Promoting the idea of flawless skin, but allowing the spotlight to fall on the eyes, the makeup trends for autumn / winter 2014 are anything but ordinary. Doll-like but in a cool, stylish way, the Twiggy lashes trending on the fall runways make for the perfect example of beauty elevated to a whole new level of amazingness.

In between the super-bold false lashes and the more natural ones, dressed in the chunkiest layers of mascara, the sixties inspired eyes shape up one of the biggest make-up trends of the season. After the break, we take a closer view at the most gorgeous statements made by the Twiggy lashes this autumn, offering tips on how to recreate the best of looks at home.

Twiggy lashes for fall 2014: the statement.

For fall 2014, the eyes morph into one, powerful statement, with the accent moving down to the lashes, the supernaturally long, black lashes awash with ’60s inspiration. In order to put a modern spin onto the signature Twiggy look, this season requires for the rest of your makeup to be kept as minimal as possible. Think in terms of a bare face, brushed eyebrows and a natural shade of pink on the lips.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Sixties inspired lashes at Gucci, F/W ’14

While the theme dictating the beauty trend may have been one and the same, it’s the play on imagination and creativity that allowed for multiple interpretations to walk the runway concomitantly. And these are the looks that stood out most:

Doll eyes, bare beauty.

There’s something about false eyelashes that makes women feel pretty and with that in mind, the look at Rochas overlapped gorgeous doll-like ’60s eyes with something as simple as beautiful, bare skin.

Tips to recreate the look at home:

  • start off with three sets of false lashes; place a full set on the top, trim off the ends and stuck them back on in the center above the iris, and then layer a second false lash on top of that for added thickness;
  • for the bottom lashes, just cut a set in half and overlap it in the middle;
  • use a shimmery champagne shadow across the lid, and a taupe one for shading, skipping the liner entirely;
  • don’t forget to apply mascara right after you’ve got your lashes on to help blend them with your real lashes.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Bold, sixties lashes at Rochas, F/W ’14

For a subtler take on the doll-like ’60s eyes, skip on the false lashes altogether and apply a few generous coats of black mascara instead, going for the spidery effect seen at Marco de Vincenzo. To make the look fit for everyday, keep the rest of your face bare, brushing out the eyebrows and a adding a hint of gloss on the lips.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Bold, sixties lashes at Marco de Vincenzo, F/W ’14

The same clumpy lashes laid against a barely made-up face built the effortless beauty look at Prada.

Recreate the off-duty dancer look at home:

  • by curling your lashes first;
  • once done, proceed to apply coat after coat of mascara, until achieving those imperfect, clumpy and thick lashes;
  • paint some more of the black mascara down on each individual lash until satisfied with the result;
  • go with nude lips for a daytime look, and opt for a deep red lipstick to complement the idea of a more understated, elegant evening make-up.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Bold, sixties lashes at Prada, F/W ’14

Big, beautiful eyes, framed by bold lashes coated in pitch black layers of mascara both at the top and at the bottom, created quite the young, messy and natural makeup at Custo Barcelona.

When recreating this minimalist look at home, remember to press your eyebrow pencil at the center of your bottom eyelid, and draw the line out to the end, to make your eyes appear bigger.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Bold, sixties lashes at Custo Barcelona, F/W ’14

The ’60s eye made modern.

The transformative power of false eyelashes was fully exploited at Gucci, where the ’60s eyes were made to look modern and luxurious by the freshness of the skin.

Tips to recreate the look at home:

  • to give the skin that clean, barely made-up look, prep your complexion with foundation and concealer, dusting a whisper of powder along the T-zone.
  • next, brush an off-white shadow all over the lids, and choose a gray-brown shade to sweep along the crease, dragging it past the outer corner;
  • define the upper and lower lash lines with black liquid liner, and brush a coat of mascara onto the lashes;
  • apply a fluffy set of false lashes at the top, and a stiffer set on the bottom;
  • finish off with another swipe of black liner to fill in any gaps, and curl the lashes for added drama.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Bold, sixties lashes at Gucci, F/W ’14

The simple yet gorgeous tawny nude face at Versace was instantly glamorized by way of extreme eyelashes. The ’60s influence that veiled both the eyes, and the hair, translated to two strips of false fringe being glued onto each eye.

Tips to recreate the look at home:

  • start by lining the top and bottom lash lines with a dark brow pencil;
  • next, brush a taupe powder in the creases of your eyes;
  • dab a shimmery champagne highlighter along your brow bone, onto the center of your lids and along the tear duct;
  • curl your lashes and coat them with mascara;
  • once done, press the two sets of false lashes together and stuck them to the top lid;
  • once the glue is dry, go over the lash line with a very fine tip black liquid liner to conceal any gaps between the lash strip and your natural lashes.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Bold, sixties lashes at Versace, F/W ’14

Heavy cat-eyes & Twiggy lashes.

A duo of cat-eyes and Twiggy inspired lashes built a subtle party look at Maxime Simoens. Having a hint of a Japanese graphic look going on with the eyeliner and the cool skin tone, the Simoens girl pays homage to Veruschka and Twiggy.

