Yearly fashion trends.

The man-made colours for spring ’12

As a specialist in the manufacture and marketing of manmade fibres, Lenzing’s colour trend predictions focus on textiles like tencel and viscose. We won’t necessarily see these particular palettes extend into organic fabrics like wool or cotton. They do, however, provide a good forecast of spring 2012 colours that can be expected to make their way across manufactured textiles.

Fall 2012 fashion trends

Autumn (fall) / winter are special seasons for those into fashion. They're seasons that let you perfect your style for the year. And they're seasons that let you perfect your fashion credentials as the new year approaches. As 2013 approaches, we take you through fall 2012's fashions to give you the perfect style for the end of this year and the start of the next.

Scandinavia’s take on spring 2012

While all of us have already been privy to the key spring 2012 fashion collections, it’s easy to misjudge the season’s trends based solely upon what the dominant players are doing. So today we bring you an insight into colours for spring 2012 whose point of origin lies outside the dominant four fashion cities. These are colour trends for Spring / Summer 2012 from Copenhagen, and…

The future of Scandinavian Design

What is Scandinavian design, and more importantly, what does the future hold for it? From footwear to furniture, we wanted to find out how current brand leaders in the field perceive Scandinavian design in the present day; how they approach it; how they balance market needs and trends with ingrained, decades-old principles; and what the future holds. To find the answers, we headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. Read the full report after the break.

Pantone’s spring 2012 colours

Cementing what we’ve been saying about warm, bright colours sitting against shades that you might expect of a year’s cooler months, Pantone have released their report on the colour trends for next year’s spring / summer. The report names 10 top colours that will influence women’s spring 2012 fashion, touching on precisely the types of optimistic citrus and soft floral hues we’ve been seeing all…

The future of denim

Denim is so integral to today’s fashion industry that it’s difficult to imagine it getting any bigger. But, it is. In fact, denim looks set to become an increasingly significant aspect of fashion over the next few years, and, possibly, even over the next few decades. In a recent press release, Premiere Vision announced it had “broken a new attendance record” for its Paris “Denim”…

Burnt colours: statement hues for now

They’re the colours for now and they’re the colours for next season. And between now and then, just about every label and retailer will offer something up in a burnt shade of colour that sits somewhere between red and yellow. That means that this is a burnt colour trend is inclusive of orange, a burnt hue that Acne have picked up on.

Spring 2012 colour trends for Japan

It happens every year: we get a comment or an e-mail stating how our summary of a season’s colour trends includes “every colour.” That’d be accurate criticism if we included each of 10 million colours that humans can see; but we don’t. What we do, however, is summarise the colour trends for different materials and different parts of the world. After all, what’s chique for…

Spring 2012 fashion trends

Spring / summer 2012 is upon us. With it we welcome new fashion, say good bye to old, and indulge in new statement pieces and fashion trends. And, as we do each season, is here to take you through all of it. Read on for all our coverage of spring 2012 fashion. If you’d like to keep up to date with all of the…

The Great Gatsby: return of 20s fashion

In the not too distant future a new interpretation of The Great Gatsby will grace our cinema screens, and with it will come a renewed interest in 1920s fashion. With the new film, TV series from the same era, and society’s attempts to move away from the austerity of recent years, there could be something of the perfect storm. As such, is looking at…