The northern hemisphere is halfway through summer, still bearing the heat, still going for effortless chignons and messy up-dos, still making the absolute best out of the spring 2013 hair trends and yet, our minds already begun to wonder towards a not so distant idea of a future. As it happens every year around the same time, the long for something new, for something utterly different and sensational takes over, leaving us breathless in anticipation.

Following along the lines of the fall / winter 2013 fashion trends, the autumn / winter 2013 hairstyles are ready to bring a touch of drama to the streets, channeling the classic beauty of Hollywood legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novack. Come autumn you can expect to fall under the perfect spell of the Film Noir, embracing highly cinematic hair trends and referencing a very strong and powerful woman.

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Key hairstyle trends for fall / winter 2013

braids: the braided hairstyles you need in your life right now

Braids: the braided hairstyles you need in your life right now

They're never far from mind when it comes to hairstyle trends. So the question is really, how to wear them this season? From the crown braid to the fishtail plait, visit this page for a roundup of the braided styles on trend for fall 2013.

faking the fringe: side-swept faux fringes for fall

Faking the fringe: side-swept faux fringes for fall

Sometimes the addition of a fringe (bangs) can be both flattering and fresh. And yet, we don't all want to have to resort to scissors. A number of runway hairstyles for autumn / winter 2013 featured sweeping 'faux' side fringes. You can take inspiration from them if you want to fake the fringe this season.

punk hairstyles: on trend for fall 2013

Punk hairstyles: on trend for fall 2013

Punk fashion has returned with a glamorous, girly reawakening. That means that hairstyles, too, have branched off into taking inspiration from the rebelliousness of punk. From fauxhawks to choppy cuts, here are the season's punk inspired 'dos.

Fall 2013 hairstyles: reimagining Film Noir.

As one of the main hair trend themes to be shaping the fall 2013 season, the ‘new’ Film Noir is all about cinematic styles defined by a fashionable dark side and high-shine drama. Evolving from fall 2012’s first introduction of the neo-Gothic fashion trend, the concept of Film Noir brings a womanly kind of beauty under the spotlight, having the hairstyles look as close as being caught in a certain moment in time.

Each and every single one of the autumn 2013 hair trends took a significant darker turn, without letting go of their glamorous essence. Either edgy, utterly seductive, sultry or plain luxurious, the Film Noir influence spanning over the autumn / winter 2013 hair trends reads pure sophistication. Seeing how Hollywood’s classical film noir period extends over the early 1940s to the late 1950s, there is a fair amount of vintage sway being reimagined as to complement the portrait of the modern and powerful woman of 2013.

Here are the main hairstyles that will be setting the tone during the upcoming fall season. Although part of the same theme, the different looks, including remarkable style variations, allow for the trends to be interpreted with ease, until falling in harmony with your own personality/ aesthetic.

Shine drenched hair for fall 2013.

As seen filling the runways at Louis Vuitton, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs, the cinematic take on the wet look hairstyle envisioned for autumn 2013 is nothing short of extraordinary. Discontinuing the matte hair ruling of the catwalks after several seasons, the gleaming shine came back baring the caught-in-the-rain allure. Super-saturated and ultra-chic, the new shine brings a real and raw quality to the scene.

Sultry, caught-in-the rain wet look hairstyle at Roberto Cavalli F/W ’13

At Louis Vuitton is where the old Hollywood glamour and a new take on the classic bob gently collided in order to fully complement the melancholic fall 2013 collection, brimming with vintage influence. A choppy, DIY-inspired fringe, accompanied by a high-impact shine channeled the “1950s French girl on the Left Bank in Paris, who might have cut her own hair.” Blow-dried with full frame all-over bodifying mousse, the hairstyle is concluded with shine flash 02 glistening mist, layered on quick dry 18 instant finishing spray.

Classic bob with high-impact shine and a choppy, DIY-inspired fringe at Louis Vuitton F/W ’13

The sultry allure took a darker turn at Marc Jacobs where boyish, high-gloss cuts evoked the grunginess of the punk aesthetic. Real and raw, the inky black pixie cuts were built mainly upon texture and volume, easily obtainable with volumising product (at Marc Jacobs, Redken guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam was used). The shine flash 02 glistening mist assured the wet-look finish, thus marking another edgy rendition’s evolution into a full statement.

Boyish, high-gloss cut at Marc Jacobs F/W ’13

Natural looking and crude, turned utterly glamorous on the runway, the most faithful version of the caught-in-the-rain look, complemented what is Miuccia Prada’s vision of a raw kind of elegance for fall 2013. The undone style with plenty of wet-look shine created by Guido for Redken, can easily be achieved to be sported during the moody days of autumn, for extra points in the style department.

dishevilled noir hairstyle prada
Undone style with wet-look shine at Prada F/W ’13

How to: Prada’s disheveled noir wet hairstyle

How to: Prada wet look noir hairstyle

Prada’s disheveled noir wet hairstyle look is the one that will have you forget all about those perfectly complex styles, captivating you with its undone simplicity. Bringing back a glimpse of the 1940s and referencing the Film Noir glamour, Prada’s take on the wet look is all about achieving that dark, but effortlessly chic allure. Be ready to amaze come fall, by following 7 easy steps to Prada’s wet look noir hair.


