As a specialist in the manufacture and marketing of manmade fibres, Lenzing’s colour trend predictions focus on textiles like tencel and viscose. We won’t necessarily see these particular palettes extend into organic fabrics like wool or cotton. They do, however, provide a good forecast of spring 2012 colours that can be expected to make their way across manufactured textiles.

lenzing SS12 colours

Lenzing describes five palettes for man-made fibres in spring 2012: Darkland, Boring, Blur, Silent, and Industrial Poetry.


“Find your drama in nature, rich lush and dark yet bright.”

lenzing spring 2012 colors

Left to right: Imperial Taro (19-3720 TPX), Obsidian (19-4914 TPX), Ramie (15-0548 TPX), Umber (18-0940 TPX)
Alyssum (19-2428 TPX), Auburn (19-1420 TPX)


“Almost everyday sensations of the ordinary, humble and honest, real time, real life.”

lenzing spring 2012 colors

Left to right: Drab (12-0311 TPX), Tatami (13-0725 TPX), Carnelian (18-1547 TPX), Cell Blue (16-4132 TPX)
Bistre (19-0820 TPX), Blue (19-3915 TPX)


“Sweet beauty, radiant colour, capture the lightness of being.”

lenzing spring 2012 colors

Left to right: Yarrow (12-4306 TPX), Apricot (15-1334 TPX), Cinnabar (17-1547 TPX), Nacre (13-5306 TPX)
Roseate (12-1304 TPX), Netsuke (14-1120 TPX)


“Restraint and refinement create an atmosphere of calm clarity.”

lenzing spring 2012 colors

Left to right: Calcite (11-4800 TPX), Sea-mist (13-4105 TPX), Nude (14-3803 TPX), Manatee (15-4101 TPX)
Onyx (19-4305 TPX), Shagreen (16-4010 TPX)

Industrial Poetry

“Clean machine, disamatic solarized glow.”

lenzing spring 2012 colors

Left to right: Cadmium (18-1725 TPX), Arsenic (18-3918 TPX), Arylide (12-0752 TPX), Viridian (17-5122 TPX)
Smalt (19-4053 TPX), Epossidic (14-1036 TPX)

For a wider view of spring 2012’s fashion trends, follow that link.

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