Shoe trends.

Shoes: the must-have styles for fall 2013

If you can only add a few pairs of shoes and boots to your fall / winter 2013 wardrobe, then you'll want to add the key styles that will prove both versatile and on-trend for the season. From lace-up flats to biker boots, dainty ankle strap heels to patterned pumps, here are the shoe styles to invest in for autumn and winter.

Men’s shoes: a guide for fall

They round-up a great outfit, they talk much about personality and with the right attitude they can easily enhance your entire existing wardrobe. We are of course talking about shoes, and now that the fall 2013 fashion season is closely approaching, it’s not only nature that experiences a change in colours. Foundation for both a functional and an on-trend wardrobe, good footwear becomes mandatory once…

Smoking slippers: power flats inspired by classic menswear

In terms of fashion, it’s pretty safe to assume that we have reached a point where we can finally relax, where comfort and luxury come as one big must rather than representing another strike in a series of smart compromises. These days anything inspired by classic menswear becomes practically irresistible for the female wardrobe. The smoking slippers make no exception as they continue their outbreak…

Cutaway boots: the gladiator trend’s controversial resurface

It wasn’t that long ago when the fashion world fell madly in love with the gladiator sandals, marking the debut of a hauntingly controversial affair that would last for years. While some may still hold a grunge against the summer-ready shoe trend, others moved on and are now ready to embrace a slightly different approach, keen on emphasizing the edginess of the cutaway detailing, especially…

Fall’s pointed pumps: classic with a twist

It's a cliche but it's undeniably true: a classic pair of pumps will truly serve you both day and night. That's one of the beautiful things about the return of the pointed pump. Pair with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans or sumptuous lace frock: they're reasserting themselves as a fall must-have, and it's the colour and detail that counts. Read on for more.

Men’s boots: a guide for fall / winter

For the sartorial male, boots can serve as a cornerstone to any outfit. They can be the foundation from which one can build upward, the canvas upon which a masterpiece is painted. Whether you wear them with suit pants or jeans, read on for the styles and colours to invest in for the fall / winter 2012 season.

Man-style shoes for women: a time-travelling device in the world of fashion

With British shoe artisanship being at its best this year many a style of shoe, such as Dr Martens and brogues, have been adapted to fulfil a feminine clientele. This year these traditionally British shoe brands have supplied the demand and branched out to create various interpretations of the female equivalent of male dominated shoe designs; breaking the boundaries of man-woman fashions and resulting in…

8 styles of shoes to make a statement out of summer

It’s one of many ‘numbers’ you never want to share with the world. Age. Lovers. Shoes. It’s considered socially unacceptable to discuss many such numbers, and the latter in is included amongst them as a girl can never have enough shoes in her closet by to publicise a number is to appear gauche. Each season, we see styles change, heels evolve and the colour palette…

Kitten heels: women’s shoe trend

Kitten heels are like the ugly step-sister of the heel family; they don’t lengthen the legs and define the calf, or generally make you feel like a million dollar sex-bomb. Separate them from the ladylike elegance of the ’50s and ’60s and all you’re left with is a stunted and somewhat unattractive piece of footwear. But fashion is fashion, and what goes around comes around.…