It seems odd to describe a particular hair parting as ‘in’ – day to day most women will part their hair to suit the way it falls naturally or to compliment the hairstyle that was imparted to them upon their last visit to a hair salon. In a world of ‘whatever works best’, center-parts rule. But for those of us for whom fashion is part of who we are, ‘whatever works best’ isn’t good enough. If you’re in such fashionable company, it’s likely that you don’t follow fashion trends but rather understand them, appreciate them, accept them or reject them and, if it’s the former, personalize them and make them an extension of your own individual style.

Style is what it boils down to. Statements too. And when it comes to making a statement of 2014’s hairstyles, particularly spring 2014’s hair trends, it’s going to be hard to overlook the side-part. It’s captured the imagination of catwalk stylists, hair stylists, us. If you read on after the break, it’s likely that it’ll also capture your imagination and find its way into your life when you next want to make a statement (isn’t a fashioniser always?).

After the break you’ll find all the inspiration you need to include the side part amongst your hairstyle repertoire now and through 2013. If you’d like to keep up to date with all the latest styles and trends throughout the year, you can sign up to’s newsletter or like us on Facebook.

Side parted hairstyles.

Wear it left, right, up, down, wet, dry, when you’re in a hurry or taking your time… Wear it if you have short hair or long hair. It matters not. The side part is not only 2014’s statement parting, it’s also its universal one. It goes without saying that if you have hair, you can part it to the side – even the tightest of curls will be receptive to a side part provided the right hair product is used. But as universal as this parting is, 2014’s take on it isn’t about just any side part. It is, instead, about a few standout hairstyles. Read on for a guide to each of them, along with how to guides for a variety of women’s side part hairstyles.

Deep side part.

Ask someone what a deep side part is and you’re likely to get back one of two answers. Some will tell you it’s a part that sits low and is closer to the ear than it is to the center of the head. Others will tell you that it’s a part so sharp and obvious that it almost looks like a line has been shaved into the person’s hair. Deep, it seems, is an ambiguous term. So ambiguous that Missoni’s spring 2014 catwalk fused both interpretations of the deep side part. Eugene Souleiman for Wella Professionals “wanted to create a feeling of polar opposites within the same hairstyle”. The result brought to spotlight a string of deep, sharp side partings contrasted with raw texture at the front of the head.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Textured deep side part at Missoni, S/S’14

One of the greatest things about the deep side part is that it is bound to work in endless interpretations. On the catwalks, DKNY integrated the deep side part within a sporty low ponytail slung to the side that lived up to their signature aesthetic, while Dries Van Noten updated the classic side part with a thin gold stripe drawn into the sleek parting as ultimate hair accessory.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Deep side part at DKNY and Dries Van Noten, S/S ’14

Looking to the ‘80s, but keeping things ultra-modern, Rodarte went for a glamorous hairstyle in the front, accenting only on side by building up the volume, while Stella McCartney opted for a low ponytail with a side-swept bang made effortless-chic.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Deep side part at Rodarte and Stella McCartney, S/S ’14

The soft side part

At the sumptuous end, there can be a real art to any of the above deep side part styles. At the other end of the spectrum is the obvious fact that effort was involved. That’s not a bad thing, but sometimes a nonchalant attitude that embodies the right amount of sophistication is the order of the day. That’s where the sleek side part comes in.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Sleek side part at Matthew Williamson, S/S ’14

It was lead hairstylist Mark Hampton’s work for Matthew Williamson’s spring 2014 showing that nailed the sleek side part. Minimal yet incredibly beautiful, everything about Matthew Williamson’s clean side part, right down to the one side tucked neatly behind the ear, says easy and says effortless.

Glamorous side part.

That’s effectively the case where a deep side part comes into play with either soft waves, or natural looking curls. The soft waves a la Veronica Lake looked incredibly polished and glamorous as accompanying Genny’s spring 2014 presentation. At Valentin Yudashkin spring 2014 instead, the waves were subtler and more natural looking, accented by a clean parting and statement earrings.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Glamorous side part at Genny and Valentin Yudashkin, S/S ’14

Across your forehead.

The side part provides an alternative to the dominance of a fringe / bangs, with the length of the hair sweeping across the forehead and the shorter part tucking behind the ear.

The resulting faux fringe was built upon wet, textured hair with naturally achieved waves at Band of Outsiders, while at Erdem the tomboy with tough attitude rocked a side part with a sweeping fringe, secured with a visible bobby pin to enhance the styles’ youthful feel.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Side swept side part at Erdem and Band of Outsiders, S/S ’14

Sleek in the front, wavy in the back.

Taking the inspiration one step further, Anthony Turner created a business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back style at J. Mendel with a deep left side part serving as foundation, and sections of hair curled and tousled at the back to enhance texture. The same Anthony Turner reimagined the dewy, humid waves for Preen spring 2014, creating sexy South Beach hair with a glossy finish.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Side part at J. Mendel and Preen, S/S ’14

Wet look inspired side part.

