You say high fashion and your mind starts wandering, imagining one luxuriously beautiful thing after another, turning the runway into a wonderland, covetable silhouettes of all kinds crowding its imaginary grounds. But reality is not always that pretty, and with the good we’ve come to expect the bad and the ugly.

And while everything is a matter of taste, of course, some of the trends we spotted on the runway in 2015 just don’t match the meaning of timelessness, or good taste. Sometimes it’s not even the trend in its entirety that’s the problem but the way it’s being approached, worn, exemplified.

After the break, a look at the failed fashion trends we want to say goodbye to in 2016.

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worst fashion trends of 2015

The cheap sheer.

We love a good sheer dress and the fact that the see-through silhouettes prevail for 2016 only serves to prove that the industry is still very much enamored with transparency. If done right, the peek-a-boo effect should be melting sensuality into allurement while still leaving something to the imagination, but sadly that’s not always the case.

Cheap or uninspired choices of fabric, too much skin on sight and a poor styling can easily transform the trend into a fiasco. And it’s that kind of tasteless transparency we want to see gone come 2016.

Photo: Betsey Johnson Spring / Summer 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

Uninspired slogans.

Eye-catching wording imprinted on everything in between t-shirts, beanies and bags can still easily take a basic look and turn into full-on street-style material, perhaps that’s why the fashion crowd keeps the clothing with words trend very much alive.

And while we do love clothes that grab out attention with a clever word-play, or a humorous statement, we kind of grew tired of the kind plastering uninspired words together wanting them to pass for ingenious statements. To those we’re ready to wave our goodbyes.

Photo: Jeremy Scott Spring / Summer 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

Pretentious athleisure.

Sportswear as fashion had a very interesting evolution over the last few years, and the sports luxe trend is far from signing out from the runways. After all, it was only this year that its newest interpretation saw the boundaries between what’s fashion and what’s practical as gym gear get blurred for good.

This is how athleisure came to enter the fashion scene, and while we can see how the gym-to-street clothing category may hide a certain appeal, we still wish to see this particular kind of legging track suits off the streets / runways.

Photo: Edith & Ella Spring / Summer 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

Ill-fitting coats.

When the temperatures begin to drop and winter eventually settles in, the though of a snug, bulky outerwear silhouette becomes near irresistible. That’s why boyfriend to oversized wraps and jackets took over the coat trends of 2015.

And among the oh-so-good, the ill-fitting coats of exaggerated proportions couldn’t help but to stand out. And not in a good way. Far from flattering, we’re ready to see this trend gone.

Photo: Fendi Fall / Winter 2015.

orst fashion trends of 2015

Genuine pajama dressing.

Pajama dressing takes sleepy sophistication into the realms of 2016, so we have yet to see the last of the ever-evolving fashion trend. There’s something definitely exciting about being able to mimic the easy, relaxed, sexy bedroom feel on the streets, and some ladies do it with utmost effortlessness.

Of the trend itself we cannot wait to get more come 2016, but of the genuine pajama dressing that makes one look like it literally rolled out of bed we hope to have seen enough.

Photo: Maison Martin Margiela Spring / Summer 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

Extra-long sleeves.

With the exaggerated proportions and all the weird layering and experimental silhouettes to have taken over the runways in 2015, came the extra-long and highly impractical sleeves that make it almost impossible for one to use their hands. With Stella McCartney and Celine set on promoting the look, you can be sure the micro trend already hit the streets. Like most things, the long sleeves are best done in moderation.

Photo: Celine Fall / Winter 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

’80s prom dresses.

Fashion-wise, a lot of strange things have happened back in the 1980s, most of which we kind of want to see be left in the past. Along with the quarterback shoulders, we still cringe at the thought of super-colourful, super-puffy, overdone prom silhouettes, but sadly they signed for a strong runwas comeback with all of the ’80s fashion resurgence.

Here’s hoping this is the last of the ’80s prom dresses we’ll see for a long, long time.

Photo: Moschino Spring / Summer 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

Skirts over pants gone wrong.

Layering a skirt / dress over pants may not be for everyone, but when done right, the look bears a certain level of effortless cool. When done right. Because with this kind of layering, things can easily go downhill. We’ve seen plenty of disastrous examples on and off the streets in 2015, meant to stand out and contradict the norm, but when something doesn’t look good, the very statement fails to make its point.

Photo: Ground Zero Spring / Summer 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

Impractical fur accessories.

They mark one of the major shoe trends of fall 2015, and the novelty sure helped build their case on the runway. However, that doesn’t change the fact that some of the super-furry accessories born in 2015 are plain impractical. A wild accent here and there can look so very cool, but when your footwear needs regular combing, you just know things have gone a little too far. Ready to wave this one off?

Photo: Antonio Marras Fall / Winter 2015.

worst fashion trends of 2015

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