Fall 2013 hair: the luxe factor.

You simply cannot reference the sirens of film noir without creating a hairstyle that comes to view as luxurious, yet effortless to a certain extent. We spotted the modern take on the classic styles on the Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabanna, Miu Miu and Valentino fall 2013 runways. There is where the cinematic sophistication managed to transcend the big screen, giving us a display of beautiful examples on how a distinctly luxurious point of view can be translated in full effect onto the city streets.

Modern classic with cinematic sophistication at Dolce & Gabbana F/W ’13

A young Jodie Foster playing Iris in the 1976 film Taxi Driver, inspired Guido at Redken to create the soft curls at Bottega Veneta fall 2013. The classic beauty of German actresses Hedy Lamarr and Marlene Dietrich also had a fair share of influence over the resulting gentle hairstyles, accompanied by an equally effective make-up. More like a modern adaptation of the point where the 1940s and the 1970s interchange, the style at Bottega Veneta is all about va-va-volume.

cinematic soft curls
Cinematic curls at Bottega Veneta F/W ’13

How to: Bottega Veneta’s cinematic soft curls

How to: Bottega Veneta’s cinematic soft curls

The high sense of luxury defining Bottega Veneta’s fall 2013 runway presentation was distinct and easily recognizable in the cinematic soft curls accompanying the extravagant garments. Inspired by the classic beauties of both the 1940s and the 1970s, the hairstyle with a side part and billowy curls can be recreated in just a few simple steps. Read more about the cinematic soft curls at that link.


The house of Valentino is best known for always infusing its collections with a modern take on the good-old romance. Innocent and demure, the side braids created for their autumn 2013 runway unveiling had an unexpected seductive quality about them. A leather headband and a shine finish helped the look achieve that timeless elegance born out of simplicity and chicness. Perfect for both casual and more glamorous outfits, the minimal style can be recreated by using the following expert tips.

Easy chic side braid at Valentino F/W ’13

How to: Valentino’s easy chic side braid

How to: Valentino’s easy chic side braid

Proving that simplicity still goes a long way and that an ultra-clean hairstyle can be turned timeless with a few smart twists, the easy-chic side braid at Valentino transforms the use of minimalism into a full luxury. Smooth and seductive, the side braid playing upon innocence never looked more grown-up.


Cinematic up dos.

The mere fact that up dos, in any of their multiple variations, never seem to be missing on the runway regardless of the season we are discussing, is enough of a proof that their persevering elegance will forever feel appealing to the modern-day woman. For autumn 2013, the hair trends embraced the sophisticated up dos brimming with unexpected touches, as an alternative to the vintage and 1960s inspired hairstyles that dominated the fashion scene all throughout the spring and summer of 2013. From soft and romantic french twists, to oversized ballet buns, the fall season is ready to bring along an array of modern details and sculpted shapes.

Sculpted French twist at Alberta Ferretti F/W ’13

At Loewe, a bouffant rendition of the classic ponytail lent the simple hairstyle with a grown-up quality, able to perfect the indisputable elegance of the upcoming fall / winter 2013 fashion trends. Dramatic, yet restrained enough to count as wearable and relevant, Guido’s play on volume at Loewe shaped a modern-messy bouffant, continuing to borrow inspiration from the exquisite 1960s.

messy bouffant hairstyle
Modern messy bouffant at Loewe F/W ’13

How to: Loewe’s uptown bouffant

How to: Loewe’s uptown bouffant

Transitioning the 1960s inspiration into the fall and winter seasons, the messy bouffant at Loewe gets a modern update. Grown-up and gifted with more wearability, the bouffant is envisioned as an uptown look that can be worn during the day, just as easily as it can be turned into a classic statement come night. If you aim for sophistication, here is how to get the exact look.


An oversized ballet bun, poised and soft at the same time, the hairstyle at Nina Ricci fall 2013 borrows from the grace and confidence of the ballet dancers. Another play on volume, hiding a sensibility to prettiness, the exaggerated bun is obtained after smoothing the hair into a high ponytail and swirling the tail into an oversize bun. Easy enough to be achieved at home, a ballerina bun accompanied by a pair of tangerine lips is the look that will set you apart this autumn.

Oversized ballerina bun at Nina Ricci F/W ’13

How to: Nina Ricci’s ballerina bun

How to: Nina Ricci’s ballerina bun

For a “fittingly feminine” hairstyle borrowing from the past, the exaggerated ballerina bun at Nina Ricci looks extremely modern and polished. For day or for night, for a sophisticated look or a minimalist one instead, this gorgeous style is ready to complement your take on cinematic beauty. Achieve the fizz free ultra-chic bun in just 6 easy steps.


The elegance and exquisiteness of the twisted bun reached another dimension at Peter Som for fall 2013. Created by Christopher Dove, the tight chignons with graphic crisscross details were imagined as to complement the pared down garments’ full shoulders and high necklines. With plenty of surface detail and balancing the bold, yet minimal collection, the resulting style was anything but ordinary.

