A new season brings along new opportunities to reimagine, reinvent and revamp your wardrobe, starting with some very basic steps and using your favorite day-to-day pieces. This spring, get ready to see your favorite skirt do double duty, as 2015 is about to offer you a new lesson in layering.

Think in terms of going casual with double skirts, or playing it unconventional with skirts over pants, because now is when breaking the rules should make dressing up all fun and exciting again.

Read on after the break to learn all about the things to consider, and those to avoid, in trying to perfect the skirt layering technique just in time for a nonconformist spring.

Skirt layering for spring 2015.

Skirt layering may be very much on trend, but it’s also sitting somewhere outside the comfort zone, which means that while some women will be eager to try it out, others will dismiss it without giving it a real shot. While seemingly eccentric, odd and beyond reach, the trend is pretty functional in reality, if only approached the right way. Here’s what truly works outside the runways and into the real world:

Skirts over skirts.

Needless to point out that here is where you put your imagination at play using skirts of different lengths and shapes, different textures and colours. You can keep things as safe, or go as bold as you like, by mixing mini skirts, midi silhouettes, or maxi lengths to achieve the desired aesthetic. Also:

  • make use of lightweight, fluid fabrics for maximum comfort and an overall effortless feel;
  • keep the colour palette to a minimum in order to prevent the outfits from looking too busy;
  • start off by layering breezy, short silhouettes, just until you get the feel of it and are ready to move to the more challenging of juxtapositions.

Dresses over skirts.

Some skirts make for great layering pieces, particularly underneath dresses, the resulting combinations a perfect mix of feminine and unconventional. To achieve this:

  • opt for long-length skirts that are both sleek and flexible;
  • go for straight silhouettes in rich fabrics and basic colours (opt for prints & embellishments if you aim for something bolder);
  • layer them underneath flouncy dresses that fall easily right above, or underneath the knee.

Skirt layering trend spring 2015
Skirt layering at Peter Som and Kenzo, S/S ’15

Skirts over dresses.

Just as easily, the skirts can be made to look equally amazing when layered on top of chic dresses, for statements that can span in between day and night. When building the spring looks:

  • choose pieces in complementary colours for more of a cohesive outfit;
  • opt for a skirt that is slightly sturdier than the dress, think leather, suede, denim etc.;
  • go for high slits at the front, or on the sides, in order to ensure the look doesn’t come off as too stiff; movement is key when talking successful layering.

Skirts over pants.

Last but not least, the skirts worn on top of pants are never to pass unnoticed, their feminine/masculine reworking all the more reason to try it out this spring. Keep in mind that:

  • here is where matchy-matchy works best in gifting the look with a chic, sophisticated feel;
  • tailoring is key, for both the pants, and the skirt, so make sure their fit comes off looking impeccable;
  • a little something extra goes a long way, so do embrace the asymmetrical hems, with or without the subtle ruffles.

Skirt layering trend spring 2015
Skirt layering at Jil Sander and Sally Lapointe, S/S ’15

Skirt layering done right.

Apart from all the points that were already mentioned above, here are some other things to consider when trying to perfect the skirt layering technique:

  • do block the prints with solid colours for the outfits to appear bold without looking at all busy;
  • do recreate the peplum effect by layering a short, flounce skirt on top of a longer, fitted silhouette.

Skirt layering trend spring 2015
Skirt layering at Peter Som & DKNY, S/S ’15

  • do try and juxtapose two fitted pieces as long as the one layered underneath is decidedly softer, longer and bearing a delicate, easy feel;
  • do opt for minimal lines, basic hues and solid textures if you want your looks to come off polished and crisp, despite the unconventional layering.

Skirt layering trend spring 2015
Skirt layering at Tome and Jil Sander, S/S ’15

  • do make use of apron skirts in order to simplify the entire layering process, knowing they will look great in countless combinations;
  • do play with volume and transparency in order to gift layering with substance and dimension.

Skirt layering trend spring 2015
Skirt layering at Aquilano Rimondi and Barbara Bui, S/S ’15

Things to avoid.

  • mixing one too many styles, prints and fabrics in a single look;
  • combining two or more silhouettes that are too slouchy, for the outfits will come off looking saggy, unrefined;
  • layering two silhouettes that are equally tight and rigid, for the looks will come off all stiff and uncomfortable;
  • going too short, too sheer, or too loose whenever layering your favourite pieces;

Skirt layering trend spring 2015
Skirt layering at DKNY and Calvin Klein, S/S ’15

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