Yearly fashion trends.

Spring / summer 2014 fashion trends

Colour transforms and creates, shifting our ideas and changing our moods. Looking ahead to the spring / summer 2014 fashion season, we're in for colour trends that take in earthy, sun-baked hues, cool, calm blues, and boldly clashing kaleidoscopes of colour. Read on for the full report.

Spring 2013 fashion trends

Spring is arriving in the northern hemisphere, and with it the chance to update our wardrobes with fresh new pieces that are in line with 2013’s fashion trends. And while it’s up to you as to how you choose to interpret and adapt the trends to suit your own personal style, that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you short on guidance and inspiration. And…

Fall 2013 color trends

Themes and silhouettes may go a long way to shaping fashion trends, but you can't deny the impact of colour on the mood of the season. Here we look at the key palettes forecast for the fall / winter 2013 season, for both womenswear and men's. Read the full report after the break.

Fashion trends in 2013

Our guide to the trends of the year: your place to keep a track of what 2013 holds. If you're looking for all the year's fashion trends and what's shaping them, read on.

1920s fashion: how to wear it this fall

If you think a 1920s fashion revival means you have to get decked out in fringing, feathers and a Louise Brooks bob, think again: that's not what it's all about this fall. Instead we're taking subtle inspiration from particular elements including outerwear and suiting. Read on for the full report.
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas
The cat's pajamas

Fall 2013 fashion trends

Once summer fades and the chill sets in, there’s little left to do but find ways to get excited about the impending cold. If you look on the bright side, you’ll find that the new season gives you more chances to stay in drinking cups of cinnamon chai spiced latte while looking for nothing to watch on Netflix than summer would ever allow. Also, you…

Spring 2013 colour trends

Spring 2012 may only have just dawned and fall / winter 2012 remains a distant speck on the horizon, but the fashion industry has already focussed its gaze on a fashion season that’s still a year away: spring / summer 2013. After the break: one of the first color trend reports for the season.

Fall 2012 colour trends

Colour can't be touched, but it can touch us. It can't be felt, but it can change the way we feel. Try describing a colour and you can only really describe the things that we associate with it. But despite not being a tangible, physical thing, like our clothes or our shoes are, colour is key to the world of fashion. It's one of the visual clues that helps define a season. Fall 2012 is no exception to the rule. And while the temperature is one of the things regularly driving the moods we portray through colour, the colour trends for fall 2012 aren't all cloudy greys or cheerless blues. If the colour trend predictions are anything to go by, our wardrobes will be filled with traditional fall tones punctuated by optimistic pops of bright colour. Read on for the full report.

Contemporary men’s colour trends for fall ’12

Californian forecast agency Design Options have released their predictions for the colour trends for fall 2012 for the young men’s market. There are four key themes: Classic Luxe, a soft yet polished palette; Cool Contrast, centred around icy blue hues; Big Chill, which takes in brighter pops of mustard and brick tones; and finally Street Wise, a palette of earthy browns, camels and greys. View…

Contemporary women’s colour trends for fall ’12

For a young women’s contemporary market, Californian forecasters Design Options see the colour trends for fall 2012 as moving in four distinct themes. House of Style brings a palette of muted pastels and soft, neutral tones; Retro Future is deeply nostalgic, vibrant, and evocative; Arctic Expression contrasts the extremes of fire and ice; and finally Print Works sees a palette of rich, jewel-like and earthy…