If it didn’t strike you before, maybe it will just as we are about to uncover one of the many fearless concepts fashion for men has recently evolved into. And attention: it is not for the faint hearted! During the past seasons the menswear department became quite the adventurous affair, exploring off-limit color palettes, borrowing a little more from the girls, exiting a safe territory only to push, challenge and conquer.

A man in a dark suit will forever be charming, securing a timeless portrait; but sometimes fashion just needs to switch focus towards something more intense, more daring, more risky. The spring 2013 colours highlighted the bright yellow quite determinedly, set on reviving the neon madness that veiled the 1980s and that now has finally progressed from the women’s range straight into menswear.

Bright notes of yellow

The greatest thing about fashion trends in general is that they can easily be interpreted then matched to any given personality, all it takes is a little bit of courage and a little bit of imagination. If the latter can be triggered, the first must always come from within. Without a doubt, wearing yellow will come naturally for some guys, for others instead colour bombing an outfit will end up feeling forced. This is exactly why the trend must be approached in a subtle manner: a yellow accent will suffice in order to make a statement.

Notes of bright yellow on the runway at Jill Sander S/S ’13 men’s

Bright yellow for men: how to wear it without compromising the style


If some shades are just meant to be effortlessly worn head-to-toe, it’s safe to assume that yellow doesn’t belong to this select category. Think of it more like a strong essence that is better used in small quantities. All the more if the texture is competing to make a statement on its own. Sporting two of the most noticeable men’s spring 2013 trends comes easy when mixing yellow and shiny metallics. A pair of tailored pants and a sporty jacket help keep the futuristic twists in perfect balance.

Bright yellow on the runway at Burberry Prorsum S/S ’13 men’s


Infusing the 1950s charming sportswear garments with some modern accents and a touch of yellow can end up looking extraordinary. All it takes is a bright coloured leather jacket, a classy polo t-shirt and a pair of matching sneakers to turn casual into a different kind of story. One that won’t pass unnoticed.

Bright yellow on the runway at Canali S/S ’13 men’s


Yes, elegance can gain new perspectives at any given time and surprisingly enough a splash of bright yellow helps a great deal when the idea is to steer the focus towards the distinction exuding from a gentleman’s outfit. Forget all about neutral shades, at least when it comes to pants and keep the rest of the ensemble clean and to the point: button-down shirt, trench coat, sleek hair.

Bright yellow on the runway at Christian Lacroix S/S ’13 men’s


Almost every men tends to feel most comfortable when throwing on a pair of old jeans, a hoodie and a pair of comfortable shoes. This cozy look doesn’t have to necessarily translate to dated or lack any sorts of fashionable purposes. When the hoodie turns neon yellow, the jeans become slightly oversized and the footwear happens to be a pair of modern deck shoes, the heart of the matter changes completely.

Bright yellow on the runway at Louis Vuitton S/S ’13 men’s


For the brave guys eager to rock the brightest shades of yellow, coming up with a fun outfit will raise no challenges. Mixing styles on top of the color statement however is more of a fine art, better left for the fearless. What do a nautical jacket, a pair of athletic shorts, a button-down shirt and a bow tie have in common? We wonder the same thing, but maybe a cool guy somewhere has all the answers.

Bright yellow on the runway at Moncler Gamme Bleu S/S ’13 men’s

Picture inspiration

For more inspiration on how to style bright yellow clothing, as seen during the spring 2013 fashion shows, click on the thumbnails and peruse the gallery.

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