Men’s fashion trends.

The urban explorer: why adventure gear is in for men this winter

Heavy snow, strong wind, the man going against the elements and the beauty of nature conquered at last; it might sound quite like the idyllic outdoors scenario, but once the long winter gets installed in the northern hemisphere, the fine line between what is the explorer’s dream and what becomes of the adventurous winter reality, gets blurred, allowing for the two separate facts of existence…

Men’s plaids & checks: how to wear them this winter

It’s no longer a secret that when it comes to choosing a print, most men are still inclined to opt for uncomplicated patterns that look interesting and effortless enough to stand out for all the right reasons. And while the menswear segment appears to be headed in a more adventurous direction this season, the check prints manage to keep things grounded, timeless and elegant, mixing…

Men’s geometric print sweaters: top picks & how to wear them

It’s the cold weather that turns sweaters into absolute mandatory investments, but it’s each season’s ultimate take on prints, colours and lines to eventually make the investments pleasurable and above all, fashionable as well. The men’s fall 2013 fashion trends witnessed the return to the more traditional menswear silhouettes and patterns, slowly steering away from anything that’s considered too over the top. Envisioned as to…

Paisley for men: your new winter print staple

Men’s florals aren’t uncommon but they are the domain of casual wear. Summer 2013’s fashion was heavy in floral prints for guys – you could buy the look in everything from bomber jackets to garish suits. For winter though, florals for men are mostly a thing of fashion past. Paisley is your winter 2013 fashion print staple for men.
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Camo print for men: how to wear it now

While it’s hard to point out the exact moment when the army influence began affecting street-wear trends, it might just be safer to assume that the ongoing affair between military and fashion spans its long-lasting existence over many decades. Never really gone for good, the military aesthetic is constantly determining the shapes of the current trends, evolving in order to translate to modern but standing…

Men’s jeans: the denim trends you need to know about

Denim shopping can be daunting for even the most fashionable male. Stick to the classics, go all out on statements, or linger in the space between? Fortunately - from waxed jeans to coloured denim - there are plenty of options. Here are some of the key denim trends for men that will take you from winter 2013 into next year.

Shearling for men: how to wear it this winter

A trend that's gradually continued to evolve across the seasons, shearling isn't exactly a wild change in direction for menswear. But it is worth knowing how to adapt it to your fall / winter 2012 wardrobe. That all comes down to the cuts, colours and shapes, and what you pair it with. Read on for more details of how to wear shearling this year.

Style Guide: Men’s Americana for fall

Not necessarily a trend but more of a fashion movement gone worldwide, the all-American menswear inspired style endured the passage of time for over a decade now. With an undeniable masculine appeal to it, carrying for comfort and promoting both tradition and an aesthetic quality built upon realism, Americana themed clothing seems to be luring more and more gentlemen. Those lucky enough to experience the…

Top 10 men’s hooded coats
 for autumn 2013

Known for rising many challenges when it comes to a flawless style approach, fall is the season that forces you to combine fashion, comfort and practicality in order to build a perfect outfit that carries spark. The fall / winter 2013 fashion trends are all about making a statement and sometimes a great piece of outerwear saves you a great deal of trouble whenever creativity…