For a young women’s contemporary market, Californian forecasters Design Options see the colour trends for fall 2012 as moving in four distinct themes. House of Style brings a palette of muted pastels and soft, neutral tones; Retro Future is deeply nostalgic, vibrant, and evocative; Arctic Expression contrasts the extremes of fire and ice; and finally Print Works sees a palette of rich, jewel-like and earthy hues.

young womens colour trends fall 2012

House of Style

Slate gray and mauve shades of dwelling and edifice coalesce with an astute graciousness while accentuating tailored lines. Muted blue and icy green hues of virtuosity and allure connote an element of seriousness on a backdrop of woolen suiting.

fall 2012 womens color trends

Retro Future

Deep plum and sky blue tones of purely nostalgic and undeniably evocative give precedence to delicate layers and gracious silhouettes. Metallic accents resonate with brilliance on a backdrop of silken elements.

fall 2012 womens color trends

Arctic Expression

Pale orange and deep reddish- brown tones of unadulterated and ethereal intensify wisps of silken charmeuse. Chocolate brown and maroon hues of bitter chill and glacial ingenuity imply notions of warmth on a canvas of mohair and wool.

fall 2012 womens color trends

Print Works

Dramatic blue and deep brown tones of eloquence and fluent persuasion reveal intricate weaves of fine spun silk. Vivid tones of turquoise mingle with bright tints to convey harmonious simultaniety.

fall 2012 womens color trends

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