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Birkenstocks are back: 10 of the best minimalist sandals for spring

This season’s most-talked-about shoe is slowly but surely taking over the fashion world, despite its masculine feel and lack of sensuality. The Birkenstock sandals, alongside the myriad of reimagined styles using the original chunky slides as inspiration, are undeniably everywhere for spring 2014, having the cool girls to thank for turning them into classics. Either you plan on choosing the effortless route in styling this…

5 pairs of cowboy boots that are hot right now

Cowgirl style is many things, among them carefree and a little bit wild. With cowboy boots having become such a ubiquitous piece of footwear back in the Sienna Miller-brand boho days of yore, it’s only natural that their return brings a more modern evolution. As far as the spring 2014 fashion trend goes, look for embroideries, buckle details, and slightly non-traditional shapes.

Pointy flats: yes, they’re back for spring 2014

Over the past decades, the pointed flats have come and gone numerous times, their most memorable appearances being closely related to the iconic Audrey Hepburn gifting them with a brand new identity in the 1950s-60s, and their dominating the 1980s fashion scene once again, barring the same poignant attitude. The last couple of years may have announced the return of the pointed flats in a…

Men’s sneakers: what’s in, what to buy & how to wear them

Now a fundamental piece of the modern man's urban getup, sneakers move beyond just the classic high top into new realms of sporty-cool. Merging function with fashion, we take a look at the key men's sneaker styles for fall 2013, along with how to wear them and the best pairs to buy. Read on for what you need to know about how to look cool in sneakers as a guy this fall.

Women’s sneakers: how to make them super-stylish this fall

Seems like the need for comfort kicks a little bit harder once the weather gets a touch colder. Meant to give your feet a break from both heels and flats, women’s sneakers for fall are the next best thing when it comes to those days when you need to move around with ease, while still looking ultra cool. Blurring the lines between function and style,…

Men’s hiking boots: authentic styles for the urban adventurer

Dropping a grand on a pair of designer ponyhair 'hiking' boots that'll have you sprinting for cover at the first sign of rain won't exactly scream of toughness and adventurism. Opting for a sturdy, functional pair that'll let you traverse the urban jungle like you mean it on the other hand, will. To look like you're ready (and willing) to face any outdoor challenge for fall 2013, these are the pairs of men's hiking boots you'll want to get.

Thigh high boots: how to wear them this fall

Higher than your average boot and potentially twice as sexy, the over-the-knee style wins out again for 2013, giving you ample opportunity to turn your fall / winter 2013 wardrobe into a statement-making one. Of course, there’s lots that’s new about the on-trend styles for the season, this ever-evolving trend exploring new territories. To find out more, read on after the break.
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh
Taking it to the thigh

Shoes: the must-have styles for fall 2013

If you can only add a few pairs of shoes and boots to your fall / winter 2013 wardrobe, then you'll want to add the key styles that will prove both versatile and on-trend for the season. From lace-up flats to biker boots, dainty ankle strap heels to patterned pumps, here are the shoe styles to invest in for autumn and winter.

Men’s shoes: a guide for fall

They round-up a great outfit, they talk much about personality and with the right attitude they can easily enhance your entire existing wardrobe. We are of course talking about shoes, and now that the fall 2013 fashion season is closely approaching, it’s not only nature that experiences a change in colours. Foundation for both a functional and an on-trend wardrobe, good footwear becomes mandatory once…