We’re willing to put a lot of effort into looking great at all times, regardless if we’re talking about the small details, or the more significant of the fashion statements. But in the end, what we’re all truly seeking is not only to feel effortlessly put together, but to also sport that nonchalance straightforward, to wear it confidently knowing it looks just as good as it feels. And when the world of fashion serves us a beauty trick so easy, but so effective in all of its simplicity, it’s nearly impossible to resist it.

The hair tucked in is one of those shining examples that despite requiring minimum effort, manages to look like something cool girls were meant to be sporting on the busy city streets. It’s pretty much the equivalent of throwing a jacket over your shoulders, nicely framing everything that’s great about your outfit, or your features in this particular case. In a dress, a scarf, or a turtleneck collar, the hair tucked in complements the fall 2015 hair trends in looking pretty and uncomplicated.

Make it a go-to style for the season, with all the inspiration awaiting after the break.

tucked-in hair trend

Hair tucked in for fall / winter 2015.

Although born on the spring runways, the hair tucked in is nothing if not perfect for the fall / winter months. Picking up from where it left off during the last cold season, the effortless hair trend embraces slight new influences, imagined to either soften up, or gain an edge this autumn.

Hidden inside silky scarfs, elegant dresses and underneath cool caps, the style mirrors easy sophistication by having the hair looking fuller while still bearing a natural feel. The quick styling trick also offers the illusion of a crop, without forcing you to commit to a new cut for the long term.

If you’re thinking about adopting it this season, here are the elements imagined to go hand in hand with the hair tucked in this fall and winter:

Snug turtlenecks.

Even if they grew to appear softer and to span less on the chunkier side, the turtlenecks remain the hair tucked-in’s first and most most practical styling option. Imploring to be hidden inside snug collars, the messy locks looked infinitely chicer on the fall runways where they were either tucked in to:

  • cozy, yet delicate turtlenecks, going on double-duty for twice the effortless impact; achieve the look by layering two soft high neck sweaters together, making sure one’s solid and fitted, while the other one is slightly oversized, and top it all off with super-bold lashes and a bare face;
  • removable neck pieces, knitted and mirroring the feel of a turtleneck to perfection; aside from acting as the chic replacement for your classic winter scarves, these neck pieces allow you to make any outfit ideal for tucking your hair in, it just takes layering it over your favorite sweaters, dresses, shirts or coats to get the look.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked-in at Giambattista Valli and BCBG Max Azria, F/W ’15

Statement outerwear.

Not so much about oversized numbers and boxy silhouettes, but more about statement coats and jackets, fall 2015’s take on outerwear still goes perfectly hand in hand with the hair tucked in. To make sure you’re right on trend on all fronts, choose to:

  • tuck your hair in to luxurious coats, be them classic and tailored to fit, or exaggerated boyfriend silhouettes, the wider the lapels, the chicer the results; style your locks into messy center parts and give up on all accessories, going for a minimal make-up instead;
  • hide your hair inside luxe leather coats, choosing black for instant edge and high, ample collars for more of a sophisticated element; think of subtle copper lids and berry lips as the way to perfect the fall / winter looks.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked in at Nina Ricci and Bottega Veneta, F/W ’15

Silk & knitted scarves.

There was a time when the chunky knitted scarves reigned supreme on the fall runways, but things are about to take a whole new direction this upcoming season with a myriad of skinny, silky neck scarves pointing towards classic femininity.

If you think about adopting the fresh out the runway accessory trend and marry it with the hair tucked in statement, go for super-slim, super-silky scarves and tie them around your neck, hair included, for more of a chic-gone-rebellious feel. Reinforce the attitude with graphic make-up and printed overcoats.

If you want to hold onto the more traditional route, keep an eye out for knitted scarves, but this season go for the truly exaggerated, chunky numbers and styled them with geometric cat-eyes and low ponytails.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked in at House of Holland and Adeam, F/W ’15

Elegant dresses.

It’s bound for every new season to bring about something fresh and unexpected, and when it comes to the tucked in hair trend things are no different. The element of novelty this season is represented by the deluge of elegant dresses, both for the day, and for the evening, that called for the hair to be tucked inside their collars.

