The spring / summer 2014 fashion trends are just one part of the change in season, and as our wardrobes change so too do our hairstyles and beauty looks. The spring runways were filled with a variety of makeup trends: from bright, optimistic summer lipsticks to dark kohl lined eyes, from the retro to the grunge.

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spring 2014 makeup trends

Spring 2014 eye makeup trends.

Beauty trends in spring / summer 2014 are all about making a statement out of your eyes. From blue eye liner to non-traditional interpretations of basic makeup looks, below we take you through all the trends and tutorials for the season.

The alternative cat-eye.

It’s a certainty that cat eye eyeliner is a part of nearly every woman’s makeup repertoire. For spring 2014’s makeup trends, however, the cat eye gets taken to a whole new statement level. Forget the traditional way of doing things, spring / summer 2014 is all about the alternative cat eye.

geometric eyes: makeup trend for spring 2014

Geometric eyes: makeup trend for spring 2014

It's time to add a few more tricks to your makeup repertoire this spring. Inspired by graphic lines and offering everything from makeup influenced by Japan through to the cat-eye makeup alternatives you just have to know, be sure to experiment with this summer's geometric eye makeup looks.

5 alternative cat eyes: makeup video roundup

5 alternative cat eyes: makeup video roundup

Traditional cat eye makeup styles? Boring. Spring / summer 2014 is all about making a statement of the cat eye and the best way to do that is by trying something different. Here's exactly how you can master doing just that: 5 cat eye makeup tutorials that aren't boring.

how to: chic minimalist cat-eye makeup

How to: chic minimalist cat-eye makeup

There's the alternative cat-eye and then there's the minimalistic one. A modern statement that never is over the top, our guide to perfect minimalist cat eye makeup takes you through each step of the complete look, from the foundation to the eye liner.

Glitter eye makeup.

The alternative cat eye makes summer’s makeup trend statement, but it’s left to the glitter eye makeup trend to be the statement of modern luxury. Both fit with what spring 2014 beauty is all about: attention on the eyes.

From Chanel’s haute couture catwalk to Jason Wu’s ready to wear one, here are the tutorials you need to read to have perfect sparkling eyes this summer.

here's how you can recreate chanel's sparkling couture makeup at home

Here's how you can recreate Chanel's sparkling couture makeup at home

Chanel's iridescent, sparkling eye makeup from the couture runway for spring 2014 is perfect for those nights out that demand a little something extra. Featuring winged liner on top and a sprinkling of glittery sparkles below, it's a look you can make your own.

how to: chanel's glitter-dusted eye makeup

How to: Chanel's glitter-dusted eye makeup

Glitter on the top, or glitter on the bottom. These are two of your choices for indulging in spring / summer 2014's glitter eye make-up trend. Read this tutorial for Chanel's glitter eye on top, and be sure to wear it with fake eye lashes for a beauty look that truly pops.

how to: jason wu's rose-gold glittery eye make-up

How to: Jason Wu's rose-gold glittery eye make-up

Sure, all that glitters is not gold, but you're not going to want to avoid the gold interpretation of spring / summer 2014's glitter eye make up trend. Straight from Jason Wu's catwalk, our tutorial for rose-gold glittery eye make-up will have you perfecting the beauty statement in no time.

5 glitter eye make-up looks to try this weekend: video roundup

5 glitter eye make-up looks to try this weekend: video roundup

Chanel and, to a degree, Jason Wu may have defined spring / summer 2014's glittery eye makeup trend, but there are still other ways that the trend can be worn. From gold eye makeup to pearl interpretations, here are 5 glitter eye video tutorials.

Kohl lined eyes.

how to: day-to-night eye makeup for summer

How to: day-to-night eye makeup for summer

There are make up looks for the day, there are those for the night, but seldom are there the makeup looks for dawn till dusk till dawn. Before you next make a day and a night of it, take a look at this summer look fresh from the Derek Lam catwalk.

beauty how to: rodarte’s la girl gone wild

Beauty how to: Rodarte’s LA girl gone wild

Eyeliner was the key tool used to create this L.A girl with a rock edge at Rodarte. Subtle enough to be worn everyday, it's worth trying for yourself. Follow the Rodarte spring 2014 makeup how to at that link.

how to: versace's rock 'n' roll beauty look

How to: Versace's rock 'n' roll beauty look

With grunge and 1990s rock 'n' roll serving as a source of inspiration, Versace's spring 2014 beauty look was bound to involve some kohl liner. Edgy yet still with polish, this spring beauty look is great day or night.

how to: erdem's boyish beauty look

How to: Erdem's boyish beauty look

Intended to be a little bit boyish, Erdem's spring 2014 makeup was fresh and simple, with clear skin, heavy brows, and dark liner on the lower-lash line. If you want a beauty look that's a little more androgynous but still youthful, this one is for you.

Smokey eyes.

how to: rebecca minkoff's subtle smokey eyes

How to: Rebecca Minkoff's subtle smokey eyes

Smokey eyes don't necessarily have to involve masses of eyeshadow and hours of blending. Sticking mostly to the lower lash line, this earthy, smokey eye makeup look from Rebecca Minkoff is relatively simple to do, yet highly romantic. Create these earthy, smokey eyes for yourself.

Spring 2014 beauty trends.

Thank Cara Delevingne and a bevy of other beautiful models for this trend.

bigger, thicker, better: the ultimate guide on how to rock strong eyebrows

Bigger, thicker, better: the ultimate guide on how to rock strong eyebrows

They frame your eyes and determine your expression, but ever since getting bigger, thicker and better, bold eyebrows also grew to become a woman's most treasured beauty accessory. Switching from fall's call for drama to spring's longing for naturalness, the bold, strong brows for the upcoming seasons are all about mastering the highlighting effects meant to really showcase their beauty. Read on for the ultimate guide to thick eyebrows for 2014.

Spring 2014 lipstick trends.

Orange lipstick.

how to: the ultimate retro-tropicana beauty look

How to: the ultimate retro-tropicana beauty look

DSquared2's spring beauty look drew inspiration from the 1950s - with a tropical infusion. With bright orange lips and a sun-kissed glow, it's the pinnacle of retro summer beauty. Recreate this retro tropicana makeup look by following the steps at that link.

tangerine dream: how to get rag & bone's eye-popping beauty look

Tangerine dream: how to get Rag & Bone's eye-popping beauty look

Rag & Bone's take on orange lipstick was eye-poppingly good. Keeping eyes simple but not completely bare, this makeup look is perfect for those sporty summer ensembles. Read the tangerine lipstick tutorial for how to try it yourself.

5 orange lips beauty looks to try this weekend

5 orange lips beauty looks to try this weekend

Bold is beautiful when it comes to orange lips. From poppy-red to tangerine orange, this particular spectrum is on fire for spring / summer 2014 - and here are some key ways to wear it. Read more about orange lipstick.

The other half of your spring beauty look.

Your spring 2014 beauty look isn’t complete with the hairstyles to suit. Head over to our guide on spring 2014 hair trends to find out about all the hairstyles that suit the season.

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