We’re willing to put a lot of effort into looking great at all times, regardless if we’re talking the small details, or the more significant of the fashion statements. But in the end, what we’re all truly seeking is that effortless appeal and that nonchalance that make women rise like modern goddesses, beautiful beyond the doubt, but never carrying the signs of an apparent struggle. And when the world of fashion serves us with a beauty trick so easy, but so effective in all of its simplicity, it’s nearly impossible to resist it.

The hair tucked is one of those examples that despite requiring minimum effort, manages to look like something cool girls were meant to be sporting on the busy streets. In a shirt, a scarf, a necklace or perhaps a collar, the hair tucked in complements the fall / winter 2013-14 hair trends in looking pretty and uncomplicated. Make it a go-to style for the season, as well as a hairstyle for 2014, with all the inspiration awaiting after the break.

hair tucked in

Hair tucked in for winter 2014.

Although born on the spring / summer 2013 runways, the hair tucked in is nothing if not perfect for the winter season. Hidden inside chunky scarfs, oversized knitwear and boyfriend coats, the style gains instant sophistication having the hair looking fuller, with instant added volume. The quick styling trick also offers the illusion of a crop, without the long-term commitment.

The runways were generous in offering plenty of winter styling inspiration for the hair tucked in:

Hair tucked in to chokers

Why resume yourself at making one statement, when you can easily make at least two at the same time? A heavy chain choker provides the perfect styling prop, promising to hold your hair while also serving as the ultimate accessory. The bolder you go with your choker, the cooler the hair styling looks, so there’s no way of getting it wrong. The runway at Chanel overflowed with such gorgeous examples.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in chokers at Chanel F/W ’13

Hair tucked in to capes & collars

If elegance is the one to dictate your steps, it’s good to know that the hair will look equally beautiful tucked in sophisticated capes or chic fur collars. Remember that the simpler you choose to keep the overall outfit, the better the chances for the hair styling to really stand out.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Hermes and Paul & Joe, F/W ’13

Hair tucked in to outerwear

When in doubt, trust this to be the easiest way to both hide your hair and fake a bob during the long winter months. It goes without saying that the loose styles are the ones to best complement the hair tucked in, so opt for oversized blazers, chunky knits and boyfriend coats when it comes to your choice of outerwear.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Paul & Joe and Hermes, F/W ’13

Hair tucked in to turtlenecks and chunky scarves

Winter time is for cozy outfits, just as much as it is for keeping things smart and sophisticated in the fashion department. Between a chunky scarf and a chic turtleneck, the options that allow you to hide your hair and keep warm at the same time lie plenty. Tucking the hair in to beautifully layered garments is a trick that gains you instant style points, with little effort.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Tibi and Karen Walker, F/W ’13

From off-duty, to pure sophistication

Another great thing about wearing your hair tucked in to chokers, collars or scarfs is that this styling option proves itself to be extremely versatile, effortlessly transitioning from day to night with a simple change in wardrobe. Needless to say, the hair tucked in would complement an off-duty outfit, a sporty or a super sophisticated one making use of the same nonchalant poise.

Also, you can always switch between wearing your hair sleek and straight, in soft or glamorous waves, or with a messy bed-hair texture just to keep things interesting and permanently captivating.

Hair tucked in trend winter 2014
Hair tucked in at Chanel, Hermes and Trussardi, F/W ’13

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