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Monique Collignon’s take on modern business

Having been named 2010’s Dutch Designer of the Year, Monique Collignon brought her fifth pret-a-porter collection to this year’s Amsterdam fashion week in the guise of her MC by Monique Collignon fall 2011 collection. Collignon’s take on fashion is highly feminine, and her MC by Monique Collignon is aimed at the sophisticated business woman. As such, this is a collection of tailored blazers and blouses,…

Gommes Esser Design hints at the surreal

Behind Gommes Esser are designers Denise Esser and Aleyda Gomes, who both graduated from Artemis Fashion Academy in 2005. Since its inception in 2006, Gemmes Esser Design has launched collections that run with a returning theme: a returning theme a hint of surrealism, where the underlying thought is not what it seems to be. The fall 2011 fashion show at Amsterdam fashion week started with…

Individuals and the collective

Student showings at any fashion week are always amongst the most forwards, and Individuals, a collection by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, is no different. Each Amsterdam fashion week a changing collective of students works to express their view on the coming season, in this case fall 2011, and fashion at large by adding a “unique chapter to the continuing fashion story” that is…

Roya Hesam: Te Mana O Te Moana

Update: all the catwalk pictures now available at the bottom of this post. Roya Hesam only graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2010. Yet, a few short months later, January marks the debut of her first collection at Amsterdam international fashion week. A fact that shows both her drive and the Netherlands’ desire to promote emerging talent. Her debut collection, Te Mana O Te…

Fast Ladies from Spijkers en Spijkers

It’s a defining look of fall 2011’s fashion trends, how then is aviator fashion interpreted by Dutch designers Truus and Riet Spijkers? Take in their pieces from their SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers diffusion line’s Fast Ladies collection, as just shown at Amsterdam fashion week, to find out. Wide leg pants in a look from SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers

Bravoure: bete de scene

This week was something of a double debut for designers Patricia Hofstede and Kim Jansen: they held their first public showing of the label Bravoure’s autumn 2011 collection, which itself was the design duo’s Amsterdam fashion week debut. Citing tribal African culture as a muse, its inspiration in their latest collection was obvious without being overt. Titling the collection bete de scene, a French term…

Ice cool: Zem by Samira Algoe

Just like Roya Hesam, whose collection showed alongside this one, Samira Algoe also graduated in 2010 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. And, like Hesam, this was her first show at Amsterdam fashion week. With her label ZEM she wants to rediscover menswear, so for her fall 2011 collection that meant lots of interesting details. The show had an icy feeling. The designer used a lot…

Roparosa: come as you are

The face of Roparosa, real name Roos van der Kamp, was the winner of the second Dutch Project Runway and it was only last summer that she first showed at Amsterdam fashion week. Come out and play and Come as you are is her autumn / fall 2011 follow up. And it was a follow up that played to Roparosa’s designs as we’ve come to…

A coming international infusion

We’re always looking to bring fashionisers everywhere a taste of fashion that the old-media generally overlooks. As such, we recently dispatched’s Dutch correspondant, Linett Kamps, to cover 2011’s Amsterdam international fashion week. For those looking to see where the mindset of Holland’s established and emerging fashion talent currently is, by way of what they have in store for the coming autumn / fall 2011…