Spring 2013 fashion trends

Spring is arriving in the northern hemisphere, and with it the chance to update our wardrobes with fresh new pieces that are in line with 2013’s fashion trends. And while it’s up to you as to how you choose to interpret and adapt the trends to suit your own personal style, that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you short on guidance and inspiration. And so from menswear to women’s, accessories to swimwear, after the break you’ll find all our trend reports for the spring / summer 2013 season.

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spring 2013 fashion trends

Spring 2013 fashion trends: women

spring 2013 trends to keep

5 looks to keep for spring

Trends may come and go sometimes, but more often they simply evolve. From the cold months to the warm ones, you need not completely change your wardrobe but instead adapt it. Based on the spring 2013 runways, here’s a list of 5 trends to keep into spring.

metallic clothing

The new metallics

Metallics don’t necessarily have to be limited to space-age silver or grecian gold. This year metallics span everything from futurist to glam brocade, precious metals to pastels. Read more about metallic clothing for spring / summer 2013.

sheer clothing

Sheer clothing

It’s the trend that dared to bare and won. See-through clothing has worked its way into being a year-round, accepted part of fashion, but it’s with each new season that a new evolution takes place. How to wear it this spring? Read on to find out more about sheer clothing and how to wear it in 2013.

boho fashion

The new boho

There’s always a certain romance that comes with the bohemian, the carefree traveller, the hippie. For spring / summer 2013 it’s present in a form both luxurious and soft, an evolution of the boho trends of yore. Read more about modern bohemian fashion at that link.

clear plastic

Clear plastic

Rain-proof, wind-proof, and boredom-proof, there’s nothing like a futuristic pop of transparent plastic to liven up an outfit. Look for clear PVC, rubber, perspex or any other material that defies the odds of spring fashion: you’ll be on the right track. Find out more about clear plastic clothing at that link.

60s clothing

’60s fashion

Honing in on a particular mood of the 1960s era, spring focuses on mod prints, vibrant colours, short hems, and bouffant hair. Always one to have fun with, find out where the 1960s fashion revival is headed for spring 2013.

black and white prints

Black and white patterns

It’s closely intertwined with the trend towards 1960s mod fashion, and with designers like Marc Jacobs behind it you can expect graphic black and white checks and stripes to be in every shop window for spring / summer. Make it your own and rock black and white patterned clothing this season.

androgynous fashion

Androgynous fashion

It started out with the pleasant confusion of boys who looked like girls and girls who looked like boys, but androgyny in fashion has mellowed to be more about subtle gender blurring in what we wear. Spring offers up new ideas. Here’s our look at the evolving face of androgyny in fashion.

pinafore dresses

Pinafore dresses

Whether they’re embracing their sweet and innocent connotations in retro prints, or turning away from them in tough leather accents, pinafore dresses offer up plenty of options for spring. Follow the link to read more about pinafores and apron dresses for spring / summer 2013.

cutaway clothing

Cut-away clothing

Cut-outs in clothing make for windows to your best assets. Whether they’re bold or subtle, daring or refined, cutaway pieces are still going strongn for spring. Find out more about this spring’s trend towards cutaway clothing and how to wear it.

floral appliques

Floral appliques

Adding a 3-dimensional garden to your outfit is the surest way to make it feel like spring. The couture runways did it best in luxurious appliques and intricate beading, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work some floral appliques and embroidery into your own outfits come spring.

sporty clothing

Sporty chic

No longer confining itself to particular sports or the atheltic track and field, sporty fashion has become a broader mood of slickness and modern minimalism. Luxurious and yet easy to wear, read on for the evolution of sportswear as fashion into spring 2013.

crop top

Crop tops

Donning a cropped top doens’t necessarily require the most toned abs in the world (though it certainly helps): in spring / summer 2013 the trend continues to be about exposing as much as you like, be it just a peep of upper midriff or a whole lof of abs. Find out more about the crop tops fashion trend.

paintstroke prints

Brushstroke prints

Fashion and art collide this spring in a more literal way than usual, with brushstrokes and paint splashes working their way across garments in more ways than one. Read more about brushstroke prints at that link to find out how you can inject some artistic flair into your wardrobe this spring.

orange fashion

Orange colour trend

Vibrant, bold, and optimistic: fresh and citrusy orange hues are one way to lift your spirits and your outfit this spring. Taking inspiration from the runways, read on for how to wear orange clothing for spring 2013.

