With autumn 2012’s fashions starting to fill stores there comes the need to not just understand what styles are in fashion for the new season, but also what makes the list of autumn 2012 colours.

This season many rich colours, such as imperial purples, Windsor wines and black irises, have cropped up on the catwalks altering this autumn’s trends quite drastically from the vibrant bold prints that were shown early this summer.

how to wear autumn colours

While these succulent colours can be flattering, bombarding an outfit with either too much of the same colour or an extensive use of many different colours can be a bit too much for the average eye to handle. Wearing too much in the way of dark shades can end up washing you out if you have a pale complexion and can equally dampen your skin tone if you have dark hair as well. This is why many who work in the fashion industry feel grateful that designers like Dior have included many neutral colours – in particular creamy rose smoke, apricot creams and crème Brûlées – in their collections to balance out these bold colours and even mute them slightly so that anyone can wear them.

neautral colours for fall

Knitwear is a timeless addition to be added to any trend in any season. It’s practicality in the colder months renders it a perfect item of clothing for a rendition of the vintage look: something we have all been craving this year. In terms of the modern variations of vintage, geek chic is all the rage and is prominent in designer’s collections and High Street stores alike. Knitwear is also typically associated with the 80’s, thus helping to achieve a perfect vintage look. Wearing these knitted items in those rich colours could become an accessory to a wholly neutral outfit comprising of an old gold blouse and taos taupe high-waisted trousers, for instance. By only adding accessories in the darker shades you are not committing completely to the colour and so can eliminate the risk of the outfit wearing you, not you wearing the outfit.

dsquared2 knitwear

In terms of the workplace, those knitted items can add quite a preppy feel to an outfit; which is a comfortable variation of professional work-wear. One of the big trends this season is the ‘school girl’ look, so wearing a button down cardigan will be suitable for work and you will touch upon the much lusted-after look: geek chic.

These dark colours can further be used to create the Frankenstein of fashions this autumn: the neo-gothic fashion trend is hitting the stores this year. Although this may be less of a mainstream look, if you were thinking of going for over-use of dark colours then this could be the trend for you, however, you have been warned: ye who wears gothic colours shall be doomed to look pale! Be sure to use bold lip colours and bright accessories to your advantage.

gothic gucci

The androgynous styles (i.e. burring the gender line) have, like knitwear, become somewhat of a go-to for sophisticated women and add a certain amount of classicism to an outfit. There is something almost Joan Crawford when it comes to shoulder padding, women’s blazers and over-tailored clothing, so this look would be perfect for strutting your stuff around the office. Tartan is a key fabric this autumn so mixing these dark Scottish-inspired patterns with the pastel colours mentioned above could add to this aura of classiness. An accessory trend this autumn is the revival of the hard-case handbag so purchasing one of these would match the androgynous trend, scream refinement and add a practical yet chic accompaniment to modern day work-wear. Try to buy these accessories in those darker hues so as to add only a hint of that powerful colour.

plaid for fall

While brighter colours such as coral, bright chartreuse and ultramarine green have popped up their heads occasionally this winter, the darker shades definitely dominate the collections and you can already tell that we have a very gothic and edgy season ahead of us. If I were to summarise this autumn’s latest colours I would have to use the metaphor of an intensely rich chocolate torte: a few bites will leave you wanting something more that is just too much for you to handle.

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