Heavy snow, strong wind, the man going against the elements and the beauty of nature conquered at last; it might sound quite like the idyllic outdoors scenario, but once the long winter gets installed in the northern hemisphere, the fine line between what is the explorer’s dream and what becomes of the adventurous winter reality, gets blurred, allowing for the two separate facts of existence to coincide at last. If fashion is anything to go by, nothing says masculine, bold, and desirable like a touch of adventurism.

Set to conquer the highest peaks, the geared-up explorer has morphed into an urban reality. The strive for comfort and warmth during the coldest season of the year, along with fall / winter 2013’s fashion trends returning to authenticity, encouraged men to finally embrace their adventurous spirit.

After the break, read more about the modern urban explorer and this winter’s wardrobe staples.

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The urban explorer spirit

Suffice to understand that the urban explorer trend is all about capturing that particular venturous spirit, for things to fall into place and start making sense on today’s busy city streets. But while the hiking boots, the sturdy parkas and the voluminous backpacks are the elements that tie the two worlds together, one should never try to look 100% mountaineer, as balance is mandatory for things to appear modern and to coherent.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
The Bally “Everest” Capsule Collection, photo by Fashionising.com

Key elements

As with every other major fashion trend, a series of key elements are needed to achieve a genuine translation of what is the urban explorer’s essence and how it should look like in today’s fashion reality.

Sturdy outerwear.

First things first. There’s no standing up to the heavy snow, or the strong wind without a sturdy piece of outerwear, the bulkier and warmer, the better. Either you’ll opt for fur-trimmed parkas, heavyweight coats or down jackets, make sure your anti-freeze garments for the season are built with a roomy hood, knitted inserts or fur lining. Ideal would be for the choice of fabric, the detailed construction and the technical features to form the perfect alignment of winter bearing elements.

Choose dark colours for a masculine and timeless approach, or opt for winter whites, creams and ivories for a better taste of the perennial polar influence. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your heavyweight hooded coats with your best tailored suits, and your most luxurious pieces of knitwear.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
Sturdy outerwear at Louis Vuitton and Topman, F/W ’13

Solid footwear.

Solid, practical and waterproof, looking ultra-cool without being overdone, the men’s hiking boots for the season also strive to mark the heritage restoration. A myriad of styles were made available in 2013, but before making your final investment, be sure that what you end up selecting bares authentic quality, coming from heritage brands. This way your investment is set to be wise, reliable and durable.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
Hiking boots at Louis Vuitton and Topman, F/W ’13

A cool and daring alternative to the authentic hiking footwear, Bally Vilmos boots crafted from marmot fur come to sight as another reliable option for the urban explorer aspirer. Though we should probably mention they would rather make sense in an expedition type of outdoors activity, in a heavy snow setting, somewhere up in the mountains, rather than on the city streets.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
Bally Everest Capsule Collection F/W ’13

Strong accessories.

Part of the urban explorer’s accuracy, a strong choice of accessories is both essential, and advised. Functional or merely decorative, the styling elements should always look like they belong to the same story. Knitted beanies or perhaps trapper hats, warm gloves, along with roomy and functional backpacks are the mandatory accessories, the ones mixing function with aesthetic.

Some smart details, much like Louis Vuitton’s climbing equipment used as belts, are by no means indispensable, but they do tend to make the outfits look thought-through, veritable and rather ingenious.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
Accessories at Louis Vuitton F/W ’13

Part of Bally’s Everest capsule collection, the multi-function backpack crafted from sturdy top stitched calf leather and marmot fur, is also designed with a practical technical waterproof liner, making it one of the best possible picks for the modern urban adventurer.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
Bally Everest Capsule Collection F/W ’13

Style guide

As the reality of the high mountains and the one belonging to the city begin to collide, embracing the spirit of the first while staying true to the legitimacy of the latter, could easily turn things into a complicated matter.

That’s why every single element belonging to this adventurous trend must be thoughtfully balanced as to make total sense both in an urban environment, and in a outdoors quest during winter time. For this:

  • Keep the colour palettes cohesive;
  • Don’t be afraid to work a print into your outfit, for more of a modern feel; some men’s plaid and check patterns would make for a smart addition;
  • Accessorise your look within the limits that allow you to always feel comfortable;
  • Play upon contrast, mixing the heavyweight outerwear with tailored suits and trousers;
  • Keep the outfits masculine and classy-looking, choosing clean lines, simple silhouettes and highly qualitative fabrics;
  • Don’t overthink the theme by wearing all the elements at once.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
The urban explorer at Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton and Moschino, F/W ’13

Key products

It’s never to late to add what is a season’s staple to your essential winter wardrobe. Either by investing in a bold accessory, or a reliable hooded jacket, or perhaps in a pair of hiking boots that will last you for years, here are the key products that will have you ready to brave even the most extreme temperatures.

Mens urban explorer fashion trend
Shop the trend: Canada Goose Aviator Coyote-Trimmed Trapper Hat at Mr Porter; Woolrich Arctic Parka Coyote-Trimmed Down-Filled Coat at Mr Porter; Master-Piece Surpass Leather-Trimmed Nylon Backpack at Mr Porter; Santoni hiking boot at Farfetch.

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