I’ve alluded to this before, but now let me put pen to paper, or at least fingers to keyboard, and come out and say it. Every year Fashionising.com works hard to provide you with inspiration for the year’s trends, hence along with the hair trends for fall 2013 and winter 2014, we’re currently putting together the take on spring 2014’s hairstyles as well. But hairstyles are only a part of the equation; another part is made up by the year’s haircuts and another its hair colors. And what will they be, might you ask?

choosing a hair colour

The rule for 2014

It was back in 2011 that we first penned this miniature manifesto on hair colour. It was a new decade, and since new decades bring more than just slight change, 2011 brought with it an entirely new generation of thought. It was a case of out with the old and in with the new, a mindset applied to everything from society’s outlook to the aesthetic styles it was embracing.

As we said back then, it was never about entering a period of wild hair colors. The change lead to just one rule, and between 2011 and 2013, now leading into 2014, that rule hasn’t changed.

And that rule is thus:

Just change it.

Yes, it’s almost cliche to write it, and somewhere a Nike lawyer is checking to see if we’ve just infringed their trademark. I confess though, cliches are easy to remember and when you’re picking your new hair color for the season I want you to remember that one rule. Again, just change it. If there’s any one way to leave the hair salon feeling like a new season has truly begun, it’s by taking a transformative leap into a new colour territory and using your hair colour as a fashion statement.

Pick a color that suits you, one that gives you confidence, and go make that hair color your own.

The inspiration

Where did the inspiration for the “just change it” motto come from I hear you ask. It’s become a tried and tested method for reviving careers and reigniting interest, especially where models are concerned. In 2011 it was the likes of Abbey Lee Kershaw going platinum blonde that inspired the motto. Since then, the rule has held true time and time again: models making the right drastic hair changes suddenly find their careers in overdrive.

Let us explore.

Ruby Jean Wilson

ruby jean wilson brunette

Going from her natural brunette to the most dramatic of white platinum blonde colours didn’t just make Ruby Jean Wilson get noticed, it made her get noticed to the point of becoming Marc Jacobs’ muse for a season. Walking for Louis Vuitton and Jacobs, starring in his campaigns, and generally being the girl to encapsulate the mood of the moment, all came down to the hair change. Unfortunately ultra-bleached hair can be hard to maintain, but none the less remains one of the most effective colours to opt for if you want to make a hair colour statement temporarily.

ruby jean platinum blonde

Sasha Luss

sahsa luss brunette

As with the sweet Ruby Jean, Sasha Luss’ ultra-strong spring 2014 season was largely due to her newly peroxide blonded hair – and her bursting confidence that shone alongside it. You’d be hard pressed to find a better poster girl for the colour: Luss as a blonde has us all enamoured.

sahsa luss platinum blonde

Ava Smith

ava smith brunette

Sometimes for models it’s a case of changing hair colour to expand their portfolio and pick up new work. Ava Smith’s agency was getting requests for blondes, so she decided to take the leap. This colour of blonde was neither as statement making or as career changing but it does prove that you don’t need to go platinum to make a big change.

ava smith blonde hair

Edie Campbell

edie campbell natural hair colour

It works both ways: while we think of dramatic hair colour alteration as being all about going blonde, going dark can be just as high-impact. Like any move that adheres to the just change it motto, the more complete the change the better. From blonde to mousy isn’t news: from dark blonde to raven black, is.

edie campbell dark hair

Leigh Lezark

leigh lezark blonde

More a DJ and socialite than a model, Leigh Lezark is a perfect example of how any girl can change colour on a seasonal basis, using hair colour not as a definition of self but as a fashion accessory. In recent time we’ve seen her go from raven to blonde and back to raven.

leigh lezark raven hair

If you have a hair colour you already love and are so happy with you don’t want to change it, then this is all not to say you must change it. The point is that if you do want to choose a new hair colour as we enter 2014 to make it a real change and not a tepid one. You don’t have to be a model looking for a point of difference, you just need to be looking for something to make you feel fresh, new and revived.

Picking a color

While the above certainly gives you a taste of some of the on-trend colors for the year, the fact remains that it’s all about taking a leap. Whether you go from block colour to balayage, from light to dark or dark to light, changing it means making it noticeable.

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The changes that inspired us back then.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

abbey lee kershaw hair

Abbey Lee Kershaw was the first top tier model to change her hair. One day she was sporting a mousy-brown hair color, the next day we were hearing stories of her 8 hour conversion into a near-platinum blonde. Abbey Lee had “just changed it” – well, just is an overstatement. It would have been a carefully considered change. One made to redefine her. To set her apart. Give her a point of difference. It’s, thus, a hair change you should take inspiration from.

abbey lee kershaw hair color by Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press

Natasha Poly

natasha poly hair color

Abbey Lee’s change neatly segues into a change of hair color undertaken by another top model. Natasha Poly had a hair colour that complimented her Russian looks and infinite legs. She is the perfect blonde, or at least she was. Then someone at her agency decided she needed a new look for the new year. A different look that set her apart from a sea of other leggy blondes and made her feel fresh again.

So it was that our top model of 2009 cast off the dark-rooted blonde hair that she’d become known for and became a richly colored brunette in entirety.

natasha poly brown hair

Eniko Mihalik

eniko mihalik hair

Eniko Mihalik has a very rare quality – one moment she can offer up a cute-as-a-button smile, only to follow it up with a look of such sexual confidence that men have been rumoured to fall to their feet. And yet prior to 2011 she’d been a brunette; all well and good for cute-Eniko, but a plain brunette hair color has never quite driven home the sexuality confidence she can ooze and brings in so much of her work as a result.

What to do with her hair for the new year then? Compliment her bombshell attitude with bombshell red hair.

eniko mihalik hair

Lily Cole

lily cole hair

Eniko’s hair color change is the most personality suited we’ve looked at so far, with Abbey Lee’s and Natasha’s seeming far more dramatic. Dramatic, however, is Lily Cole. Despite so many women now coveting the right shade of red hair, 2011 is the year to change, and change it Lily has transforming her trademark red locks to a very deep brown with eyebrows to match.

Bonus point of inspiration: Lily’s fringe. The fringe is back with vengeance for 2011.

lily cole dark hair

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