It’s only a matter of days until we will finally say our goodbyes and leave the celestial dragon behind, only to welcome the unsettled year of the black water snake. Debuting on February 10th, the year associated with the “most complex force in the 12-year zodiac cycle” is set to bring intensity and a little bit of the unexpected in our lives, alongside progress and long-term success, so it’s no wonder the fashion industry couldn’t appear more eager to turn the snake into a pure symbol of wisdom, not that it would be an entirely new and cutting-edge concept, as we all know that fashion and snakes go way back.

Let such things as cute owls, stars, crosses and feathers fade into the background, as the coolest accessories at the moment are without a doubt the snake motif jewellery pieces. Betting on the snake’s grace, complexity and poise, these precious charms are just as fabulous and intriguing, adding notes of mystery and luxury to our daily outfits without stealing away from the actual clothes.

Not particularly enjoyable in real life, snakes turn into quite the opposite creatures when we’re talking fine jewelry. For the upcoming seasons of spring and summer we are definitely seeking serpents.

Pamela Love Double Snake Ring

Just begging to be worn, the Pamela Love sterling silver double ring featuring a snake head at one side and a tail at the other, looks particularly appealing, especially as it could effortlessly bring along a touch of edginess, all on its own. Bold and individual, the double snake ring is envisioned to make a clear statement, without pushing too hard.

snake ring
The Pamela Love Double Snake Ring

Rewind Vintage Affairs 1940’s snake cuff

Nothing compares to a genuine vintage piece of jewelry that hides its own story and carries across the nostalgia of being worn during a different lifetime. The gold-tone Rewind Vintage Affairs 1940’s snake cuff speaks highly about statements that transcend the limits of time, though becoming ageless and priceless all-together.

snake cuff
The Rewind Vintage Affairs 1940’s snake cuff

Maniamania Kundalini snake bangle

One-of-a-kind, fierce and highly representative of its unique qualities, the Maniamania snake bangle inspired by the Kundalini serpent invites to enlightenment and bliss, making use of the spiritual force and powerful character hiding beneath the silver surface.

maniamania snake bangle
The Maniamania Kundalini snake bangle

Aurelie Bidermann Snake Mamba Bracelet

The Parisian refinement joins forces with the powerful subtext underlined by Africa’s most dangerous snake only to recreate a beautiful piece of jewelry that feels impossibly luxurious. Built upon a sense of true art, the intricate bangle is designed for the daring woman.

snake cuff
The Aurelie Bidermann Snake Mamba Bracelet

Jacquie Aiche New Snake Knuckle Ring

Delicately wrapping around two fingers, the gold snake Knuckle ring envisioned by designer Jacquie Aiche feels like the right piece of jewelry, unique, refined but able to highlight a woman’s natural beauty, without compromising her personal style.

snake ring
The Jacquie Aiche New Snake Knuckle Ring

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