If it has ever been out of fashion I don’t remember it, which is another way of saying that platinum blonde is a hair colour trend in 2013. With Ruby Jean Wilson as the trend’s most recent poster girl, it’s the perfect shade for channeling the retro, 1960s Factory Girl sentiment of the season.

So if you are going to change your hair colour, if you’re going to opt for a colour that shall set you apart from the crowd, consider a shock of blonde hair that draws the gaze of those nearby, consider the platinum blonde hair shade.

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The way to wear platinum blonde now

The look

There’s a reason Ruby Jean Wilson became Marc Jacobs’ muse, seemingly overnight: her fantastically fair hair. Her transformation aligned neatly with revivals of 1950s and 1960s fashion. It’s less about the curl-haired bombshells though and more a nod to the Edie Sedgewicks and the Hitchcock heroines.

Ruby Jean Wilson Marc Jacobs
Ruby Jean Wilson for Marc Jacobs

With or without dark roots

There are times when dark roots are considered a desirable part of a bleached blonde hairstyle. But if you were to opt to change your hair colour to white blonde / platinum blonde in the near future I think you’d be safest to avoid the dirty-roots look.

If it’s an option, forgo the dark roots and opt for a full head of platinum / white blonde hair instead. This will mean more maintenance, but the overall impact of platinum blonde hair will be diminished should you opt for dark roots and wear it with an up do. You can get a good sense of this dimishing affect by the following picture of model Siri Tollerod.

platinum blonde up do

Without under colours

The odd inch of dark roots is one thing, but two-tone hair or an under colour is another thing altogether. Thankfully I’m not really seeing people attempt the look, and as far as platinum blonde hair goes in 2012/2013 and beyond, you’re best sticking to a single colour.

The reasoning here is two-fold:

  1. a second hair colour will reduce the visual impact of platinum blonde
  2. platinum / white blonde in 2013 is about youthful elegance or a cooler-than-cool attitude; two-tone hair lends itself more towards the punk/grunge revival

Going platinum: who can do it

Going platinum from dark

Contrary to what some people fear, it is certainly possible to go platinum blonde from near any hair colour, light or dark. Some base colours will simply be easier and faster when it comes to achieving the white blond result. The key to going platinum is to work with ‘virgin’ or undyed hair. If you already have layers of other colours in your hair, you may need to remove or grow them out before you can achieve an effective all-over platinum colour.

At VIktor Rolf ss13

Work with a good colourist

If you’re not sure if your hair will handle going platinum, head to your hair colourist and get them to advise you. If your hair is already damaged or weak, it’s likely they’ll advise against it. While DIY home kits are easy enough to find, it’ll always be much safer to head to a salon and get professional advice.

Platinum blonde: suitable hair cuts

The latter of the two last points reveals much about hair cuts and hairstyles that work with platinum blonde hair.

If you’re looking for an elegant interpretation of platinum blonde then your preference should lean towards the year’s longer hair styles. From there you can style the hair colour in umpteenth ways with a preference towards either bombshell waves (below) or a straight hair style.

platinum blonde waves

If you’re after more of a rock chic look, however, I can recommend one person you must keep your eye on for inspiration: Australian model Kate Peck. She has the look pegged, and pairs a dramatic hair colour with an equally dramatic hair cut to really set herself apart on the catwalk.

white blonde

If you’re after ways to style your hair in 2013, head to our spring 2013 hair trends page for tutorials and tips.

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