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Kate Moss’ diet advice

Want to get a supermodel body? Former hypermodel Kate Moss has a motto that she thinks might just inspire next time you have the craving for a patisserie or something else bound to go to your thighs. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Review: Vitamin Water ‘Revive’ by Glaceau

I have to admit that we here at do tend to get a lot of stuff to review, but its not every day that we receive something that is timed so well. After going out on a Saturday night to a fashion show, then a pretty wild after-party, we were all feeling well and truly partied out the next day. To our good fortune,…

Fashion trends can lead to amputation

We thought a fashion faux pas killing off your social life was as bad as it could get. Not so, as 16 year old James Bishop shows us that you can lose a limb to looking good. The only way that James could put on his new skin tight jeans was by jumping into the bath. Lathering himself up with soap and causing the denim…

Daily Desire: Luxury Easter Chocolate

What is Easter without a good chocolate Easter bunny? Gourmet foods lists the top 10 easter bunnies in the world, with the number one spot going to the Mr. Goodtimes Bunny from Lake Champlain Chocolates, at 16 1/2 inches tall and weighing 3 pounds that is a lot of chocolate!

No size-zero models in London. Of course not.

Politicians love their spin. Hence some British MPs are considering launching an inquiry into whether or not the fashion industry is being “socially responsible” by using size zero models. Trouble is, they’re not using them. As Hilary Riva, the chief executive of the British Fashion Council, says: “There is no model on the London catwalk who is a size zero.” That’s because the politicians can’t…

NY Fashion Week Joins Thin Model Debate

You may remember when the Madrid fashion industry placed a ban on underweight models. We had put the future of our label, MaraJoara, at risk after pushing ahead with plans to use “everyday size 8-12 Australians” in our catwalk show against the advice of Australian Fashion Week organisers. One popular fashion magazine responded by deleting coverage of our show – others celebrated. MaraJoara arrived home…

Victoria Beckham an example of Vanity Sizing

We’ve always thought that measurements were fairly universal, that an inch in the United Kingdom was exactly the same as an inch in the United States. Not so it seems, with ‘vanity sizing’ gripping the fashion industry. The New York Daily News reports on the fashion industry’s stroking of our egos, aptly indicating the term reflects “a brand’s way of appealing to a customer’s ego…