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While my thoughts around the upcoming re-ignition of the Star Wars franchise revolve mostly around the frivolous (Will there be Ewoks? Will C-3PO still possess that delightful mix of politeness and pure camp? Will The Force be cooler now that we have better special effects?) there’s also the question of its cultural influence. We need not have waited too long to find links reappearing between Star Wars and fashion, it turns out. Rodarte made them unambiguously clear.

And since fashion trends are often shaped by what’s going on in the likes of film, there’s a good chance sci-fi will bubble up again as a growing influence. Sci-fi geeks rejoice. After all, a cultural icon from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away is coming forward to reach a new generation. I just hope there are Ewoks.

See the full Rodarte fall 2014 collection here.

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