From high-neck intricate lace numbers, to pretty frocks layered over flare pant silhouettes, from dark, romantic, autumnal hues to soft pastels, the dresses make for just another cool approach to tucked-in tresses, not to mention the beautiful note of contrast a messy do adds to an elegant dress.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked in at Charlotte Ronson and Giambattista Valli, F/W ’15

Styling the tucked-in hair.

Messy & barely tucked vs. sleek & all in.

If you need even more proof that the hair tucked in can be made to look truly versatile, the styles trending on the fall runways are all about convincing you. This season:

  • wear your hair in unfussy waves and messy center-parts, choosing to barely tuck it in (whether by hiding the ends of the hair only, or by tucking the hair in on just one side);
  • style your hair poker straight and with a deep side part, before tucking it behind the ears and all inside the high necks, scarves and turtlenecks of your choice.

Tucked in hair trend
Tucked in hair at H&M and Edun, F/W ’15

Low ponytails & wet-look hairstyles.

  • gather all of you hair into a messy, super-low ponytail, leaving a few wisps of hair to fly loosely, and tuck the ponytail inside your favorite scarves and coats, for ultimate nonchalance;
  • go for a wet-look hair, using plenty of gel on your locks before effortlessly tucking it inside the collars of your fur coats; use a bronze smoky eye to add to the dark, grungy feel.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked in at Fay and Just Cavalli, F/W ’15

Chunky beanies & leather caps.

  • opt to cover your hair with a chunky beanie before hiding it inside the collar of your coat/jacket, if you really don’t feel like wasting too much time on putting the look together;
  • pick up a cool leather cap to secure all of the hair at the top, and go for the barely-tucked in approach to achieve that dreamy, sporty attitude seen on the runway.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked in at Christopher Raeburn and H&M, F/W ’15

Tucked in hair: complementary trends & looks.

If you plan of further perfecting the tucked-in hair this fall and winter, pairing it with the season’s other leading trends and stand-out looks is one easy way to do it. Choose:

  • plenty of suede, fringes and patchworks for the hair tucked in to gain a cowgirl-chic nonchalance; unfussy curls, bare make-up and over-the-knee boots are sure to complement the look;
  • high turtlenecks, tailored coats and fur stoles to accompany the tucked-in hair for the ultimate take on easy sophistication; use skinny belts and borrowed-from-the-boys shoes for added definition and contrast;
  • wisp dresses and knitted ponchos to infuse the tucked-in hair with a bit of the laid-back-bohemian attitude everyone loves at the moment.

Tucked in hair trend
Hair tucked in at Burberry Prorsum, Michael Kors and BCBG Max Azria, F/W ’15

The trend in 2014.

Cozy turtleneck collars.

While this season is not so much about placing the hair in to massive chokers, it is clearly about hiding it all inside cozy turtleneck collars, the chunkier and higher, the better. In between cashmere and sturdy wool, a deluge of  turtleneck designs took over the runways, some made to look soft and feminine, others appearing boyish and cool.

If you aim for a utter feminine result, do tuck your hair in to a delicate turtleneck, choosing bright colours both for your outfit, and for your makeup. Keep the accessories to a minimum and turn the hair into an exclamation point by infusing it with a bit of a ‘60s volume before gently tucking it in.

Choose a deep side part and pull your hair behind your ears before tucking it in if you do seek an edgier look. Complement the cool-girl attitude with graphic cat eyes, a statement necklace, allowing a few strands of hair to fall loosely outside the turtleneck.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Nina Ricci and Anthony Vaccarello, F/W ’14

Oversized outerwear.

The outerwear trends for fall / winter 2014 serve to reinforce the relevance an oversized topcoat or jacket holds for the seasons to come. And it’s a good thing the oversized outerwear comes highly recommended because we could actually believe one of its main purposes is to gracefully hide away the hair.

Classic center-parts and sleek locks look immaculate when tucked into the collar of a menswear inspired coat, bearing the same effortless feel when wrapped inside a heavyset fur collar.

Complement these chic options either with a barely there make-up look that is set to work best when all of the hair is gently pulled back at the nape of the neck and placed inside the collar, or with an intense smoky eye, its lines softly smudged, the face framed by a charming faux-bob that’s made possible as long as the ends of the hair remain hidden inside the collar.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Sonia Rykiel and Topshop Unique, F/W ’14

Button down shirts & chunky scarves.

