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Wildfox made a fragrance. Here is the dreamy campaign.

Wildfox have released a fragrance, and you didn’t think the occasion would arrise without some gorgeous imagery to go with it, did you? Beauties Frida Aasen, Laura deWit and Zhenya Katava star in the dreamy campaign, which features flowers and flowing mermaid-hair and a giant gilded fragrance bottle. According to the title page, it’s a fragrance for dreamers. “For Lovers, for Skinny Dippers, for Barefood…
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign
Wildfox: The Fragrance campaign

Endless euphoria: or, how to explore a new city

E N D L E S S • E U P H O R I A. Familiarity can be as comforting as a warm blanket, but the true euphoria begins in the unknown. It’s the mingling of excitement, anticipation, adventure, trepidation; the boldness of having no plans and wanting none, the beautiful anonymity of being a stranger in a brave new world. It’s letting the…

Bahoma London: when scents are also magic carpets & memories

Today I smell like vanilla parfait... A good thing? I think so. Testing out fragrances from Bahoma London takes me on some exotic trips, induces some sugar cravings, and turns's offices into a swirling garden of botanicals. Designed and produced in London, I've picked out my favourite Bahoma fragrances from the seductive to the... bubblegum.

Everything you ever wanted to know about scents but were too afraid to ask

We often hear people talk about scents, about signature fragrances, about notes that bring back memories and as some might feel the sudden urge to embark in the search of a great perfume without the basic notions, rather blindfolded and with the distinct intention to base the purchase on what feels like a delightful aroma at the time: but they ought to know there’s far…

5 irresistible men’s scents to gift away this Christmas

They say gifting a fragrance is like walking on a wire, the chances of impressing someone with a scent are equal to those of totally and utterly disappointing without even standing a chance. Add to the equation the pressure of impressing a man with a gift and you can easily understand why women tend to stay away from such personal and hard to get right…

5 captivating fragrances for her this Christmas

You’ll never get to hear a woman complain about owning too many shoes or too many perfumes, that’s for sure. Although they care about tradition, about sticking to a routine when it comes to beauty, they also love the element of surprise and above all, they love to indulge in unique gifts that speak close to their personalities. Gifting a woman with a fragrance is…

5 fragrances women love on a man

We recently took a look at 5 fragrances men love to smell on a woman. But what in a men's scent drives women wild? We won't keep you guessing for long: here are five fragrances every man should consider stacking into his bathroom cabinet.

Why James Bond wouldn’t smell like James Bond

Few films or film series have had as much impact upon men’s fashion as James Bond. Luxury, quality goods are ingrained in the film franchise courtesy of author Ian Fleming’s penchant for the finer things in life. And while we’ve all come to accept the fact that modern Bond films are just as much about product placement as they are about action and adventure, there…

Noir: Tom Ford’s new fragrance for men

There’s always a little fanfare surrounding a Tom Ford fragrance and so there should be: they never disappoint. Newly announced is Ford’s latest men’s fragrance, titled simply Noir. Spicy and full – with notes of black pepper, nutmeg and clary sage – it has a top note of violet which is sure to add an element of surprise for a men’s fragrance. Ford calls it…

5 perfumes men love on a woman

While fragrances can do much for our own confidence, our mood and our imagination, there are times when we want to dust a little scent on our wrists with the knowledge that it'll also appeal to those around us. When it comes to a woman attracting a man, certain scents float to the top of the seduction list. Here are five of our picks.