Each season brings new fashion trends, sprung from society and culture and the ever-turning wheel that keeps style evolving. The trends in colours are much the same: each season of each year setting a spotlight on particular hues that encapsulate the mood.

Looking ahead to spring 2015 (yes, already): what colour will be shaping our wardrobes? Read on to find out.

According to forecasting agency Lenzing, spring / summer 2015 colours will fit under the following 6 sub-trends:


“Mending in focus. Show creativity and give personality to the clothing; darning as an embellishment. Re-awakening age-old techniques add value to memory; paying a tribute to quality as you only repair items of worth. Ever rising importance of micro fashion companies producing one-off garments. A fascinating hybrid of personal and general.”

color trends spring 2015


“Airfilled, see-through materials, providing maximal protection of the body. Ephemeral fabrics, new ways of creating net and tulle with laser, and/or mutations of weaved cloth. 3D patterns or shapes growing out from garments in dramatic volume, stylized white flowers.Soft fabrics, set off by more rigid ones, caress the body. An airy, tactile and dreamy universe of feminine lightness”

color trends spring 2015


“Vibrating print in clashing colors, graphic and figurative patterns. Preferably on textured fabric, interrupting the surface and allowing two pattern-worlds to interact, creating a third. Obviously contrasts too: areas of difference, in choice of material, techniques, color and cut. Knit-design in counteracting yarns, bristling and bursting the mold.”

color trends spring 2015


“Material and appearance at the core. Architectural interplay of edgy shapes and refracted surfaces; metallic and shiny, complex and crackled. Constantly moving, busy and quivering. Exploit the field of tension between cutting-edge techniques and materials, and reflections over historical ornaments and elements.”

color trends spring 2015


“Textile techniques reflecting the network you voluntarily take one step back from. Age-proven weaving and knitting; a haven of core values. Qualities entice feelings of warmth and handmade, even though industrially produced. Checks and stripes, mélange, neps and similar types of subdued effect. The colors of the palette lie on the same level; nothing to strike the eye. All effects serving the same objective: time spent for and by oneself, as a natural part of life.”

color trends spring 2015


“Fantasy, fascination, discovery, adventure –
all fundamental in development of new materials. Identify a demand, and there is a solution – detect a phenomenon and implement the result – add value to capacity, environment, production. Color blocking without pattern; pure function to stand out devoid of distracting elements and effects.”

color trends spring 2015

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