Pointy flats: yes, they’re back for spring 2014

Over the past decades, the pointed flats have come and gone numerous times, their most memorable appearances being closely related to the iconic Audrey Hepburn gifting them with a brand new identity in the 1950s-60s, and their dominating the 1980s fashion scene once again, barring the same poignant attitude. The last couple of years may have announced the return of the pointed flats in a…

Tuck it in: a winter 2014 hair trend

We’re willing to put a lot of effort into looking great at all times, regardless if we’re talking the small details, or the more significant of the fashion statements. But in the end, what we’re all truly seeking is that effortless appeal and that nonchalance that make women rise like modern goddesses, beautiful beyond the doubt, but never carrying the signs of an apparent struggle.…

Fashion trends in 2014

2014 has started, and a new year means a new chance to update our wardrobes, and our selves, as fashion’s constant evolution takes new turns and inspires new themes. From the coldest nights of winter to the hottest summer days and everything in between, at Fashionising.com’s we’ll be keeping you on trend and in fashion right across 2014. As we do each year, we’re publishing…

Spring 2015 colour trends

Looking ahead to spring / summer 2015, what colours will be dominating our wardrobes? Keep an eye on this page as the shades of the season take shape.

5 looks you can keep wearing into 2014

There’s something exciting about a new year. The chance to start anew, to clear out the old and get a new lease on life. If you’re doing your annual wardrobe clean-out, though, there are plenty of things you can hang onto and see with new eyes and the year ticks over. Whether you’re considering what to wear in spring 2014 or even into fall 2014,…

The men’s bomber: how to wear it now

The bomber may be a menswear classic, but for winter 2013 it's the dark, heavy styles that win out - transitioning to the lighter blouson for spring. Take advantage of its clean shape and cropped length and make it a staple. Read on for the full report.

Coloured trousers for men: how to wear them this winter

Persisting in seeking out what is the inarguable elegance and timeless essence of neutral shades such as black and white, the men’s fall / winter 2013 fashion trends weren’t all about keeping the cuts safe, and the hues conservative though. Bold pops of colour were also seen taken on the runways, breaking through unexpectedly, stealing the eyes and painting the cold season in bright and…

And the colour you need the most next year is….

…’Radiant orchid’, according to Pantone, who have managed to make something of a press favourite out of their colour of the year award. Perhaps to say it’s the colour you need the most is inaccurate: if Pantone are correct, it’s the colour you’ll see plenty of in 2014 whether you like it or not, and it features prominently in their list of spring 2014 colour…

Pleat front pants for men: are they in?

If men would solely dress to feel comfortable, their closets would without a doubt favour the presence of pleat front pants. But since appearance these days is nearly everything and a slick, polished, composed image is worth a thousand words if nothing else, a lot of thought goes into deciding if the pleat front pants are still in fashion for winter 2013, or if they’re…
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13
A question of trousers: F/W '13