As far as the wet look inspiration goes, the deep side parts gracing the runways transformed the wet texture into a full spectrum of styles ranging from pristine, to chic and even retro. At Ports 1961, Eugene Souleiman created clean partings with a slick, laminate-look gloss strip at the front of the head, echoing the brand’s perfect collection.

At Christian Dior, the wet textured side part was complemented by a chic chignon, at Prabal Gurung Paul Hanlon created lacquered, implausibly perfect side parts with the back finished off in a slick, glued-down effect, while at Paul & Joe the hair swept at one side channeled the effortless, beach hair texture.

Side part trend spring 2014
Wet hair inspired side parts at Ports 1961, Christian Dior, Prabal Gurung and Paul & Joe, S/S ’14

Messy side part.

Sexy, tussled, at Emilio Pucci the hair was styled in a deep part to the side, with a perfect dose of tousled texture added in for a devil-may-care impression. The disheveled hair was also trending at Topshop Unique spring 2014, where the tousled side parted locks were achieved by rough drying mousse into the strands for texture, right before them being randomly tonged.

Side part hair trend spring 2014
Messy side parts at Emilio Pucci and Topshop Unique, S/S ’14

Side part how to styling guides and tips.

textured side part

Deep, textured side part

Calvin Klein’s spring 2013 catwalk offered up an interpretation of the deep side part that dropped the sleek in favour of texture from the roots. If you’re after a deep side part for textured, long hair, read our textured side part guide.

sleek side part hairstyle

Natural side part

If you want an effortless interpretation of the side part in summer 2013, then look no further than DKNY’s elegant yet effortless interpretation. A version of the side part that leaves room for volume and texture, you can see the 6 steps to making it your own by reading our how-to guide to the natural side part.

side part braid

Side braid

It’s stopped being a trend and become something of an evergreen hairstyle, and it’s certainly worth your time. The thick-hair beauty of the side braid makes perfect use of the deep side part.

side part bob

Side part with bob

If you have short hair that is either straight or wavy, take a look at the Mod bob; its 60s vibe can easily be toned if it’s not your thing.

side part waves

Side part with waves

The soft side part gets a dose of evening glamour with Sonia Rykiel’s mix of a 40s and 70s look. Read about this interoperation of a side part with waves and volume for a full how to guide.

chignon side part

Chignon with sweeping side waves

Something of an updo, this is certainly an ‘event’ look. That event is probably going to be a wedding or something else where one is suitably dressed to the nines. If you’re in need of such a look than the chignon with waves and a deep side part might be on the cards.

Side part: earlier interpretations.

The side part isn’t a completely new hair trend for 2013, instead it takes it queues from 2012’s hair trends. You can do the same with the following interpretations, which we’ve edited to only include interpretations relevant to winter 2012 and all of 2013.

Slick, wet, tight.

This is one interpretation of the side part that is less dependent on your hair and more dependent on your face shape. Tightly slicked inline with the wet hair trend, this sharp parting has a masculine quality and works with everything from a short cut (think the 30s / 70s revival) through to longer locks. Custo Barcelona worked with the latter on their catwalk, working a copious quantity of gel into the hair to give a head turning factor to an otherwise simple, androgynous hairstyle. At the rear they styled each model’s long hair / hair extensions into a sleek pony tail.

side part slick hair

side part pony tail

If the wet look is too much for you, Tibi worked with a similar shape at their spring / summer showing filling the void left behind by the wet look’s removal with a rear clip.

side part hair clip

Tight sides, long back.

If hairstyles that feature an obvious use of product aren’t your thing then tigher sides with a flowing back may be an option. Tucking the hair behind both ears, Lela Rose’s spring 2012 showing complimented the side part with light texture and a hairline twist. It’s that twist that is the eye catching detail for this particular interpretation – it starts at the side part, is worked across hairline, along the side of the head, before being pinned at the rear.

hair twist

If you’re short on time or desire to style a hair twist, Kérastase hairstylist Odile Gilbert created a windswept style for Phillip Lim that may prove a good alternative. Varying the hairline, Gilbert’s variation depends on a messy, rear double knot for its detail.

phillip lim hairstyle

phillip lim hairstyle


With the slow return of 1920s inspired fashion to prominance, you can be sure that the era’s hairstyles will again be equally as popular. Which means that a number of takes on the flapper bob will be popular. While the flapper bob works with a centre part, those with fine hair will turn again to the centre part.

side part flapper hair

Straight and elegant.

If the side parting that’s worn long at the back and tight on the sides has a casual air, then it’s safe to say that this take on the style is wholly elegant albeit potentially limited to being paired with eventwear and worn to said events. Jenny Packham’s last showing offered up the look; it’s certainly not revolutionary, but it’s here for what it’s worth.

elegant side part

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