that gets the balance just right.

half braid

Half braided hair

Braids have been everywhere the past few seasons, and 2013’s hairstyles bring new variations into the mix. Here’s a unique take on the braid that’s strong, modern, and well worth learning. This half braid may be small in size, but it’s big in impact. Follow the link for the full tutorial.

haunted hair

Haunted hair

Not everyone would be game to carry off this look, but for those who are it will truly make a statement. This style is meant to look a little haunted, a little ethereal; a wet-look style that sweeps across the brow in a slightly wild and tangled way. Pare it back to a level that suits you and this haunted hairstyle can be surprisingly wearable.

wet messy pony

Textured wet ponytai

Wet look styles continue to appear on the runways, and as far as taking them to the street goes, it’s not as hard as you may think. If you want a wet-look hairstyle for 2013 that’s a little nonchalant and messy, this textured wet ponytail is for you.

sleek side hair

Sleek side hair

Side part hair is big in 2013, and while the variations are near endless, this is one of the most basic and versatile. This sleek side hair can be worn easily every day for an effortlessly glamorous look. Follow the link for the how-to guide.

slick spring 2013 hair cut

Slick half-tuck

Summer’s half-tuck hair trend meets a pared back interpretation of the wet look. Potentially a bit too flat for everyone’s tastes, though a look that will work for both short and long hair, it none-the-less gives you an idea of how to adapt the hair tuck to summer 2013 without needing to use any hair accessories. Our guide to the slick half-tuck hairstyle has all the step-by-step details.

faux bangs hairstyle

Faux bangs

You have plenty of styling choices if you want a fringe for spring / summer 2013. But while the indie fringe continues to entice, cutting a fringe is a long term commitment that not everyone is willing to make. Hence Prada’s faux bangs. Follow the link for a step-by-step guide through the evening hairstyle.

wet spring hairstyle

Freshly wet

Having made an impact upon spring 2012’s hairstyles, we didn’t expect to see hairstyles that look wet feature in our summer 2013’s hair guide. And yet, here it is imagined as an oceanic goddess’ hairstyle courtesy of Alberta Ferretti catwalk.

futuristic ponytail

Futuristic ponytail

At one end of the spectrum you have Balenciaga’s embellishing hair piece and at the other end you have Alexander Wang’s ode to minimalism. We don’t imagine that many women will hit the street wearing duct tape as a hair accessory, but there’s still something to be said for the Wang’s summer interpretation of a slick ponytail. Follow the link for a complete how-to guide.

diagonal hair

Diagonal parted hair

It takes an ultra-modern hairstyle to defy the usual centre and side parts, and this one does just that. Unique and unusual, and yet classic enough to be easily wearable, this ponytail with a difference makes for one 2013 hairstyle worth trying. Get the diagonal hairstyle for yourself by following that link.

slick ponytail

Super slick modern ponytail

Nothing oozes slick modern glamour like a perfectly preened high ponytail, wrapped in its own strands and bouncing in its own glory. The perfect compliment to the Versus Versace spring collection, it’s one you can wear day and night. Follow the steps to recreate this slick ponytail for yourself.

slept in 60s hair

Slept in 60s hair

This is what happens with the brilliance of bouffant ’60s hair and the effortlessness of bed hair collide. A must-know for spring 2013, you can work this style on anything from chin-length to ultra long hair. Recreate the slept in retro hair for yourself by following that link.

textured flowing hair

Flowing summer hair

Jetsetting, sexy, dusy and beachy: Versace’s spring 2013 hairstyle will take you from the desert to the pool by way of the bar. Rock it with a modern bohemian chic outfit, and do it often. Follow our how-to guide on Versace’s undone summer hair at that link.

marni messy bun

Messy low bun

We know messy up-dos are key for spring, and Marni’s low bun ticks all the boxes. It’s effortless, unique, and looks great. Get Marni’s messy bun for yourself by following that link.

matte textured hair

Matte textured hair

A bit of texture goes a long way. This hairstyle – perfect for long hair but certainly suitable for medium or even shorter hair – adds a dry, matte texture: and we explore the different methods you can use to get the effect. Find out more on creating matte textured hair for yourself by following that link.

wet french twist

Wet look french twist

Another variation on wet-look hair, this style adds shine and wetness to the traditional french twist. Perfectly summery – as if you’d just twisted your hair up after stepping out of the pool – it’s one you can recreate by following our wet french twist tutorial at that link.

ultra low ponytail

Wispy ultra-low ponytail

It doesn’t get much more nonchalant than this: an ultra-low, loose ponytail with wispy strands falling free. Wear it with a thick headband or unaccessoried, either works. Follow the ultra low ponytail how to at that link.

spanish chignon

Low Spanish chignon

Loewe’s Spanish heritage shone through on their spring runway with this slick, low, Spanish-inspired chignon. The knotted style covers the ears and frames the face beautifully. Get the Spanish chignon for yourself by following that link.

textured high ponytail

Textured high ponytail

This high ponytail has plenty of texture, movement, and volume; able to work as either a beachy style or a rock’n’roll one. Find out how to create the textured high pony for yourself by following our how-to guide at that link.

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