How to: soft waves with a twist

Dreamy waves are given an elegant, subtly bohemian twist in this spring/summer hairstyle that's perfect for both the beach and beyond. Easy to create but full of impact, it's a hairstyle worth trying at home. Here's how to get the look.

9 of the best sporty bombers for spring

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as indulging in a little sporty fashion as the spring / summer 2014 fashion trends really roll around. Comfortable, chic, cool and light, the sporty bomber is one element of the trend that will easily become every cool girl’s wardrobe staple. Options abound in everything from delicate sheer organza to micro-mesh, embroidery to bold prints. Here are 9 top picks…

5 white liner make-up looks to try this weekend: video roundup

Sometimes a little goes a long way, particularly in make-up where an ingenious twist in your daily routine can end up saving you both time and energy, while having you looking absolutely beautiful on top of it all. The white liner is one of does perfect examples of ease and edginess that combined make for one of coolest spring 2014 make-up trends. You can use…

10 rules for buying an off-the-rack men’s suit this summer

Serving as a pillar for the formal segment building the modern man’s wardrobe, a summer suit is both a necessity and a pretense for men to look their absolute best in spite of the heat. A summer suit is also known to reveal a lot about personal style and self-confidence, that’s why purchasing such an important item off-the-rack is a pretty complicated task, despite its…

5 pairs of cowboy boots that are hot right now

Cowgirl style is many things, among them carefree and a little bit wild. With cowboy boots having become such a ubiquitous piece of footwear back in the Sienna Miller-brand boho days of yore, it’s only natural that their return brings a more modern evolution. As far as the spring 2014 fashion trend goes, look for embroideries, buckle details, and slightly non-traditional shapes.

Sports fashion trend: sporty clothing

Sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years. For spring 2014 it continues on the direction of sleek, minimal and luxurious, making itself ripe for new interpretations now and into fall. Read on for the full report.
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How to: the minimal twisted ponytail at Celine

This season begs for a certain kind of ease and for a subdued take on elegance, both in the fashion and in the hair department, and luckily getting there is not all that complicated. By borrowing some inspiration from Celine’s fall / winter 2014 presentation, the simple and minimal are immediately being translated to modern sophistication, with the classic low ponytail updated to an ultra-cool…

How to: the effortless, low knot hairstyle

Somewhere between a double hair knot and a classic low ponytail, a cool new style came to see the light of day on the fall / winter 2014 runways. A style so effortless and so relaxed that we can’t help but feel would perfectly match the spring and summer fashion both in attitude, and easiness. You can positively include the more sophisticated update on the…

How to: Versace’s sleek ’60s hair

This season the runways have been home to a huge number of natural looking hairstyles but for the Versace show, we got hair that’s far from normal or everyday looking. Guido Palau of Redken took the ’60s hair trend of the past few seasons and turned it into a 2014 hairstyle that coincides with Versace’s iconic style. It features straight hair with volume at the…