Sometimes, a classic hairstyle calls for a few modern twist, or slight daring accents in order for it to fully reemerge as an influential hair trend, that being the case of the enduring ballerina bun, made utterly irresistible once again on the fall 2014 runways. And we’re not even talking the typical bun, polished and perfectly put together, but more like endless variations on the traditional hairstyle, some super-sleek, others loose, messy and undemanding.

Hassle-free rather than sumptuous, the ballerina buns seen complementing the autumnal styles have one major thing in common, as they manage to look wholly chic in all of their perfectly undone renditions.

After the break, a closer look at the hair trend and the many ways you can sport it this fall.

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Fall 2014: new twist on the ballerina bun.

Forget everything you ought to know about them because for fall 2014, the ballerina buns are more than ready to surprise you. Top knots, loose chignons, high buns, they are no longer clearly defined, as all styles merge together in order to create one outstanding hairdo: a perfectly-imperfect ballerina bun envisioned to transition from day to night, pretty and effortlessly.

Undone ballerina buns for day.

Untamed flyaways, lots of volume and just as much texture; these are the main elements to make the haphazard ballerina look so perfect for those cold and casual autumn days we’re already able to spot in the horizon. Begging to be styled with cozy oversized coats and chunky knits, the softly pinned braided buns at Uma Wang appear windswept and romantic, to be worn with little to no makeup, and no accessories other than a huge scarf tied loosely around the neck.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Undone ballerina bun at Uma Wang, F/W ’14

When it comes to hair, messy means super trendy, just like effortless means super doable, as in a hairstyle you can really put together in the morning, without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. At Marissa Webb, the ballerina bun translated to a modernly disheveled look, imagined to appear chic despite it being intentionally imperfect.

Oversized and textured, it complements the aesthetic of the woman on-the-go, in it being so approachable, yet carrying that distinct edge, like most simple things often do.

Style this messy ballerina bun with smart, preppy outfits and tough, leathery items alike, opting for an all round natural makeup look built upon blushing cheeks, rosy lips and a single coat of mascara.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Undone ballerina bun at Marissa Webb, F/W ’14

Chances are you’re already used to sporting one of these casually slung ballerina buns around the house, which makes you all the more ready to embrace the trend come fall.

With soft, wispy pieces of hair set to carefully frame the face, and other loose strands casually falling down the neck, this off-duty ballerina bun can easily become the go-to style for those busy days that bear much more important tasks to consider than the shaping of another impeccable hairstyle.

For achieving the full effect, wear the bun with a black liner smudged along the lower lash line, natural tinted lips, roomy trousers and ample trenches in autumnal shades.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Undone ballerina bun at Missoni, F/W ’14

Inspired by “a dancer in rehearsal, not performance”, the not so perfectly coiffed bun head at Diane von Furstenberg is another beautiful rendition of the traditional ballerina bun. Slightly undone for a softer feel, or carrying an imperfect finish altogether, the mussed bun enhances the simplicity of the classic hairstyle, augmenting its beauty precisely for taking the casual factor up another step.

Able to transition from day to night, pair the undone ballerina bun with a radiant make-up look and unfussy silhouettes, bearing equally simplistic but effective cuts.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Undone ballerina buns at Diane von Furstenberg, F/W ’14

Effortless ballerina buns for the evening.

During evening is when the level of sophistication is expected to gradually increase, although when it comes to the ballerina buns envisioned for fall there’s no escaping the effortless feel, even after the night falls.

If you aim to sport the ballerina bun for fancier occasions, Carolina Herrera’s towering topknot mimicking a bouquet of flowers might offer you all the inspiration needed. Sculptural and highly dramatic, this particular ballerina bun interpretation is luxury at its best.

Paired to a wine-stained lip, naked eyes and a pair of statement earrings, the large ballerina bun is the perfect finishing touch to be added to a breathtaking gown and a statement pair of heels.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Effortless ballerina buns at Carolina Herrera, F/W ’14

Caring for another night-time ballerina look?

With baby hairs left loose, the ballerina buns at Altuzarra had everything going for them: a touch of femininity, a romantic aura, an effortless air veiling their overall graceful attitude.

The perfect night statement to be made this fall, complement this romanticized bun with gold-glittery eyes, glossy lips and sumptuous off-the-shoulder gowns, the more elaborate and majestic-looking, the better.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Effortless ballerina buns at Altuzarra, F/W ’14

Meeting the effortlessly undone ballerina bun halfway, the mid height bun with mussed flyways, both soft and a bit edgy, echoed the trend’s intoxicating nonchalance at Marchesa. Envisioned for the evening, but capable of making just as much sense during the early hours, Marchesa’s take on messy hair is beyond inspiring.

From glamorous dresses dipped in sequins, exquisite embroideries and light feathers, to roomy sweaters, faux furs and cashmere coats, trust this ballerina bun to work with pretty much everything building a fall wardrobe. A luminous skin, a pair of well-defined eyebrows and the right attitude are sure to make all the difference.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Effortless ballerina buns at Marchesa, F/W ’14

Slick, sporty ballerina buns.

Clearly, there’s no escaping the influence of the chic sportswear trend, not even when it comes to something so incredibly feminine and delicate as the timeless ballerina bun.

Sleek, messy and drenched in shine, the updos at Roberto Cavalli are the epitomes of chic minimalism. Greasy but sexy, simple but not a tad boring, they hit closest when it comes to illustrating what a modern ballerina bun is truly about.

With pieces of hair precariously sticking out, style this bun’s messy feel with intense smoky eyes and nude lips.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Sleek ballerina buns at Roberto Cavalli, F/W ’14

The severely coiled topknots at Jean-Paul Gaultier made for another unexpected take on the classic ballerina bun, their super-slick quality betraying the athletic influence, although not in the most direct manner.

Sculptural and up-to-date, this ballerina bun / top knot  mishmash looks best when paired with equally striking cat eyes and bare lips, to be complemented with garments that could be considered all but ordinary.

Ballerina buns hair trend fall 2014
Sleek ballerina buns at Jean Paul Gaultier, F/W ’14

how to: jean paul gaultier's super slick topknot

How to: Jean Paul Gaultier's super slick topknot

Cool. Sculptural. Super-slick. These are the markers of the top-knot/ballerina bun hybrid, a style that is far less complicated than its description implies. A complete tutorial on how to achieve the modernized top bun at that link.

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