Aside from oversized outerwear and comfy turtlenecks, this autumn invites you to tuck your hair in to delicate button-downs as well. And while these kind of classy outfits may come across as quiet and sensible, the tucked in, flowy hair with one side going behind the ear to reveal a single gilded ear piece will automatically be infusing them with plenty of edge.

Another cool approach to sporting the hair tucked in this season is by the way of imitating the feel of an unfussy ponytail, with all of the hair going behind the ears, gathered at the nape of the neck and placed straight into a chunky scarf. A pair of round sunnies and glossy lips making for the perfect finishing touches.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Tory Burch and Sonia Rykiel, F/W ’14

All in or barely tucked.

More proof that the hair tucked in can be made to look versatile: you can wear it all in, the locks slick and glossy, the makeup kept natural with just a hint of copper eyeshadow, or you can barely tuck it in, allowing the subtlest waves to flow freely at the front, and in doing that to complement a pair of smoky eyes and some subtle pink lips.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Tory Burch and Burberry Prorsum, F/W ’14

Complementary trends.

If you’re thinking of sporting the hair tucked in this fall and winter, here are some of the styles and trends that promise to shape up an immaculate result:

  • Cool layering that starts off with a flirty skirt going beneath a delicate blouse, the blouse hidden underneath a cropped knit that has all of your hair cozily wrapped up.
  • Menswear as womenswear, with slouchy, boyish silhouettes working in augmenting the effortless feel of the hair tucked in.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Topshop Unique and BCBG Max Azria, F/W ’14

  • Dreamy folk-inspired dresses with high necklines, their traditional embroideries and elongated silhouettes adding balance to the nonchalant air of the tucked in hair.
  • Sheer layering made ready for fall with a darker palette of colours and signature accessories (uch as a black pair of lace-up boots), where the tucked in hair adds just the right amount of easy sophistication.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Tory Burch and Calvin Klein Collections, F/W ’14

  • Warm, cozy statement pieces of outerwear bearing loose silhouettes and clean lines. You can trust the oversized, the blanket and the cape coats to look equally stunning with the hair tucked in, or you can opt for a shearling, or a cropped fur jacket for when the temperatures drop below zero.

Hair tucked in fall 2014
Hair tucked in at Calvin Klein Collections and Prabal Gurung, F/W ’14

The trend in 2013.

Hair tucked in to chokers.

Why resume yourself at making one statement, when you can easily make at least two at the same time? A heavy chain choker provides the perfect styling prop, promising to hold your hair while also serving as the ultimate accessory. The bolder you go with your choker, the cooler the hair styling looks, so there’s no way of getting it wrong. The runway at Chanel overflowed with such gorgeous examples.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in chokers at Chanel F/W ’13

Hair tucked in to capes & collars.

If elegance is the one to dictate your steps, it’s good to know that the hair will look equally beautiful tucked in sophisticated capes or chic fur collars. Remember that the simpler you choose to keep the overall outfit, the better the chances for the hair styling to really stand out.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Hermes and Paul & Joe, F/W ’13

Hair tucked in to outerwear.

When in doubt, trust this to be the easiest way to both hide your hair and fake a bob during the long winter months. It goes without saying that the loose styles are the ones to best complement the hair tucked in, so opt for oversized blazers, chunky knits and boyfriend coats when it comes to your choice of outerwear.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Paul & Joe and Hermes, F/W ’13

Hair tucked in to turtlenecks and chunky scarves.

Winter time is for cozy outfits, just as much as it is for keeping things smart and sophisticated in the fashion department. Between a chunky scarf and a chic turtleneck, the options that allow you to hide your hair and keep warm at the same time lie plenty. Tucking the hair in to beautifully layered garments is a trick that gains you instant style points, with little effort.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Tibi and Karen Walker, F/W ’13

From off-duty, to pure sophistication.

Another great thing about wearing your hair tucked in to chokers, collars or scarfs is that this styling option proves itself to be extremely versatile, effortlessly transitioning from day to night with a simple change in wardrobe. Needless to say, the hair tucked in would complement an off-duty outfit, a sporty or a super sophisticated one making use of the same nonchalant poise.

Also, you can always switch between wearing your hair sleek and straight, in soft or glamorous waves, or with a messy bed-hair texture just to keep things interesting and permanently captivating.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Chanel, Hermes and Trussardi, F/W ’13

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