white shirt fashion

The white shirt

It’s a wardrobe staple no woman should be without: the classic white shirt. But fashion is all for giving classics new twists, and the spring / summer 2013 season offers up plenty of inspiration for reinventing this one. Find out how spring is reimagining the classic white shirt at that link.

eveningwear pants

Pants as eveningwear

Alongside the sweeping gowns and embellished frocks on the couture runways were pairs of trousers that were delicate, glamorous, and smart enough to be worn to an evening affair. Some were merged with long gowns as a kind of dress-pants hybrid. Another couture trend you can work into your own spring looks, here’s some inspiration on wearing dressy pants as eveningwear during spring.

bird prints

Bird prints

Collectively, spring’s designers found some vague fascination with the creatures of the sky. Bird prints and motifts found their way onto a number of runways, bringing with them a romance of feathers and flight. Read more about the use of bird motifs at that link.

camo print for women

Camo prints for women

Camouflage prints have by no means been limited to the menswear runways. Taking on feminine shapes and abstracted prints, camo gets a vibrant reworking for women. Follow the link to read more about camo print for women and how to wear it this spring.

Swimwear trends for 2013

bikini trends

Swimwear trends

Part a question of trends and part a question of what best suits your personal shape and style, summer 2013’s swimwear options are many and varied. From nonchalantly mismatched bikinis to digital print swimwear that doubles as outerwear, we look at the bikini trends to look for in 2013 and how to choose one that will flatter you.

Spring 2013 fashion trends: men

spring 2013 trends to keep men

5 looks to keep for spring: men

What happens to your lush leather bomber jacket when the weather heats up? Can you still wear your velvet suit? Men’s trends evolve with the seasons as do women’s and it’s a matter of knowing what to keep. To help you along, here are 5 men’s trends to keep into spring.

biker jacket men

The men’s biker jacket

It’s a men’s staple that never truly goes out of style. And yet for spring / summer 2013, it gets new life and new interpretations, bringing colour and texture into the mix. Check out the full report on motorcycle jackets for men and how to wear them this season.

blue colour for men

Blue for men

From bright cobalt to navy: blue may be a universally on-trend colour, but in some years it truly takes over. 2013 is one of them, and spring’s interpretations can be as subtle or as statement-making as you want them to be. Find out the best ways for men to wear blue this season.

yellow for men

Bright yellow for men

Shining brighter than ever this spring / summer, yellow hues splashed across the runways and onto the shelves. Brighten up your wardrobe with the right yellow hues and indulge in a little bit of yellow clothing for men this spring.

camo print for men

Camo print for men

Tough and military inspired or executed with sartorial flair, camouflage prints are one way to update your menswear wardrobe for spring. Opt out of head-to-toe looks and if you’re not that daring, go for accents and accessories. For more on how to wear camo prints for men in spring 2013, follow that link.

floral print for men

Florals for men

If you think florals are only for those wanting to look soft and feminine, think again: floral prints can work in many a menswear look, from the dapper to the highly masculine. After all, nothing says confidence like a guy who dares. Find out more about floral prints for men at that link.

stripes for men

Men’s stripes

You can hardly go wrong with classic stripes as a print. But for spring / summer 2013, menswear trends indulge in new ways to wear stripes, from clashes to bold colours. Read the full report on stripes for men by following that link.

art prints for men

Art prints for men

Abstract splodges of paint, brushstrokes and sketches… painterly prints made an impact on both men’s and women’s fashion for spring, livening up all types of garments with a fresh and artistic mood. As for how it’s being interpreted for men, read the full report on art prints for spring to find out.

metallics for men

Metallics for men

Taking cues from the runways of Burberry and Lavin, metallic clothing for men takes a rock’n’roll infused turn for spring. Some looks take a lot of game to carry off, but others are much more subtle. Find out more about metallic clothing at that link.

lightweight outerwear for men

Men’s unstructured outerwear

By now men are well acquainted with the strict and structured, military-inspired outerwear and the more rebellious cropped bikers and aviators. But what about a lightweight and unstructured alternative for spring? Robe cuts and flowing trench coats offer up something different. Read the full report on unstructured outerwear for men.

pleated pants men

Men’s pleated pants

A refuge for those wanting comfort, or a style statement just waiting to be made? Pleat front pants for men can surely be the former, the real question is whether they qualify for the latter. For spring 2013, they were on the runways in subtle and extreme forms. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go down the pleated pants route in 2013.

