Sock garters: women’s trend

As the female dandy trend continues to progress and evolve, new masculine elements are creeping into the mix. By no means (yet) a fully blown fashion trend for 2010 / 2011, there is an inkling of sock garters as a mico-trend reaching the outer edges fashion. If you’re an early adopter and want to beat the pack, read on; here’s our take on how to introduce sock garters into your wardrobe.

Kate Sylvester RAFW Spring 2010
Sock garters at Kate Sylvester Spring 2010

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Where they’ve been seen

While Betsey Johnson showcased a few gartered-up looks on her Autumn / Fall 2010 runway, it was the inclusion of understated sock garters in Kate Sylvester‘s Spring 2010 show that really caught our eye. They’ve also been spotted here and there on the street, in particular by fashion-forward bloggers such as Susie Bubble.

Kate Sylvester RAFW Spring 2010
Sock garters at Kate Sylvester Spring 2010

Three styling ideas for sock garters

1. Dark Dandy

For this look go for sharp-as-a-tack masculine suiting; think bowler hats and slim cuts, The Avengers style. Show off sock garters with tailored shorts or a skirt – either short or vintage-style three quarter with a snug hourglass shape. For this look, shoes are best as classic stilettos or some man-style brogues or saddle shoes.

2. Country chic

Another take on Dandy dressing but with a country twist, the perfect colour palette for this look is with forest greens, greys, creams and neutral colours; for fabrics look to knits and tweeds, or mix in feminine elements like silk as a contrast.

Kate Sylvester RAFW Spring 2010
Sock garters at Kate Sylvester Spring 2010

3. A sporty alternative

While not technically a sock garter, Alexander Wang‘s socks with cut-away back and elastic top are sort of a cheat version if you don’t want to go all out. Perfect with the sportswear trend styling that accompanied them on the runway.

Alexander Wang socks
Alexander Wang Spring 2010 socks

Dos and Don’ts

  • Avoid anything too lacy or scrunchy – the idea is to go for understated and masculine. In other words, steer clear of anything that looks like it would be on your upper thigh on your wedding day; or from the costume of a barmaid in a Western.
  • For Spring 2010 try socks in white or cream, or soft pastels; paired with tan leather platform sandals or man-style laceups.
  • For Fall 2010 try introducing heavier colours, like black, navy or charcoal.

Where to buy

While sock garters for men are not difficult to find, if you want some that are specifically made to fit women you do still have some options. Etsy store Swan Clothing are a good starting point, with a small range of very wearable garters in stock.

Sock garters from Swan Clothing
Sock garters from Swan Clothing

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