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5 flapper / 1920s hairstyles to try this week

No doubt you’ll be seeing Gatsby-inspired everything everywhere as the new film is released across the world, but the over-saturation of the words roaring twenties need not deter you from being inspired to get into the flapper-girl spirit. It was, after all, an era that arises time and again as inspiration whether there’s newfound cultural significance or not. We’ve already seen 1920s fashion given new…

Done but undone: messy up-dos for spring

There are up-dos that are sleek and shiny and covered in hairspray so they don't budge; and then there are the ones that aren't so "done" - the kind that only get better as the day wears on. In 2013, effortlessness is the key to a chic yet sexy up-do. Read on for more.

The shoulder length bob: a mid-length alternative

We’ve seen a number of top models in recent moths chopping of their hair and stepping out with chin-length bob hairstyles, prompting us to agree that the bob should sit amoung the list of covetable 2013 hair trends. Of course, that’s not to say a bob is for everyone. Far from. If you do want to brave a bob for the first time, or return…

The fringe / bangs: fringed hairstyles for the coming year

Trends can sweep in as if on an unstoppable avalanche, changing the landscape entirely (until they run their cycle); such is what the fringe (bangs) did back in 2007. But it doesn’t have to end there. Some can drift on, lingering, having smaller bursts of renewed vigor. That’s what the fringe has done – and this year it stays on as a 2013 hairstyle of…

1960s inspired hair: the bouffant & beyond

Not everything about the coming year is focussed on the modern and effortless. Pay homage to the 1960s with playful bouffant styles that will have you relishing in nostalgia for a time when big hair and bigger eyelashes were the look of choice. After the break, the best 1960s inspired hairstyles to try in 2013.
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration
Tease me: runway inspiration

2013 hairstyles: 2013 haircuts & hair trends

More personal than even the clothes we wear, the haircut and colour we choose says much about us. And, like our clothing, much of that comes down to what's in fashion each season as well as what suits us best. From the haircuts to get in 2013 through to the best styles to wear them with, read on for our 2013 hair trends guide.

Going platinum: white blonde hair colour

Hair colour can change - can redefine - your look. And if there's a colour that truly makes a statement, it's a bold platinum blonde. For 2012 and 2013 it's a colour that fits neatly with retro revivals and modern fashion alike. Is it for you? Read on for the full report.

Hairstyles for fall 2012: the best trends, cuts and styles

As the warmer nights fade and the days shorten our sense of style will change - and so too will our hairstyles to match. Whether it's for practicality's sake or simply because we crave the refreshing breeze of change, fall / winter 2012 will see new hairstyles and cuts entering our repertoires. And the same can be said for men and women. Read on for a run down of fall 2012's hair trends and styles.