Spring 2013 accessory trends

gladiator boots

Gladiator boots

They aren’t quite the ubiquitous gladiator sandals of a few summers ago, but these cutaway styles of boots do have a fierceness about them to be sure. A style you might consider for spring? Read more about gladiator boots and their new interpretations for spring 2013.

leather harness

The leather harness

If you thought the leather harness would die a quick death as a fashion accessory, think again. Outliving the fetish fashion obsession that started it, the leather harness has continued to evolve and find new relevance with each passing season. Here’s how to wear the leather harness accessory trend in spring 2013.

folded clutch

Fold over clutch

Carrying over from fall is a simple and yet effective accessory trend you can’t go wrong with: the fold-over clutch. Put one under your arm for a fresh alternative to a handbag. Follow the link for more about spring’s fold over clutch accessory trend.

womens slippers

Women’s slippers

We all need a break from heels from time to time, and that means delving into the latest trend in stylish flats. This spring / summer you shouldn’t overlook smoking slippers. Channel cigar-smoking men for a cooly masculine-inspired look with slipper style flats for women.

womens baseball cap

Baseball caps

Not every trend is for everyone, and this is one that won’t saturate the streets entirely come spring / summer 2013. But those wishing to add a casual and sporty twist to a high fashion outfit will be looking baseball caps as a viable accessory. Follow the link for the full report.

hoods accessory trend

Draping hoods

Away from spring’s sportier headwear choices, you may want something that offers up a little mystery; like you’ve just stepped out of the desert and onto the city street. A sub trend of the spring / summer 2013 runways, you can stand out by adapting the trend towards draping hoods and scarves for spring as your own.

Spring 2013 hair and beauty trends

spring 2013 hairstyles

Spring 2013 hairstyles

Our hairstyles are influenced by the season just as our clothes are. For spring 2013 that means a host of new and evolved styles, from the vintage inspired to the effortlessly modern. Visit our spring / summer 2013 hairstyles guide for the how-tos and hair tutorials for the season.

2013 beauty

Spring 2013 makeup trends

Which colours to dust your eyes with? Bold lips or nude? A new season brings with it new ideas and inspiration on creating bold and beautiful makeup looks for day and night. Find out the makeup and beauty trends of the year, including how-to guides on creating them, by visiting our spring 2013 makeup guide.

Color trends for spring 2013

ss13 colour trends

Spring 2013 colours

The hues of our clothing and accessories are instrumental in shaping the mood of the season. From earthy and natural to vibrant primaries, spring will leave you optimistic. Here are the spring 2013 colours to look out for.

Other spring 2013 predictions

Daywear and workwear

Forecasting agency Mpdclick predict that 9-5 wear will borrow its vintage sentiments from the Mediterranean, lending a feminine softness to careerwear that will also extend to daywear more broadly.

A renaissance of art and culture point to the Mediterranean for exceptional creation and style, visual references from the destination combine with an old-school chic styling ethos for spring / summer 2013.

The key pieces predicted to shape spring 2013:

Belted floral dresses

Moving away from corporate looks for the office, spring 2013 offers up the belted floral dress as a 9-5 staple. Expect a feminine, cinched in shape and longer hem (think above the knee to midi length). Work-appropriate it may be, but we expect to see the ladylike belted floral dress worn for many an occasion through the season.

belted floral dresses

Collarless blouses

Whether high-necked or plunging, soft collarless blouses replace stiff business shirts for a sensual Mediterranean mood.

collarless blouse

Slash neck tees

T-shirts get a luxe makeover in delicate fabrics and slash-neck cuts.

slash neck tee

Boucle suiting

Spring 2013 channels Chanel with boucle jackets and suits. Expect them as separates as well as skirt suits or short suits.

boucle suit

Spring 2013 accessories

Forecasting service Trendstop have released their predictions of the footwear and accessories that will define the spring / summer 2013 season. From urban cowgirl to ‘dudette’, here’s a preview of what’s in store.

Document clutch

With new technology comes a change in fashion. Slimline document clutches allow an ipad or small laptop to be carried in style, but also double as a sophisticated accessory for day or night.

document clutch

Dudette cap

Sportswear maintains its influence into spring 2013, with baseball caps making a mark on the season’s accessory trends.

dudette cap

Reworked cowgirl boot

It’s been a few years since cowboy boots stormed onto the fashion scene; now for spring / summer 2013 they’re back with a modern twist. Expect the trend to come alive again but morphing with other trend details like metallic leather, clear plastic, cutaways and reptile skin.

cowgirl boot

The luxe cuff

The new arm candy moves from solid metal to more embellished and luxurious takes. Predictions forecast chain details, colour accents and jewel studding.

luxe cuff accessory

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