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As if thinking about what to wear today isn’t effort enough… The odds are you’re not giving much thought to what to wear in spring 2014. Let’s face it – that seems forever away. But while you don’t need to be planning what to wear next year, you can at still know what’s on the horizon in order to a) invest wisely now and b) start making next year’s statements well ahead of the pack. Aren’t we all just in awe of a gentleman who’s way ahead of the crowd?

At the gallery, here are 5 of the upcoming spring 2014 fashion trends you can start making a statement with now.

  1. Stripes for men reappear for spring 2014 – this time with strong clashes of colour and print thrown in for maximum impact. Go big, go bold, and go horizontal.
  2. With a strong emphasis on sporty details, high tech fabrics, and luxury finishes, one of the season’s strongest outerwear choices is a block-coloured parka. You can easily wear it now, mixing it with casual pieces or smart suiting.
  3. The t-shirt is a menswear staple, always. But if you want to jump onto a spring 2014 trend early, go for ones that have slightly oversized cuts with rounded shoulders. It was the cut du jour on the runways.
  4. The men’s bomber jacket need not only be for fall. Trade leather for lightweight silk, cotton or satin with an emphasis on colour and print.
  5. The spring / summer 2014 shows weren’t short on colour, but they weren’t short on full, crisp, bright white outfits either. Top to toe white is easy to carry off now, and into spring 2014.

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