Elegant twisted bun at Peter Som F/W ’13

Hair how to: elegant, twisted bun

Hair how to: elegant, twisted bun

Created by Wella Professional’s creative director Christopher Dove, the simple and sleek twisted bun at Peter Som is envisioned as to complement the silhouette of the clothing, without distracting from the beauty of the intricate details. The minimalistic hairstyle goes above and beyond the simplicity of a flat chignon and can be recreated at home for any occasion that requires a quick and fancy hairstyle.


Dior’s 1950s chignon offers another sophisticated interpretation of the recurring wet-look hairstyle for fall 2013. Sleek in the front and rather sculptural in the back, the high ponytail chignon created by Redken’s Guido Palau reenforces the high-shine glamour by referencing another facet of the Dior woman. Truthful to the DNA of the brand, the wet chignon is not short of the noir filmic quality.

Wet chignon at Christian Dior F/W ’13

How to: Dior’s 1950s wet chignon

How to: Dior’s 1950s wet chignon

Created for the modern woman and reflecting Christian Dior’s unmistakable DNA, the 1950s inspired wet chignon to have walked the fall 2013 runway, talks about being caught in the rain in a way that feels realistic, yet deeply cinematic. The wet looks with high shine buns can be achieved at home by following a simple series of expert tips. Follow the full ’50s wet chignong tutorial at that link.


Gleam shine ponytails.

As a statement to style in 2013, the low ponytail expanded its horizons by embracing new surface details and fresh plays upon texture that allow it to maintain its privileged position amongst this year’s dominant hair trends. Mirroring the concept of simple sophistication, the low-slung ponytails for fall / winter 2013 are created either with mirror-like shine, or grungy wet appeal.

Low-slung ponytail with gleaming shine at Celine F/W ’13

The punk aesthetic meets Parisian chic at Lanvin, as the low ponytails reflective of a DIY-feel bare a modern appeal. Effortless yet imposing, the hairstyle conquers through its uncomplicated essence, appearing rather undone and raw. To achieve the look apply Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine (or similar) to damp hair and blow-dry with your fingers. Proceed with creating a deep side part and pull the hair into a low ponytail. Polish off the look with Redken shine flash 02 glistening mist and control addict 28 high-control hairspray.

lanvin low ponytail
Low ponytail at Lanvin F/W ’13

Channeling Jil Sander’s minimalist aesthetic, the matching minimalist ponytail with mirror-like shine created for the autumn 2013 runway presentation felt like the perfect finishing accent. To give your ponytail the sleekest possible finish, Redken’s Guido advices to spray the brand’s iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray on the tail and flat-iron, then apply shine flash 02 glistening mist.

Minimalist sleek ponytail at Jil Sander F/W ’13

Imagined as to coincide with the bike-chic attitude representative of Diesel’s fall / winter 2013 collection, the grungy wet ponytail created by Guido included all of the essential attributes meant for an edgy and modern hair approach. Easy and cool, ready to be rocked out all throughout fall and winter, the grungy take on the wet look hairstyle can be accomplished in little time and with few essential products.

Grungy wet ponytail at Diesel Black Gold F/W ’13

How to: Diesel’s grungy wet ponytail

How to: Diesel’s grungy wet ponytail

For the days that beg for a little extra in the hair department in order to spice up an entire outfit, the grungy wet ponytail seen at Diesel’s fall 2013 presentation is the easiest approach, assuring the best results. Both edgy and feminine, the wet look hair style requires just a few minutes of your time, given you own all the right products.

how to: the slick futuristic ponytail

How to: the slick futuristic ponytail

A slicked back top and slicked down sides make for a futuristic, sci-fi inspired style that's grounded in simple wearability. Spotted on the runway at Nanette Lepore fall 2013, it's easy to create yet visually impacting. Follow the full tutorial to try it for yourself.

Effortless hairstyles.

On the opposing end of the spectrum to the cinematic styles fall so loves, are effortless styles any girl can rock at any time of day. Even if they take a little bit of care to create, the overall effect is one of effortlessness, maybe even nonchalance.

The textured low ponytail at Victoria Beckham’s fall 2013 show was one perfect example. Teased to have a little bit of volume on the crown, this ponytail gives off a chic, almost retro vibe while retaining the look of being thrown in without too much fuss.

victoria beckham effortless low ponytail

how to: the effortless, textured low pony

How to: the effortless, textured low pony

The low ponytail at Victoria Beckham's fall 2013 show was effortless, textured, and chic. A little bit of teasing goes a long way in making this feel voluminous without feeling too much like a full bouffant. Learn how to create it for yourself.

Meanwhile, the textured hairstyle with a deep sidepart at Tracy Reese looks both polished and yet a little careless – as if its wearer just has naturally amazing full and voluminous hair. The magic of a few bobby pins turns this from natural hair into a deliberate style that’s a little bit youthful and definitely very effortless.

textured side part

how to: the textured side part for autumn

How to: the textured side part for autumn

On the runway at Tracy Reese was this easy-going yet sophisticated style: side-parted with texture, fasted with a few haphazard bobby pins for a youthful finish. Create it for yourself - it's both easy to do and easy to wear.

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