Tips to recreate the look at home:

  • apply a thick, black cream liner to the top of the lashes;
  • make sure to square off the edges of the eyeliner both at the inner and outermost corners, to create a very straight shape;
  • coat both the upper and lower eyelashes in heavy layers of mascara;
  • keep the skin powder and contour free;
  • polish off the lips with a perfect shade of nude lipstick.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Sixties inspired lashes at Maxime Simoens, F/W ’14

Nearly the same concept, although gaining exaggerated proportions, shaped up the beauty look that complemented Saint Laurent’ rock & roll infused collection for fall 2014.

Ultra-graphic black eyeliner, false lashes and nude lips made up the models in neo baby doll style, offering a Twiggy-like, ’60s spin to the classic smoky eye.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Sixties inspired lashes at Saint Laurent, F/W ’14

Graphic Goth lashes.

Vaguely mirroring the sixties trend for false lower lashes, the look at Vionnet was more about a messed-up version of Twiggy. Consisting of three thick slashes of black cream liner, and skipping the mascara on the upper lashes entirely, the graphic makeup look exudes a slight dark quality.

The same chic Goth influence was reflected by the creamy gray shades dusting off the eyes, and the soft taupe powder softly contouring the face.

60s inspired false lashes fall 2014 beauty trend
Sixties inspired lashes at Vionnet, F/W ’14

Bold lashes for spring 2015.

Stepping into spring territory, gently dismissing the 1960s influence, although not entirely, the bold lashes will be ready to keep on giving all throughout the upcoming season. Equally luxurious and dramatic, next spring’s take on extreme lashes adds a little extra something to the beauty of the look, making the super lashes all the more irresistible.

Dotted doll lashes.

In 2015, the Rochas woman is envisioned to emerge looking equally sweet and beautiful— but a bit more on the strange side. The pretty doll look gains a twist in order to channel the “slightly dark” undertones describing the spring collection.

To recreate the spring look:

  • paint the lids with a diffused wash of pale pink eye shadow, and overlay that with blue shadow;
  • proceed with endless layers of black mascara, pinching the lashes together at the top;
  • add the twist by drawing two black dots at the center of the lower lashes, using an eye-shadow brush dipped in pigment;
  • brush off the eyebrows and fill them in slightly;
  • blot out the lips with concealer and add a hint of pink lipstick in the middle.

Bold lashes spring 2015 beauty trend
Bold lashes at Rochas, S/S ’15

Chunky black mascara.

Un-powdered, unstructured and undone, the beauty look at Dsquared2 was centered around heavy layers of chunky black mascara. Make the look your own by rubbing a copper shade of  eyeshadow onto the top eyelids, and finishing off with a taupe eye gloss.

Fan out the top and bottom lashes and pack them with over 20 layers of mascara, before highlighting your cheekbones and painting the lips to look all pretty and natural.

Bold lashes spring 2015 beauty trend
Bold lashes at Dsquared2, S/S ’15

Summery, sultry eyelashes.

At Emilio Pucci, the lush eyelashes made for a summery yet expensive makeup look, that worked in fully complementing the gorgeous boho waves.

To recreate the spring look:

  • start at the lower lid root line, blending a dash of eyeliner in black, working gently from the inner to outer corners;
  • run the waterline with a creamy, soft-point pencil, also in black;
  • on the upper lid crease, draw a straight line with a slight extension using a deep brown gel liner;
  • add a taupe eye-gloss all over the lids;
  • curl the lashes and build up the clumpy layers of black mascara;
  • flush the lips with a hint of a coral lipstick.

Bold lashes spring 2015 beauty trend
Bold lashes at Emilio Pucci, S/S ’15

60s beachy chic lashes.

At Nanette Lepore, the makeup look inspired by the California coast in the 1960s, featured graphic white liner, surrounded by a thick fringe of lashes.

To create the graphic eye look, line both top and bottom lids with a cream-gel shadow in white and flicked them out for more of a ’60s feel. Finish off by adding faux lashes on both top and bottom lines, and by using a light pink tint on the lips.

Bold lashes spring 2015 beauty trend
Bold lashes at Nanette Lepore, S/S ’15

Lush lashes.

Super long, doll-like lashes, transformed the simplistic beauty look at Paul & Joe, making it both utterly gorgeous, and fitted for everyday use during spring and summer.

A hint of bronze eyeshadow and glossy lips were the only two elements envisioned to complement the super-thick coats of mascara.

Bold lashes spring 2015 beauty trend
Bold lashes at Paul & Joe, S/S ’15

Exaggerated fifties lashes.

The exaggerated makeup look at Emanuel Ungaro, managed to put a whole new spin on the bold eyelashes trend by borrowing inspiration for the 1950s.

Mixing a powdery-aqua eye shadow brushed up to the brow bone, orange-red lips and clumpy lashes, the loud beauty look is the kind that works best on a special occasion. For everyday use, give up on the aqua shadow, or on the powerful red lips, picking only one feature to highlight.

Bold lashes spring 2015 beauty trend
Bold lashes at Emanuel Ungaro, S/S ’15

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